Celebrity Silhouette Review Ch 25

We left the Celebrity Silhouette solarium for a minute because Gambee had some shopping to do, I know right ships do crazy things to you. And what did I wanted to buy, well I needed to buy some rum cake for my bf’s grandmother.

And more important than that I had been eyeing something that I really wanted, throughout the cruise I went back and forth wether to get it or not. But finally I decided to just go ahead and buy it.   I could not resist. I think I am going to start a collection of all the ships I sail. I will have to find a way of getting the Allure one and the Sky one as well. Beth if you end up going on the sky could you do that favor for me? I could paypal you the cash for it 

He now sits next to me tv for maximum viewing opportunities 


We went to the room to drop of the goodies and then headed back up.



I decided to go to the Solstice deck and get some pictures for the review since I had yet to visit that area of the Celebrity Silhouette. The place was packed with people, crazy… I wish I had managed to get pictures of the place empty. But this pictures are also good as they are more interesting than an empty space.

Anyway it is a nice place and offers great views of the Celebrity Silhouette, this area is not to be missed.

View from there.

DSC05407 DSC05408 DSC05413 DSC05414 DSC05420 DSC05424 DSC05427 DSC05430 DSC05437 DSC05450 DSC05458

Nice view of the Celebrity Silhouette Solarium.

DSC05460 DSC05464

I settled back in my seat and took a short nap, at some point I went to get another drink, and I took this pictures of “The Runaways”. I don’t believe I have spoken about them yet, my personal opinion is that they were just ok. While their music was definitely the kind of music that I like, the main singers voice was not the best. I remember reading a lot of criticism towards them in an earlier review. Most people in prior reviews were not very supportive of them.DSC05466


After that little tour, where did we go? Come on you have to know by now 

yes the Solarium, Gambee needed more drinks and more relaxation was in order.

A couple of mudslides.



Then we went for a walk and to get a drink at a different bar.
A lot of the cabanas were occupied that day, actually it was the first time I saw any of them occupied. The Celebrity Silhouette Lawn Club was getting plenty of use that day, most folks were very happy, including your correspondent.

DSC05485 DSC05487 DSC05488 DSC05489 DSC05490 DSC05491 DSC05493


We decided to hit the sunset bar for drinks. The drummer was perfect for that area! Love him!
DSC05500 DSC05497 DSC05494 DSC05503

Mom got a strawberry margarita.

Do you guys want to know where my mom’s drink ended up in?
Please note that she blamed me for it,
I actually blamed her when she bumped the unstable table,
in the end we agreed to blame the table 
But yeah, there is your drink… Want some? Grab a straw DSC05512

Soooooooo, ummmmm yeah we had to change tables, I felt really bad for this. I tried to clean a little, but I actually made it worse…

So with a new drink we decide to go downstairs and sit by the buffet area.

With an even better view!


It was then when I noticed a tinny dot following us, I knew it had to be another ship. I was really curious about which ship it was so I went inside to change the lens and came back out with the zoom lens.

He was way in the distance, it was a carnival ship. It is a good thing that it had the whale tail so I could identify the cruise line 

This picture is really cropped, I could not spot the ship unless I cropped the hell out of it!

Which ship is it, no idea. I am sure a little research should yield a result.


Then we headed down I got a few pictures of some areas that I had missed in the review. The library was huge and a very nice area, I am sure most that read can appreciate this area. Although I have read a few reviews were people complain that since it is open the noise can leak into that area. It was pretty quiet hen I was there.

Here is the Celebrity Silhouette library.

DSC05529 DSC05530 DSC05531 DSC05532 DSC05533 DSC05534 DSC05535 DSC05536

And here is the Celebrity Silhouette Card Room

DSC05539 DSC05540 DSC05541

Here is the Celebrity Silhouette Hideaway, this area was used mostly by teenagers during our voyage.

Celebrity Silhouette the hideaway DSC05553 Celebrity Silhouette hideaway DSC05558

And here is the iLounge

DSC05564 DSC05565 DSC05566 DSC05567 DSC05569

After that we headed to our room and my mom changed and headed to mass. By the way something was pointed out by cruise Arizona that I actually also noticed. She stated that she felt a little funny going to mass in the same venue that they use for their vulgar comedy. Now please note that I never went to mass, but my mom went to quite a few of them and I can totally understand how this can be a little odd for some.

I took this picture from the balcony.



Anyway while mom went to mass I spend most of time in the balcony working on my pictures and I also took advantage of a clean room to do the photo tour of the room.

So here it goes,

Celebrity Silhouette Balcony stateroom Tour

DSC05574 DSC05575 DSC05576 DSC05577 DSC05578 DSC05579 DSC05580 DSC05581 DSC05582 DSC05583 DSC05584 DSC05585 DSC05586 DSC05587 DSC05588 DSC05589 DSC05590 DSC05591 DSC05592 DSC05593 DSC05594 DSC05595 Celebrity Silhouette Balcony stateroom Tour bathroom DSC05597 DSC05598 DSC05599 DSC05600 DSC05601 DSC05602 DSC05603 DSC05604 DSC05605 DSC05606 DSC05607 DSC05608 DSC05609 DSC05611 DSC05612 DSC05613 DSC05614 DSC05615 Celebrity Silhouette Balcony stateroom Tour DSC05618


DSC05619 DSC05620 DSC05621 DSC05622 DSC05623 Celebrity Silhouette Balcony stateroom Tour DSC05625


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