MSC Cruises Divina Menus

Welcome to my MSC Divina Menus webpage! I tried to get as many of the menus over the course of the week. The food on MSC Divina was about average, they could certainly benefit from more variety, especially in the buffet. The menus on the main dining offer good food, but the service is a bit slow. The average meal lasts about 2 hours, that is just too much time for me for a 3-4 course meal. You can usually find much better food in the main dining room at lunch time, than at the buffet. The buffet is rather limited when it comes to seafood items, we only found popcorn shrimp in the kids section and grilled calamari on the last day.

MSC Cruise Restaurants

MSC Divina Cruise Ship Menus MSC Divina Menus

MSC Divina Menus –  Desserts

MSC Divina Menus

MSC Divina Menus – Ice cream Parlor

DSC02737 DSC02738 DSC02741

MSC Divina Menus –  Room Service

MSC Divina Menus room service

Pizza Menus

MSC Divina Cruise Ship Menus - pizza DSC02758

Dinner menu


Pizza menu


Breakfast menu and kids menu


Lunch Menu

DSC02844 DSC02889 DSC02890 DSC02898

Main Dining room dinner menu.

DSC03113 DSC03114 DSC03129 DSC08838 DSC08839

Desserts/sweets menu.


Ice Cream Menus.


Cakes menus


Cupcakes menus

DSC09136 DSC09137 DSC09138

Sports bar menu

MSC Divnia Sports bar menu DSC09234 DSC09235 DSC09236

Galaxy restaurant

MSC Divnia Galaxy Restaurant DSC09508

Eataly Steakhouse Menu

MSC Divina Eataly Steakhouse Menu DSC09775

MSC Divina Cruise Ship Menus

DSC09783 MSC Divina Cruise Ship Menus

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