Allure of the Seas Review Ch 11

We went up to the room to see the Allure of the Seas leave port. When we got up to the room my bf had ordered a light late lunch. Cesar salad, Raspberry cheesecake, good, but not great.

allure food allure food allure food

Then we headed up to the balcony for sail away, there was a Haitian band playing and waiving good bye. Overall Labadee was great, bye 4:49 the Allure of the Seas was moving.

labadee labadee labadee labadee

And the Allure of the Seas was on the move.

labadee labadee labadee

Good bye Labadee, until next time 

So after the sail away my mom and my bf decided to go see the Allure of the Seas Chicago show, I decided to stay in the room and work on my pictures for the first time in the trip. I had yet to really see what I had. I also worked on some panoramic pictures at the time. Do I regret not going to Chicago? Definitely, they both said it was fantastic, but in the end I made the decision not to go, so it’s my fault.

While I was in the balcony I told Gilbert to feel free and fix our room when he wanted. I had no problem with him doing it while I was there, I did not want him to wait a long time for all of us to be out of the room. So later on he stepped in an did our room for us. He also offered me some fresh ice for my drink, such a nice guy.

After he was done I took advantage of an empty clean room and did my tour of the room.

Here is a short video of the room. Remember to change the video to HD, looks much better.

And the Allure of the Seas Cabin picture tour.

allure of the seas balcony stateroom allure room allure of the seas balcony stateroom allure room allure of the seas balcony stateroom allure room allure room allure room allure room allure room allure room allure room allure room allure room

Right after they got back from Chicago, we headed to the MDR to eat dinner, I was starving!!! We got to the MDR at around 10pm.

I had the escargot for my appetizer, it was ok i guess, I had much better. I was thinking on having it the next day as well, but after I tasted them I knew I would be getting something else.

Bf had the stuffed mushrooms, nothing special, but tasty. Better than mine.

Mom had the minestrone, I think I deleted the picture by accident, sorry, I can’t find it.

For dinner I had the grilled T-bone, it was good. I enjoyed it and ate it all

Bf had the chicken marsala, it was also good.

and mom had the garlic tiger shrimp, she loved them. The picture was taken right after our fabulous server took the shells of the shrimp.

The dessert sampler, I actually did not care for it much.

And the tiramisu, it was very tasty.

allure of the seas food allure menu allure of the seas food allure menu allure menu allure menu allure menu

One more subject that I like to add was the service was INCREDIBLE, our server was Ignacio. I wont go into details, as I don’t think that it would add anything important to the review. But I will say that Ignacio is among one of the best employees that we had the pleasure to encounter during our cruise. He was simply fantastic. Unfortunately I did not grab his name and I did not leave a comment on the card at the end of the cruise. Just right now I was going through all my receipts and I was lucky not to throw away the one from that night, that is how I managed to get his name. I really hope RCCL is reading this, because Ignacio deserves recognition for his OUTSTANDING job that night.

After dinner the bf headed up to the room and mom and I went to see the Love and Marriage show in the amber theater. We only saw half of it. I have only seen one other show in the NCL Sky and I think the one the Sky was 100% better than this one. I will try to explain why.

Part of it was because Ken Rush takes an absurdly amount of time selecting the couples that will be in the contest on the Allure of the Seas. They do this game to select them and it just takes too long, I think ours was about 30 minutes. And the game it self did not have the energy that I had in the game in the Sky. None the less it was fun.

allure allure

Ok folks that’s it for day 3 on the Allure of the Seas, after the show we went to the state room and crashed a few seconds later. We were drained. I am going to start working on the pictures of day 4 Jamaica and try to get started tomorrow on it.


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