Norwegian Breakaway Review

Then we took a seat and decided to wait until the Norwegian Breakaway 55 to stay Alive stared. It was a cute little game, the contestants had to complete specific tasks in 55 seconds. Funny enough everyone was a winner even though I think none of them won .

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Then after the game we went up to the room, I am not sure for what reason. But in any case I took a couple of pictures.


And here are all of them .

Norwegian Breakaway Towel Animals

We then headed towards the Main Theater because there was going to be a comedy show. It was by Michael Finney and the assistant cruise Director. Honestly I was not crazy about Michael, if it was him alone I would had left much earlier, but the assistant CD, was AMAZING! I stayed there up until his act was over and when they switched back to Finney we left. I found Finney’s comedy very repetitive. But then again, I am not one for shows. So honestly you should not be taking my word here 

Before the show started.


When we left I saw this art piece, that Shaun had told me about. Mom also pointed out that they have another piece in Heaven, I think she showed me a picture of it.

Anyway very neat art piece!

DSC09284_zpsbac0c639 DSC09288_zps9d34e896

After the show I decided to get a cheese plate at the buffet, I was very happy with the selection that was offered that late at night.

Norwegian Breakaway food buffet


We took our snack and headed to the room to enjoy them on our balcony.


Do you see the blue lights in the water? they are really neat, almost look like fish following the Norwegian Breakaway.


There was a moth in our balcony, poor thing…. No way to go.


Better view of the lights.

DSC09316_zps0409d5f1 DSC09324_zpsae0dfd55 DSC09320_zps764b2c94

We relaxed in our balcony and listened the music playing up on H2O, while we waited for the fireworks to start. By the way the fireworks start at 11:15 right after the song “we didn’t start the fire”.

When it was getting close to that time we decided to head upstairs. This is when Gambee, figured that he was really late to the game. H2O was packed beyond believing! I mean I could not even get a foot inside, so then I decided to go to my back up location. I had researched a lot where would it be best to view the fireworks and I was hopping that there was still some space open.

H2O Packed!

DSC09331_zps944c0b01 DSC09332_zps6bc453ac

Walking towards location # 2


For those wondering I was right on top of the kids pool, I think we got a great view of the fireworks from there.

One thing I noticed when I was up there was that the Norwegian Breakaway  turns to do the firework show. They turn just so the wind goes the same way that they are shooting them. My guess is to avoid anything falling back into the Norwegian Breakaway. Once the show is over, the ship returns back on its regular path.

I took a few pictures while we waited for the fireworks.

Look at the moon location.

DSC09336_zps25666f99 DSC09349_zpsc0c0a63f DSC09346_zps4c8b5483 DSC09344_zps070a17d6 DSC09340_zps1685b0d7 DSC09337_zps03ed4f58

See the moon now?


Ok please, please watch this video!!!  Watch the video at least until the fireworks start. You can even hear Julie pumping people up, she really does a great job.

Norwegian Breakaway fireworks Norwegian Breakaway fireworks Norwegian Breakaway fireworks

Norwegian Breakaway fireworks

DSC09390_zps7748e76e DSC09387_zps99abf8e2


And here is another with the song Purple Rain. The Fireworks matches very good to that song. I ask you to please watch these videos, although not the best videos. You still can get a good feeling of the energy in the atmosphere that night.

So how was the show? I mean come on this is on a ship!!!! So it was pretty darn good. I mean it wont compare to the ones I’ve seen in Disney, but overall it was a great firework show. It certainly adds to the overall product that NCL is offering.

After the firework show we stopped by the buffet because I wanted some ice cream.



And you all must know by now where the ice cream ended. I am not entirely sure why and how it ended there, but the fact is that I have a picture of it. I think when I gave it to her it slipped out of her hands and ended up there, lol.


Good thing the iPad had its cover on.

It had been a very long day, soon after that I went to bed and called it a day. And what a great day it was =)

Day 6 Ending.


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