Why I started Cruising

I think I have never really approached this topic. I think now is a good time to blog about it.

Back in 2012 was when the relationship with my ex started getting rocky; we were clearly very different from each other, and all those differences started deteriorating our union.

A Miserable Trip

I had some time off from work, as did Mom, so we decided to go to Sanibel Island, Florida, for a few days. My ex decided to come with us at the last minute, I am not entirely sure why, since he hated the beach. Either way I had always been a supporter of his traveling with me so I was eager to have him with us.

We had a nice budget hotel booked and had made plans to go to the beach and several restaurants. The trip was tense; my ex refused to have any kind of fun and rarely left the hotel room. Mom and I tried to make the best of it, but it was difficult at times. Once you have some sort of negativity in the environment it tends to override all other emotions.

A Change of Heart


One day of the trip, Mom and I were on a beautiful beach, it was very long with smooth sand and the sun was shining on us. We were definitely having an amazing time; my ex had stayed in the room watching TV and we were just relaxing by the water. It was then that I turned to my mom and told her “We are going on a cruise!” You have to understand that this was a big statement coming from me. For years I had said, “I will never go on a cruise.” The main reason for that was a fear of sea sickness and the idea of being “stuck” in the middle of the ocean. As a matter of fact, a good friend of mine had been asking me for years to go with him, I had declined every offer he had made to me.

What Made Me Change?

To this day I am not entirely sure why I did it. My best guess is that being there at that beach made me realize that I belong in the water. I have always said that I will try everything at least once and then make a decision on whether I like it. The other main cause, I think, was to have a great vacation without the interference of my ex. That trip was very stressful, and I needed something that would isolate me from him. As sad as it sounds, I am afraid it is the truth: I was in a bad relationship and with a total fear to get out of it. Fear of what? Not sure, maybe loneliness, or the fact that I was actually engaged to him It is hard to dissolve things that you have worked so hard for, and invested so much of yourself in.

Please don’t get me wrong, he is by no means a bad person. If anything he is the total opposite, but we simply did not click at all. You simply cannot have a relationship when you have two people pulling in opposite directions.


A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Once we got back home, I started looking for a short cruise to the Bahamas. I thought it was my best chance at avoiding any problems if I was going to get ill aboard the vessel. We ended up booking a short Norwegian Sky cruise, which was the origin of my cruising addiction.

All Things Happen for a Reason

I now realize that it all happened when it had to happen. I was at a low point of my life; my first cruise was just what I needed. I had always been a world traveler, but with the recent problems with my ex, I had completely stopped traveling. Cruising opened my eyes to traveling again, and this time in a way that he could not affect it for me. Or could he?

I have always been frank with my readers, and this is the story of why I began cruising. I am aware that this is not the ideal scenario, and I wish it was a much happier one. But it is none-the-less the truth, and it goes to show you that bad beginnings can sometimes have happy endings as well.