Allure of the Seas Review

Chapter 27

We got off on the Allure of the Seas royal promenade so I could take some pictures that I thought I had missed.

We never went there ūüôĀ

Allure of the Seas Champagne bar

like I said a lot of panoramas on this day, I want to help you get a better feel for the space in the ship and this is the best way to do it. We all know I am no good at videos, lol

The Allure of the Seas Main Dinning Room.

Allure of the seas main dining room MDR mdr

Allure of the Seas Royal Promenade horse statue

Allure of the Seas Guest services.

Allure of the Seas Guest services

A replica of a Mercedes Benz.

largest cruise ship benz replica benz replica

Then I took some more pictures of the Promenade, it was quiet busy that morning. They were holding several sales, and it was packed to the gills.


trees and birds cristal birds


Starbucks aboard largest cruise ship

Boleros bar

boleros boleros boleros

RCCL should really consider what music they play on the last day at sea, in the royal promenade they had a young lady playing the violin with some very not so cheerful music, it almost had titanic feel to it. Add to it that we all know that it is our last day at sea‚Ķ.. not good, that was enough to make my mom and I leave the promenade, we needed something happier. Please don’t get me wrong, I actually love the violin, but not that kind of music and our last day at sea.

This was the first time I saw this venue, too bad there was an event inside.

jazz on 4 jazz on 4 theater theater theater elevators

Then we headed to the lido deck.

Once upstairs we could hear some better music and put us in a much better mood, although the weather was not helping. We decided to hit the jacuzzi for a couple of hours, at the time I took the advantage to order what? yup TWO long islands and they were on FIRE!!!! just the way I like them. I have no pictures of them, sorry, I left the underwater camera in the room, actually mom packed it already.

These are on the way to the jacuzzi.


Allure of the Seas central park

central park

then we stopped on one of the Jacuzzis and stayed there 

After a few unforgettable hours in the jacuzzi a tipsy Gambee and mom got out of the jacuzzi to try to get some more pictures for my CC family . All I had in my mind was what had I missed, my eyes were like missiles. I tried looking for new things as much as I could!
We stopped by the solarium and got a nice Panorama out of it.

Like I said before, the weather was nasty and my guess is that the captain gave the order to close the top deck.

I think I never got a pic of this before.


Heading towards the aft of the ship


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