Norwegian Breakaway Review

This chapter will focus on Norwegian Breakaway Carlo’s Bakery and Haven Spa Suite.

Soon after we left we decided to hit the waterfront,

This bar divides Savor and Taste. It is also a good place to wait and have a drink while you are waiting for your table. And trust me you will be doing lots of waiting for that .DSC06284_zpsfff0be04

At least I was going in the right direction.


We ended up by Norwegian Breakaway Carlo’s bakery.

DSC06287_zps6fbaaf12DSC06289_zpsd806e523 norwegian breakaway carlo's bakery DSC06302_zpsac9d303f DSC06301_zps10622925 DSC06299_zps61f935b4 DSC06298_zps95e06efa DSC06297_zps40ec36ed DSC06296_zps9357ca50 DSC06295_zps42bd36e3 DSC06294_zps31bffa95 DSC06293_zps6a292fd3 DSC06292_zpsfc04b4ae DSC06291_zps65ef7601 DSC06290_zps8aacc058

So the main problem with this little venue is that it is always closed. They only open it from 11am-5pm I think and then close it. Luckily you can also get his desserts in the Atrium cafe, that is where I got mine. I think the prices range from $2.25 to $7, and his cakes are $50. There is no menu. I think the lobster tails are $3.50, I will comment more on that later. Very nice little venue and lots of stuff to eat so you can regret later when you at the scale.

On the other side of this venue is the Norwegian Breakaway Gelato store. I never tried it, but I have from good word that the place is good .

All the ice-cream I had was from the buffet area and I have to say that the rum raising had no raisins, lol.

norwegian breakaway gelato DSC06307_zps1e021d1c

Then we went for a walk around the Norwegian Breakaway water front, out there we also met a couple that was in our roll call. They were nervous because their son was late, and there was a chance he would miss the cruise. But no worries he made it .

So anyway I took some pictures of the NY Grey Skyline.


These are free by the way, but I would not be surprised if NCL puts a coin slot in there =/


Hot dogs anyone?

DSC06330_zps7a45696c DSC06326_zps8e04a773

The same problem with the Norwegian Breakaway ocean blue on the Waterfront, the hours are just horrible. 11-5pm. I ate there a couple of times, I will post later on it.

DSC06331_zps426ab3bd DSC06346_zps986782d3 DSC06342_zpsfd7bf06f DSC06341_zpsdaac23c2 DSC06333_zpsb3c1d73f DSC06332_zpsf89f3586

So I guess this is a good time to touch the topic on the waterfront. I think this is a great idea, and I applaud NCL for being the firsts one to come out with this concept. We did not use it that much, as a matter of fact I think I went there a total 5-8 times and no more. I did have dinner there on one day, and it was very nice. I am sure this area under great weather will be a great success. I have to say that it does get a little windy if the weather is not cooperating, but nothing horrible.

I really wish that they would add more lounges in areas that are just open space. They have a lot of space that is going to waste, this would be a great area to grab a book and relax on sea days.

I did a video with the fisheye lens on the last day with a little narrative. That might help put everything into perspective a little better.

After a quick walk on the water front we decide to go to the room and check at what time was Muster at. When we got to the room the cake waiting for us, thank you Sarah.

By the way, the cake was huge!!! I think it is good for 10 people.


Funny story with the cake, at some point in the day my mom almost sat on it. I grabbed her as she was sitting on it. At times I regret telling her, I should just allowed her to sit on it and then have a super funny story tell here with pictures. But no cake, lol. The cake was good, you know your basic cake, we shared it with sliceoflife and her hubby.

The I decided to check my Facebook, and I noticed that Shaun had send me a message. I texted him back, and he told me I could stop by his S6 suite to pick up some wine and champagne that he was generous enough to give to me. I also wanted to go get some pictures of his suite for the review.

Meeting Shaun and his wife was a real pleasure, they were so nice and friendly. After so much time that we had spent talking online it was nice to finally put a face on his screen name.

While I was in their incredible room, I took some pictures.

Norwegian Breakaway Haven Spa Suite




Norwegian Breakaway Haven Spa Suite living room




DSC06365_zpsf0495941 DSC06364_zps2d76190d Norwegian Breakaway Haven Spa Suite DSC06362_zps2aff6a18 norwegian breakaway suites norwegian breakaway suites DSC06359_zpsbb73e529 DSC06358_zps2e0e3404 DSC06357_zpsa23d7dba norwegian breakaway aft DSC06355_zps6fa39ecf DSC06354_zps369fd43f DSC06353_zps273a50be DSC06352_zps2bbb1c2f

We talked for a little while, but soon enough we heard the muster announcement. So mom and I rushed to the room to drop off the bottles and then headed towards our muster station.

Our station was on the Manhattan room, all I can say about muster is that it was incredibly short. Like 1 minute short, just crazy. I mean I don’t complain, but in case on an emergency I am not sure how that would work. At least we knew where our station was, lol.

I took this picture while I was leaving the manhattan room. Notice that it is the empire state building upside down, neat huh?


So after our very comprehensive Muster drill mom and headed up to the room for sail away. I wanted to be there early because SliceofLife was going to meet us there with her husband.

I took a few pictures while I waited for them to arrive to our room.

DSC06382_zps8e941895 DSC06391_zpse7c633de DSC06389_zpsb0735abf DSC06388_zps6134531a DSC06387_zpse060b41d DSC06385_zps36d0bfc1



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