Norwegian Breakaway Review

This chapter concludes the review and goes into the Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue restaurant.

Before going up to the room I noticed that they were also hosting a wine tasting in Moderno. By the way, all tastings are $15, but I think the amount of drinks variate in the type of tasting.

DSC09553 DSC09563 DSC09562 DSC09561 DSC09559 DSC09558 DSC09557 DSC09556 DSC09555 DSC09554

Oh I forgot to mention, while I was in the buffet I saw Slice and she told me that they were giving free lanyards in customer service. Since I had vowed not to go there again, I told mom and she decided to go and see if it was true or not.

She came back with two of these.


After that we went to the Jacuzzi one more time, I know that was just a very lazy day.

The weather was starting to decline again, I think the waves were about 18 ft by then.

DSC01813_zps41f33bfc DSC01814_zps6537dd5e DSC01817_zps97d0d4c0

When we had enough of the jacuzzi we decided to go get ready and head to the Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue raw bar.

We really enjoyed the Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue raw bar, the service was excellent and the food was great. If this is a reflection, then Blue should be amazing!

Sugar Balls.

Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue

The ice tea was absolutely fantastic! It was different from any ice tea in the ship, and it was still free, thank God! @ Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue

Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue

Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue


Be careful when they hand you the plates, they have a lot of sauce on them and well, this is what happened to me .

Good thing I did not have my white pants. It was just mainly a bunch of olive oil, I cleaned it pretty fast, lol.


The Fluke was AMAZING!!!! GET IT!!!! @ Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue

Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue

The tuna not so much, I actually did not like it. I am not sure what they put in it, but it had a very odd taste to it. It was a condiment that I did not like. @ Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue

Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue

Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue was a little slow.





Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue


The Black bass ceviche was very tasty, but I still think the fluke was better. @ Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue

Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue

Since they were out of clams they gave us extra oysters, that was fine by me.

It was very good and surprisingly we were both stuffed. @ Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue

Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue

Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue


I think the total came up to $45 or around there, I must off tipped an extra $10 or so. Overall a great meal, we really did enjoy it a lot. I think next time I will buy the fluke and bring it to the sushi bar and get sushi there. Oh wait, the ice tea, lol. I might buy sushi and bring it to the raw bar, lol.

Like I said I could live on those food bars. It would be nice if the noodle bar was located around that area as well. That way my walking needs would be reduced to almost nothing, lol.

We stopped by the atrium cafe, and I got another tail.


Do you see the path is altered? I am guessing that is when the ship turned for the fireworks.


Look at the wave height.


These are the last pictures I took that day.

DSC09609 DSC09612 DSC09611 DSC09610

Nothing much happened that night, we finished packing, and that is about it. I remember that I went to the jacuzzi one more time and my mom went for a little walk. The ship was very empty that night and a lot of “do not disturb” signs were on. I was very happy that I never got sick in this voyage.

I think that other than mom getting sick, it had been an ok relaxing day. I had very little plans for that day and that is the way it went.

I think on future reviews, I will do the same and take it easy on the last day. I was very nice was to end a lovely vacation.

Day 7, Ending


Day 8.

We woke up rather early, well at least I did, and it was a good thing.

Just look at the pictures that I got that morning! The weather was perfect.

DSC09613 DSC09639 DSC09635 DSC09632 DSC09625 DSC09623 DSC09621 DSC09615 DSC09614

Then we docked, and I went back to sleep for a few minutes. I think by 8:30 we had left the room and made our way up to the buffet. Where we had our last breakfast aboard Breakaway.


I told mom to wait there for a few minutes while I took some pictures. She was really busy skyping and catching up with a bunch of emails.

DSC09641 DSC09646 DSC09656 DSC09657 DSC09658 DSC09659 DSC09660 DSC09661 DSC09662

I had also heard that the M6 balconies had not done too well with the bad weather. I always though these rooms are way too exposed. I think after the Silli cruise I don’t think that ill ever book an FWD balcony ever again. They are just way to exposed to the weather.

Well anyway, the damage seemed pretty bad. And not only that but imagine if one of those panels hits someone? it might even throw them over board, you just never know. Let it be said that the balconies were fixed for the next voyage, but I really hope that they find a permeant solution to this problem and that they fix it for getaway!

You can tell there is substantial damage. Joeski took some better pictures, they might be floating around here. He reported that they closed access to the balconies the day before. They roped everything off.


Well I guess that is about it.

Disembarkation was very fast, nothing like the Silli terminal. We must of gone through it as fast as we could walk. After that we crossed the street and took a taxi to LGA. We had a really cool cab driver, very nice guy, we had a fun talking.

Our flight was not until later, so I purchased the 24/hr pass for internet and started posting the review.

Our flight home was uneventful.

Norwegian Breakaway Reviews

The End. 


Hope you liked the pictures of Norwegian Breakaway Ocean Blue 🙂