Allure of the Seas Review Ch18

The day continued in our Allure of the Seas cruise asI sat in my lounge chair ate the light lunch and ordered one more drink. Mom ate some pastries.

The view


I also noticed a bird inside the solarium, but by the time I changed the lens it was gone.

Side note, our Allure of the Seas sailing had 5770 passengers. You can ask in guest services.

Later on we decided to try the outside jacuzzi for a little while before going to the windjammer. Here is when we noticed a few of our belongings gone missing. Nothing big, no worries, but none the less take care of your stuff, you’re in a ship with 6000 people and you just never know. Earlier on the cruise I noticed someone putting their belongings up high so they could keep a constant on them and that is what we did from then on.



After that we headed up to the Allure of the Seas windjammer.

On the way up

DSC07756_zps0b897d6e DSC07753_zpsecf69a9a DSC07741_zps7d4b52fe Allure of the seas pool deck

Remember you have to return your towels before a certain time on the last day or you get charged $25 for them.

DSC07757_zps8ecb410d DSC07758-Edit_zpsea0c619d DSC07762_zps8763f0a8 DSC07763_zpsc0d2020b DSC07764_zps46559fef

I was wondering what she kept looking at all day and night. lol

DSC07765_zpsd7da66af Allure of the Seas sports pool

They have a scuba training program on board the Allure of the Seas, they do it on the aqua theater and in Cozumel. I think the Padi certify you, but not sure.


Ohhhhh those fries.


I did not get a picture of moms food because she ate it while I was getting mine.

Then we went back down to our balcony to check moms email, as we sat there we noticed how the ocean was slowly changing to a much nicer color. We stayed in our balcony until 3:30 finishing my drink and listening to music. We could not believe what a great time we were having 🙂


After that mom and I headed to the running track just for quick look around the area.

DSC07791_zps28b412ebDSC07798_zps0b6f5cb3 DSC07794_zps16ef74ef

It is a very nice peaceful place to sit read a book and enjoy the wake. One of favorite spots in the Allure of the Seas.

DSC07814_zps72c335f0 DSC07815_zps754bdc4e DSC07816_zpsb3b49ec8

Back up at boardwalk, there was a family playing bean bag.


For the first time during our cruise we stopped by a few of the shops around that area. A lot of different stuff for your children to pick from.

DSC07825_zps2c34a351 DSC07827_zps00a06905 DSC07828_zps91595f8e DSC07830_zpse03cd16a DSC07832_zps75ba367f DSC07836_zps793cb02a DSC07839_zpsedb49807 DSC07840_zpsd6537c6a

Then we spotted Gloria trying to run away from us, I got a few pictures.


Back inside the Royal Promenade,

I never got to try this bar, maybe for the next time. They had some good music playing most of the time.

Allure of the Seas Schooner bar Allure of the Seas rising tides bar DSC07855_zps85ee700e

We stopped by one of the Allure of the Seas cupcakes classes for kids, everyone seemed to having fun. It looks like a nice little family activity.

Allure of the Seas cup cake class

At this point I also decide to get a slice of pizza, it was good, but nothing write home about.

I am not sure if you can see, but there was a little spot in my slice of pizza that appears to be cheese gone bad. I did not see it at the time and ate it, I am not really sure what it was. What does not kill you makes you stronger, right? lolDSC07865_zps15f41b2d

There was a session of dancing classes in the promenade and mom decided to stay there for a little while. I went back up to the room to take a quick shower and download my pictures into the computer.

Allure of the Seas promenade car

On the way up I spotted Gloria and another character. They always had kids following them, I can only imagine how hot that costume gets.


The weather was much better by now, it actually turned out to be a very nice day. We enjoyed it very much.

Mom arrived back in the room around 5:30 she did some wondering around the Allure of the Seas. She also stopped at a store and purchased a pair of glasses for $10, she was very excited about them , lol. I was just hoping that they lasted more than 24hr 

Her new glasses, they actually looked very nice for $10, I think she lost them already, lol,


We talked for a little while, my bf checked the menu on the tv for that night and he noticed that there was really nothing that he wanted to eat, so he decided that he did not wanted to dress up. I believe he went to the windjammer instead. Mom and I got ready and I made a second attempt at trying to fit into my suit. Things were even worse now, apparently I gained a few pounds in those days . There was no way I was going to be able to use that jacket again, so I put on those pants and my sport coat. The plan was to go eat the lobster fast and then run to the room and get changed so I could breath again, lol. Once again I felt like a burrito but this time with extra guacamole, it was horrible.  At one point I actually thought of skipping lobster night or just dressing casual, but both ideas went out the window pretty fast.
Before going to the MDR I stopped by the aft balcony and took some pictures.

Allure of the Seas rock climbing wall.

DSC07876_zpsa4b14c3f DSC07887-Edit_zpsd5a6b283 DSC07879_zpsc2a16d6b


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