Celebrity Silhouette Review

Chapter 4,

Our Celebrity Silhouette Amazing Sail Away!!!!!!!

Well folks, welcome to the most amazing sail away ever. I am going to beg you to watch this video, I know it a little long, but you have to see it. This sail away was absolutely amazing, so much energy, we loved it!!!! The coast guard made an amazing experience for us,and the added bonus were the surfers on the FLOWRIDER!!!

If you don’t want to watch the entire thing, PLEASE!!! do me a favor and fast forward to minute 9:20 and watch it from there. But I highly recommend watching it in its entirety.

Here is a short video of some kids in the flowrider

After watching the video now you can follow with the pictures, they greatly add to the story!

DSC01568 DSC01584 DSC01581 DSC01579 DSC01578 DSC01577 DSC01576 DSC01575 DSC01574 DSC01572 DSC01571 DSC01570

DSC01587  DSC01590 DSC01589


I am not sure why this HAL ship needed this tug there. anyone?


The captain, Pilot (I think) and another bridge officer.


These guys are so much fun!

DSC01604 DSC01608 DSC01610


Now this is when the fun started, blowing sirens and asking us to take pictures and oh boy did Gambee get a bunch of them. Everyone was cheering and yelling, by far the best sail away!!!!

DSC01637 DSC01638

He loves the attention!

DSC01641 DSC01647 DSC01648 DSC01650 DSC01651

What a great way to retire!


Here we go engines at full blast!!!!!!

DSC01659 DSC01662 DSC01663 DSC01664

Bye bye folks, see you in a week!

DSC01666 DSC01667 DSC01670 DSC01671 DSC01679 DSC01680 DSC01681 DSC01684 DSC01686

Great picture, love it!

DSC01690 DSC01695 DSC01697 DSC01706 DSC01708 DSC01709

There was a flock of birds surrounding this vessel, probably all the bait!

DSC01712 DSC01717 DSC01724

Ok lets keep on going,

After sailaway it was time to finally try the Celebrity Silhouette Molecular bar, I will briefly go over some information here about that bar. My overall experience here just ok, let me explain why. The bar did not measure up to the Celebrity Silhouette martini bar in entertainment value at all, I think the main reason is because of the large amount of time required to make each drink. The bartenders are too focused on the drink, there is one main bartender and on that comes in at peaks times. Now don’t get me wrong they are great bartenders, but they might lack a little in entertainment. In addition to that I found most drinks to be just ok, I did try them all and I was only impressed with a few of them. Most drinks are fairly weak, but then again I tend to drink very strong drinks, although even my mom said they were weak.

I also felt really bad for them because about every 5 minutes you have someone coming and asking for a vodka tonic, beer, gin etc. You can tell that they are over that, but something tells me that it comes with the territory. I must of heard that phrase “we only serve molecular drinks” about a thousand times…

Anyway here they go,

Celebrity Silhouette Molecular bar Making 2 coming up roses.

DSC01731 Celebrity Silhouette molecular bar

And here my friends is the last time you will see Gumby, everyone wave bye bye!


Coming Up Roses, moms Favorite


Black mamba, possibly my Favorite

DSC01738 DSC01741 DSC01740

After that we took our drinks up to our rooms to unpack and get ready for dinner, when I got there I found a little note saying that my TA had added $75 to our account. I thought I lost that money during the change of package, it was a welcomed changed =).

Celebrity Silhouette leaving fort lauderdaleDSC01744DSC01745DSC01749DSC01751DSC01754DSC01758

I used one of the wipes to clean the railing in the balcony, it was so windy that it got dirty very fast. This would become something I did every few hours throughout our cruise (weather).


After sometime we decided to head down for dinner, today we had no reservations so we decided to go the Grand Cuvee MDR.

I took a few pictures on the way to the Celebrity Silhouette Main dining room,

DSC01782 DSC01784 DSC01786 DSC01787

Celebrity Silhouette atrium

Celebrity Silhouette atrium DSC01791 DSC01792 DSC01793 DSC01794

Here is a short video of some music playing there.
DSC01795 DSC01796
Celebrity Silhouette shore excursions desk
Celebrity Silhouette shore excursions desk
Celebrity Silhouette Main dining room entrance.
DSC01798 DSC01800
I will briefly talk about the MDR is Celebrity Silhouette here. We found the food there to be overall very good and always arriving hot to the table. Service matched up and very prompt as well, maybe the best we seen on a cruise ship. It is funny how experiences vary, another CC couple had the worst service in MDR ever, they had to get change from sections. Fortunately that was not out case.
DSC01806 DSC01807
My mushrooms stuffed with crab, very hot and very tasty
And moms mushroom soup, very nice as well.
I loved the garlic butter, mom stuck to the regular one.
I got the NY steak from the classic menu, it was GREAT!!!!
And our server told my mom to get the prime rib instead, I liked mine better and something tells me she did to. There was nothing wrong with it, but mine was just better.
I love how this picture came out!
I got a cappuccino
Crepe, it was good, nice and warm.
creme brulle, just ok, nothing to write home about.
Overall a great dinner, we were both very happy. The service was very fast but rather impersonal, which is fine by me, but some folks look into socializing with the server.

More on the Celebrity Silhouette on the next page 🙂