Allure of the Seas Review Ch 8

After 30 minutes  in the Allure of the Seas Crown lounge  I had to go to the bathroom, once there I noticed how nice they were. And as I am sure you already know I had the camera with me, so I took a couple of pictures of the sinks. Sorry about the mess.


When then left and I took some picture in the process.

The Allure of the Seas sunDeck was very nice, we had a full moon and it was nice and windy. There was a group of people there hanging out and taking. We stayed for a few minutes, took some pictures and left.

Allure of the Seas sun deck

After that we decided to go to On-Air to listen to some live Karaoke, we were pretty beat up by then, but determined to make it there.

Once there we noticed that there was not really much going on, this lady was singing a song that I never heard before. I thought it was different, but very cool. We stayed for a little and then went to the cafe. I wanted to another brownie.

Mom got one croissant, and I got a brownie. We sat there and enjoyed end of an spectacular day at sea. May I add that this was our first ever day at sea! It could not have gone better.

Allure of the Seas On-Air

Allure of the Seas promenade allure promenade Allure of the Seas car


After the snack we went up stairs, I put all my gadgets to charge and about 5 minutes later we were out… I slept like a baby that night.

Day 3


That morning we woke up very early at around 6:45, we wanted to see the Allure of the Seas pull into port. When we went to the balcony the Allure of the Seas had already arrived and just had started to turn. As soon as it turned and started backing in, you knew it was going to be a very very hot day. The sun was beaming into that balcony, that second we knew that it was going to be impossible to eat room service there like we had planned.

As the Allure of the Seas backed into port I tried staying in the balcony the longest possible, but I was sweating so much that I was forced inside. Mom and I decided to go to Johnny Rockets for breakfast, so we got ready and left. My bf stayed behind, he had a very different plan for that day, it was very likely that we would only meet for dinner. Like I stated before, he hates the heat, so the beach was out of the question.

labadee labadee labadee


These little rafts/sailboats were out in the distance. This pictures were taken with the zoom lens and cropped 100%. I am not sure but I think RCCL must have very good security measures to prevent unauthorized people to enter the complex. It is however very sad that in a country with such poverty and you come in this massive food filled vessel. A part of me did not feel right. But I had chosen to go there, so nothing to complain about. They had to be over a mile away, all I saw were dots.

labadee labadee


At the Allure of the Seas Johnny Rockets we decided to sit inside it was very hot and this coming from someone who lives in south florida. Ironically everyone was sitting outside, I guess that worked out in our favor. The menu was limited, but it had everything one would like to eat. Remember that this venue is free for breakfast.

This is what we ordered, please don’t ask me what they are, because I have no idea. It was very complicated to order there, plus I rarely eat breakfast at home anyway. The food was very good, hot and the service was friendly and polite.

Mom loved the potatoes.

Some kind of muffin.

johnny rockets Allure of the Seas johnny rockets Allure of the Seas johnny rockets allure johnny rockets allure

I guess this a good time to talk about the Allure of the Seas Izumi and Ritas, I know there is a cover charge of Izumi, but I am not sure about Rita’s. I think its the same. Anyway what I am to write next is just my opinion and nothing more. As you can see from my report I don’t mind paying more for better/different food. It does not matter if you want to charge me a la carte (Vintages) or flat rate (chops, 150 ect), but what I do however a big problem with is when you want to charge me both cover fee and a la carte pricing. Let me explain you why, I was dying to try Izumi, but mom hates sushi and I did not want to go alone. I saw no reason on paying for her cover charge if she was not going to eat. She might of had maybe a bite of something, but nothing more. I would much rather them charge $0.25-$.75 per item than charge me a cover charge, I bet it all evens out at the end. But I think it’s more of a psychological thing. I spoke to two other couples and they agreed that was the reason they did not try it. I even though of going for lunch with only a $3 cover, but again I thought it would not be fair for me. You just can’t have it both ways RCCL, I believe they should just pick one way to charge.

I know many can say, “well they give you free edamame and miso soup”, in my case I really don’t care for either and the cost of those two is nearly next to nothing anyway.

This last argument is solely directed towards the Allure of the Seas Izumi, the marketing location of the venue is horrible. They placed it next to one of the most amazing buffets at sea. What is my encouragement to try it? On our last sea day at sea, I said screw it, I begrudgingly decided to pay the cover charge and try it. Once I got to Izumi I decided to just check out what they had in the buffet first and after 1 second of thinking I knew I was going straight to the buffet. They had so much to pick from and mom would be happier in the buffet. The location of Izumi is a total bust. Maybe it would of been much more profitable in the Royal Promenade, there are no specialty restaurants in that area. Just a thought…

As far as the Allure of the Seas Rita’s goes well I had no intentions on eating tacos in a ship that stopped in Cozumel, simple as that. I believe they are having a hard time filling that venue, why else would they host the fiesta event on two nights with all that liquor. I don’t think many people are willing to pay that much extra for tacos and is this coming from a taco lover.

I actually think they should of used Rita’s space for Izumi and were Izumi is they should of extended the buffet seating space. But I guess it would of been less profitable for the company, anyway its just a thought.


After we fished our breakfast we took the elevator down to the gangway, it was on deck 3 and you had to go through a long corridor of inside staterooms. A few of the passengers were trying to go the opposite way, my guess is that they were going to go eat breakfast, it was hard for them to get to the elevator.

Then we got to an electric staircase inside the Allure of the Seas, very cool, I loved it. There was one problem with it, at the end of the staircase people pilled up and it could be a little dangerous for those getting off, they had nowhere to go. They had an RCCL employee there guiding people to avoid an injury.

We went through the security check point, I had to take off my glasses and hat and simple as that we where in Haiti. IT WAS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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