Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 19

Back in port we just decided to head up to the Celebrity Silhouette and get changed.
DSC01169 DSC01171 DSC01173 DSC01176 DSC01178 DSC01180 DSC01181 DSC01184 DSC01188 DSC01190 DSC01191

We were back in the Celebrity Silhouette by 3:40, I tried logging into the internet but it was down again. The internet was very frustrating during the entire voyage, I wonder if it is an X problem or just this particular ship or voyage?

I started watching a movie and my mom got ready to go to mass. I wrote that she went to mass on day 4, but it was actually today I think. Sorry I am not really sure.

Anyway sail away came and I actually so immersed into the movie that I missed the first few minutes of it.

This pictures are back with my NEX camera.

DSC04179 DSC04181 DSC04183 DSC04184 DSC04185 DSC04186

I took a few more pictures of the sail away, nothing really interesting….

DSC04188 DSC04190 DSC04192 DSC04200 DSC04222

Then I finished getting ready and we headed down to the martini bar for a few drinks before dinner.

On our way there they had an art auction going on inside quasar.

DSC04224 DSC04226 DSC04227 DSC04228 DSC04230 DSC04231

Then we got to the martini bar and Gusti took our order, great bartender by the way. A chocolate martini and a lychee martini, both very good!
Celebrity Silhouette martini bar Celebrity Silhouette martini bar

I took some pictures of the side of the martini bar.


Celebrity Silhouette Martini Bar

Celebrity Silhouette martini bar DSC04249

They had a drummer and a DJ, great combination! Loved them.

Here is a short video with the drummer on the background!


Then I ordered a blue Cognac and a jalicostini, he was making two more drinks for other people. I failed to take individual pics of these drinks.

DSC04259 DSC04264 DSC04266 DSC04268

After that we grabbed our drinks and took of the MDR for dinner. This dinner turned out to be our worst one in the entire cruise. It wasn’t horrible, but it just wasn’t as good as the other ones.

We got a really nice window table that night on the Celebrity Silhouette.


But again tables are crammed on top of each other here, the servers struggle to get around the tables.


Mom ordered the crab cake, very good. Sorry the camera focused on the fork and I failed to notice.


And the risotto was also very nice.

Celebrity Silhouette main dining room food


Mom ordered pork medallions, which were actually ok. And yes we both ordered french fries , I saw a kid a few tables down with fries and asked our server for some, lol.


And I ordered the chicken saltinboca. I have never seen it prepared this way, it was very plain and very dry. I took one bite and pushed it to the side, ended up eating only my fries.


The souffle was pretty tasty!


Macadamia white chocolate cake was just ok….


After dinner we decided to stop at the theater and check out the nightly show. It was ok I guess, he had a lot of talent with juggling, but his comedy mainly depended being goofy. Nothing memorable but funny for the time being.

DSC04291 DSC04295 DSC04303 DSC04317 DSC04310 DSC04338 DSC04345

After the show we decided to head upstairs to get some shuteye.

This guy was waiting for us

Say “Hello Master Viper!” for those of you fellow Kung Panda fans 



And I finish day 5 with a very common sight on our voyage in the Silli


Since they were no live tv shows that night I turned on the movie channel and “WALL-E” was playing, so I went to sleep watching it. Fun movie , I think that was the 8th time I’ve seen it .

Day 5, Ending.


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