Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 22

Once back in the Celebrity Silhouette I decided it would be a good time to get some pictures of the restaurants, since they would be empty. So we took a short trip to that area.

DSC04818 DSC04821 DSC04823 DSC04825

Michaels Club, Very nice venue, this is where the cruise critic event was held at.
DSC04826 DSC04845 DSC04843 DSC04841 DSC04840 DSC04839 DSC04837 DSC04835 DSC04834 DSC04833 DSC04832 DSC04831 DSC04829 DSC04827

Murano was our favorite restaurant! For both food and ambience, the table are nicely spread out. I will go into detail about this venue when got there to eat on the last day.

DSC04875 DSC04893 DSC04892 DSC04891 DSC04890 DSC04889 DSC04888 DSC04887 DSC04885 DSC04884 DSC04883 DSC04881 DSC04880 DSC04876

Back outside at ensemble.

DSC04895 DSC04897 DSC04898 DSC04902

We then made our way into Qsine, Overall we found the space to be very nice but very tight and that would prove right later on that night. The food was really tasty!

Celebrity Silhouette Qsine

Celebrity Silhouette Qsine DSC04918 Celebrity Silhouette Qsine DSC04916 DSC04914 DSC04913 DSC04911 Celebrity Silhouette Qsine DSC04908 DSC04907 DSC04906 DSC04905

Blu is a beautiful restaurant of course I might be biased since blue is my favorite color . To Bad I never got to try it.

DSC04923 DSC04943

Celebrity Silhouette Blu

DSC04941 DSC04940 DSC04939 DSC04937 DSC04936 DSC04935 DSC04934 DSC04933 DSC04932 DSC04931 DSC04928 DSC04927 DSC04926 DSC04924

After that we went up to the room to relax for a little.

On the way up, they had a table tennis tournament.

DSC04961 DSC04963

I just relaxed in the balcony and worked on my pictures, I think mom was catching up on some emails.

DSC04968 DSC04972 DSC04987 DSC04988 DSC04978 DSC05000 DSC05004 DSC05013

With the blink of an eye it was sail away time.

DSC05015 DSC05029 DSC05037 DSC05047

Celebrity Silhouette Leaving Labadee


Since it was Good Friday my mom had gone to mass and I just stayed in the room and watched a movie. I also started working on my videos.

Here is the sail away video

I took one with the camera opining straight down.

And this one is a few miles out

This last one was actually from that morning, it is of the fishermen out in the ocean.

Since it was Good Friday my mom had gone to mass and I just stayed in the room and watched a movie. I also started working on my videos.

Sometime had passed and my mom came back from mass, we then got ready and headed out for cocktails and dinner.

Cocktails that night was at Molecular, we ordered two drinks a ginger mojito and a lucky cat. The cat was much better than the mojito. Lucky cat is smoking and mojito is in the tall glass.



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