Norwegian Breakaway Review

We continued walking in the Norwegian Breakaway lido deck, and I took a few more pictures.

DSC06786_zps5553ccb1 DSC06788_zpsd2ff03a7

Notice the palm trees. Well after that day they rope off the that area. I will get into that later.

DSC06789_zps2486aede DSC06793_zpsc0300108 DSC06803_zps5c769e95

These two water slides really have a kick to them, you gain a lot of speed by the time you hit that last loop. They are a lot of fun . The water is heated!

DSC06801_zpsea520e71 DSC06802_zpsc85ed837 DSC06810_zpse80c784d

After that time upstairs we decided to go back downstairs and go shopping before the meet and greet started.

I took a few more pictures there.

DSC06823_zpsf00edabd DSC06836_zpsf8bab6e3 DSC06834_zps558008d7 DSC06833_zps4517b406 DSC06832_zps080aebf0 DSC06830_zps00ab8e77 DSC06829_zps2fa2db0d DSC06825_zps96507dc5 DSC06824_zps5f61eaef DSC06841_zpsff33dc7e DSC06843_zps4402bf35

I also went ahead and bought my model ship. While it feels much lighter than my Silli model, it is much larger. These models are not in the same scale. Also don’t forget to ask for your latitudes discount.

Norwegian Breakaway  model ship

Norwegian Breakaway  model ship

Then we walked around, and I took some pictures of a few of the venues. Norwegian Breakaway Raw bar.

DSC06845_zps199e6453 DSC06852_zpsa004ea31

The restaurant looks nice, maybe a little small for a ship this size. But my guess is that this is the type of venue that NCL wants to keep intimate.

DSC06851_zps52373d31 DSC06850_zps53a60102 DSC06849_zps999986b3 DSC06847_zps17400f85

These mirrors are treated to look like it is very old, it gives the restaurant a pretty neat look.

DSC06853_zps885bd97a DSC06856_zps6330be03 DSC06855_zpsff2a4659 DSC06854_zpse6cfe3d6

With the poor weather that we were dealing with, the casino was at full force!


I never ordered a drink in this cruise, but I think if I did, Shakers Martini bar would be my place!.

DSC06864_zps889ef81c DSC06867_zps3142157f DSC06866_zps4ae39769My model ship


Then we decided to do a little stroll by the waterfront

DSC06895_zps8f65c479 DSC06905_zps9c9e8c57

To bad these lifeboats get in the way of the view. But in all honesty is not that bad.

DSC06908_zpsdf08b0c5 norwegian breakaway balconies

DSC06912_zps9847416b DSC06913_zpse4388a23 DSC06916_zps1eae866b DSC06923_zps609f053c DSC06932_zpsc428037c DSC06934_zpsd1cf56cc DSC06935_zpse3a35d6f DSC06936_zps4bc0fd7d DSC06939_zpsc80fcac5

This area must be great for sail away if you don’t have an aft balcony.

norwegian breakaway aft norwegian breakaway waterfront DSC06964_zps8a3d866c

The balconies on deck 8 right next to the water front have ZERO privacy!

You would never catch me booking a room here!

norwegian breakaway balcony DSC06974_zpsaae039e3 DSC06973_zps65c8238f DSC06971_zpsf2b6c845


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