Carnival Cruise Drink Prices

Welcome to my Carnival Cruise Drink Prices webpage, this webpage will help you plan and make the right decision that fits your particular situation. For those of you wondering the minimum drinking age for any Carnival cruise departing from the USA is going to be 21 years old. If you dock at a port that has a 18 years old legal age law, you will be able to drink on the port but not on the ship.

Carnival Bars

Click here for information on the Carnival Cruise Cheers drink package.

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carnival cruise drink prices frozen

2014 Carnival drink prices Blue Iguana

Carnival drink prices - beers

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carnival cruise drink menu

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carnival cruise drink prices

Carnival beers, vodka, wine, tequila, martinis prices.

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carnival cruise drink prices beers

carnival cruise beer prices

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Carnival Cruise Drink Prices

carnival cruise drink prices martinis

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carnival cruise drink prices

carnival cruise drink prices


Red Frog Pub carnival cruise drink prices

Red Frog Pub carnival cruise drink prices Red Frog Pub drink menu carnival cruise drink prices Red Frog Pub carnival cruise drink prices

In stateroom Bottle Prices for Carnival  (These have to be purchased prior the cruise)

Bottle range from $40 for light liquors, $60 – $80 for rums, vodkas, whisky, tequilas and more expensive bottles can climb to $95 . This is still a very good option if you know how much you consume and your limits. This is possibly my favorite option, and Carnival is the line with the most reasonable prices. Here are some more detailed prices.

1800 Repsado Tequila $65 1 Liter
Absolut Citron Vodka $65 1 Liter
Absolut Vodka $65 1 Liter
Appleton VX Rum $65 1 Liter
Barcardi Limon Rum $65 1 Liter
Bacardi Oakheart Rum $65 1 Liter
Bacardi White Rum $65 1 Liter
Bailey’s Irish Cream $60 1 Liter
Beefeater Gin $55 1 Liter
Belvedere Vodka $85 1 Liter
Blackberry Brandy $40 1 Liter
Bombay Sapphire Gin $70 1 Liter
Campari Sherri $40 1 Liter
Canadian Club Whis $60 1 Liter
Captain Morgan  Rum $65 1 Liter
Chambord $70 1 Liter
Cherry Brandy $40 1 Liter
Chivas Regal Whiskey $80 1 Liter
Cinzano Dry Vermouth $40 1 Liter
Cizano Sweet Vermouth $40 1 Liter
Cointreau $80 1 Liter
Courvoisier VS Cognac $75 1 Liter
Crème De Banana $40 1 Liter
Crème De Cacao $40 1 Liter
Crème De Menthe $40 1 Liter
Croft Distinction Port $60 1 Liter
Crown Royal Whiskey $70 1 Liter
Dewar’s 12 Year Scotch $80 1 Liter
Dewar’s White Label $65 1 Liter
Disaranno Amaretto $55 1 Liter
Drambuie $65 1 Liter
Dry Sack Sherry $40 1 Liter
Frangelico $55 1 Liter
Glenmorangie Whiskey $75 1 Liter
Gosling’s Black Seal $60 1 Liter
Grand Marnier $65 1 Liter
Grey Goose Vodka $80 1 Liter
Hennessey Black $75 1 Liter
Hennessey VS Cognac $70 1 Liter
Hennessey VSOP $95 1 Liter
Jack Daniel’s Bourbon $70 1 Liter
Jagermeister $70 1 Liter
Jameson Irish Whiskey $65 1 Liter
Jim Beam Bourbon $60 1 Liter
Johnnie Walker Black $80 1 Liter
Kahlua $55 1 Liter
Ketel One Vodka $80 1 Liter
Limoncello $65 750 ml
Maker’s Mark Bourbon $75 1 Liter
Malibu Coconut Rum $65 1 Liter
Midori $55 750 ml
Patron Reposado Teq $95 750 ml
Patron Silver Tequila $90 750 ml
Peach Schnapps $40 1 Liter
Peppermint Schnapps $40 1 Liter
Pernod $40 1 Liter
Remy Martin VSOP $85 1 Liter
Sambuca $55 1 Liter
Sauza Hornitos $75 1 Liter
Seagrams 7 Whiskey $60 1 Liter
Sky Vodka $55 1 Liter
Sour Apple Pucker $40 750 ml
Southern Comfort $55 1 Liter
Stolichnaya Vodka $65 1 Liter
Tanqueray Gin $65 1 Liter
Tia Maria $55 1 Liter

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Carnival cruise drink prices

We all cruise for different reasons and that is what makes cruising so much fun. For me, one of the favorite things to do is to sit in the AFT of the ship with a drink in my hand and enjoy the wake. Whether I get my drink from a bar, stateroom setup or the Carnival drink package, it really does not matter as long as I have a drink in my hand.

All the information here was given to me by my good friend Joy, who was generous enough to take time out of her cruise to get me this information. I expect to be adding a lot more information in this page after I cruise with carnival. But I think she did a great job! Thank you Joy =)

Thank you for stopping by my carnival cruise drink Prices page.