Holland America Beverage Packages

Welcome to my Holland America Beverage Packages with all the information you need to decide whether this is the way you should go. Just like every other mainstream cruise line, HAL has decided to roll out a drink package and they call it the Holland America signature beverage package.

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Holland America Beverage Packages price

The cost is $44.95 per person + 15% gratuity  and it has to purchased by all the adults in the cabin. This comes to $51.69 per day and a total of $723.70 for 2 people on a 7 day cruise. The package is priced slightly below all the other packages of the other cruise lines, about $3 to $4 less per day.

What is included in the Holland America Beverage Packages?

The package does differ from other cruise lines that it only includes alcoholic beverages under $7. The good news is that HAL prices their drinks very low, and there a substantial amount of drinks costing $7 or less. Personally, I think that most drinkers will be happy with the package and the drink options. The only issue is for wine drinkers, as the options of wines under $7 is rather limited.  The package also includes specialty coffees, sodas and bottled water.

Are the Holland America Beverage Packages worth it? Well, I will let you decide.

Holland America Beverage Packages

Holland America Beverage Packages drink price guide

Holland America Beverage Packages

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Holland America Beverage Plans


Holland America Beverage Packages

Holland America Beverage Packages limitations

  • There is a 15 drink limit per day, this includes and counts all drinks. From Alcoholic drinks, to sodas and coffees.
  • Drinks have to be ordered with 5 minutes gaps and only one drink can be ordered at a time.
  • Drinks in HAL private island are not included on the package.
  • If you go over the $7 per drink, you will be charged the full amount of the drink.

Overall, I have to say that the Holland America Beverage Packages are not as tempting as the other cruise line packages. Simply because the prices of HAL drinks are so low and the limit of $7 per drink in the package. Personally, this is one package that I would not consider getting unless I was on a cruise with a lot of sea days.

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