Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Chapter 17

Day 5,

We woke up about our regular time, had breakfast that the buffet and Headed towards Horseshoe Bay Bermuda. We took the public transportation bus since we had bought the 2 day pass. Once we got there we started walking down hill until we got to Horseshoe Bay Bermuda.

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda beach has very nice facilities, including a restaurant, changing rooms, bathrooms, showers, ice cream parlor and even internet. 

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda


We decided not to rent chairs or an umbrella, I believe later on I got a picture of the prices. All I can say about Horseshoe Bay Bermuda, is that it is possibly the most gorgeous beach that I have ever been to. It was kept very clean and pristine. I guess I will let the pictures do the talking now. 

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

As you can imagine being how I am, I started climbing up the hill. I noticed how inclined it was, there was no way that was the only way up. Little did I know that if you go around there is actually a really nice path that is much easier to climb up.

Once I got up there I started shooting away, I wanted to get the best pictures of Horseshoe Bay Bermuda. Enjoy. 

DSC08495_zpsca521fd6 DSC08496_zpsc6c27b37

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

DSC08497_zps64a06cba DSC08500_zps399e8618

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

DSC08501_zps63489be0 DSC08502_zps1a03e942

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

DSC08509_zpsa3278040 DSC08510_zpsfc4ba79e DSC08511_zps38bdf932 DSC08513_zps0a445dd2 DSC08520_zpsbf76590b DSC08564_zps0045d76f DSC08565_zps5a187867 Horseshoe Bay Bermuda DSC08569_zps44755a31

Snorkeling in Horseshoe Bay Bermuda is actually pretty good, there is a good variety of fish to observe and all within a few feet of the shore. So here is the story about parrot fish, I did not know this. They eat rock and excrete sand, they are responsible for a lot of sand a year. Catching a parrot fish in Bermuda is a crime and punishable by $2,500. Just catching one will get you in trouble, if you kill it is even worse. Or so I was told. I saw a good amount of parrot fish that day.  By the way when snorkel and you hear a cracking noise, those are the parrot fish bitting rocks.

DSC01489_zpsaf9098ab DSC01527_zps00f013e9 DSC01537_zps5d1b2254 DSC01546_zps9a42a861 DSC01565_zps89b19b83


So remember that I told you that I found a little cave for my mom? When I got back my mom told me that there was a couple of long tails inside there relaxing. This cave was pitch black, the light that you see was created by my flash. The only reason I found the long tails is because one of them made a loud noise when I started getting to close to them.

Anyway here are the pictures.

DSC08574_zpsb6d3d533 DSC08577_zps4e45a31f

How cute are they?


That is the opening that they use to come in an out.


Long tails flying.

DSC08589_zpsfa844810 DSC08595_zpseaa202b1

The beach.


This little guy tried attacking me . I think I had intruded too much.


I checked later on and saw just this little guy there.


I think this is my money shot from the day!


After sometime snorkeling, taking pictures and relaxing, we decided to go get something to eat.

DSC08617_zps070a0655 DSC08613_zpsae5d00a3 DSC08615_zpsdc67aef0

Mom got a hot dog and I got the fish sandwich. Mine was actually pretty bad, the fish was not good and saggy. Everything else was pretty good, but I would not recommend the fish. By the way the fish and chips use the same fish as mine did. I think the total was about $26, but I cannot recall exactly how much.

DSC08610_zps8cf24a1c DSC08612_zpsb96118c5

We ate and relaxed for a little, my mom had fun feeding the birds most of the bread from her hot dog. We then decided that we should go and relax by the dockyard a little, I think mom wanted to do some shopping.

On the way out.

The rental prices.

DSC08616_zpsa7238384 DSC08620_zps12de0618 DSC08618_zps526cb026

We then took the mini-bus to the top for $2 each and a few minutes later the bus came and picked us up. Buses come often, we never encountered a long wait for buses.

These pics were taken from the Bus.


Horseshoe Bay Bermuda Transportation

DSC08660_zps7fbce30a DSC08655_zps7310d41c DSC08638_zpsb518c0d0 DSC08635_zps0a426a06 DSC08633_zps281b4af3 DSC08626_zpsc3840287

I am not sure if you all know, but something that I found a little odd is that they have their maximum security prison right next to the dockyard. And that is actually where they park a lot of the buses.

DSC08666_zps1e0afed0 DSC08663_zps1f951a6b DSC08671_zpsd7be77f9

Going back aboard.


When we got to the room I noticed that by mistake I left the do not disturb sign on and the room went undone. Juana did tell us that she was a little worried, because she had already learned our schedule. But they are not allowed to check while the do not disturb sign is on. I also heard this happening to someone else, I am sure it will be something that might happen every so often with this new system.


We showered and got ready to go shopping in the dockyard.

I took a few pics on the way there.

DSC08681_zps87971e95 DSC08687_zpsa8b57105 DSC08686_zps3659331a DSC08685_zpsbdbcee3d DSC08684_zpsb48578b4

Back down I took a few pictures of the actual prices of the transportation system.

And a few pictures on the way to the mall.

DSC08712_zps7b8b2eb9 DSC08711_zps92ca9b21 DSC08709_zps6f3b5eaf

This is the little hut that you can purchase the shore excursions, and get some considerable savings. I had been thinking about what to do on the third day in Bermuda. And since NCL was generous enough of helping me save money with the denial of the entrance of Blue for $35, we decided to use part of that money and book a sailing tour for the next day.

Just so you know NCL sells that tour for $80, and we paid $65 in that little place. It is the same sailing boat as the NCL excursion. So you have the guarantee that the cruise ship wont leave without you because all the people that booked through NCL are still there with you.


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