Carnival Breeze Review Ch 16

There was no wait, maybe 2 minutes for Carnival Breeze Blush Restaurant.

untitled-79  untitled-81

This is one of the times that I really miss my mom being there with me. I have not really addressed the traveling solo part of the review. I think overall I did pretty well and kept myself busy throughout the cruise. But being introverted maybe is not the best personality to go on a cruise solo, I still had a great time and I did a lot of things that I wanted to do. But there are times that you just want to share with close family.

I think I am at a point in my life that I am ready to start dating again and looking for a potential partner who I can spend the rest of my life with. One thing is for sure, I won’t make the mistake of dating someone who dislikes cruising, because that would be catastrophic to the relationship from the start.

Anyway, back to the review. Here is the menu for brunch. I got sat towards the back of the Carnival Breeze with a view of the wake.

untitled-82 untitled-83

I now realize that I should of gotten the smoked salmon with the bagel. I never saw the smoked salmon in the MDR for breakfast, although it was in the room service menu. The pork chop looks good too.

untitled-84 untitled-85 untitled-86

Service was very slow to start, I was seated in a table for 4 ( I am not sure why) and I think the servers thought that I was waiting for more people. But either way I was not approached for about 10 minutes… Once I asked for help, the service went pretty fast.


the coffee was pretty good.


The eggs Benedict were much better here. Again I am not sure why, but it is just the way it was. They tasted very different. And the bacon was delish, I had no idea you could request it crispy. I don’t eat bacon often, I think only when I cruise.

Carnival Breeze main dinning room breakfast food

Oh I forgot when I was in line waiting to be seated that morning a lady in line asked me if I was the Carnival Breeze photographer. Lol. I was carrying with me all 3 cameras, and the cell phone it was actually quite funny.


I ate pretty quick as I always do. I decided to get some pictures of the limelight lounge on the Carnival Breeze that was only one deck above me. Here is where all of the comedy shows take place and some other activities. I come here later on another night and document it a little deeper. But for now I will post some pictures and a short video.

This venue gets packed! So if you want a good seat I recommend getting there early to ensure you get one. Traveling Solo was not a big deal since there is always that single seat between families that no one wants to use.


Carnival Breeze limelight lounge

Carnival Breeze Limelight lounge untitled-93 untitled-94 untitled-95

And the video


untitled-96 untitled-97 untitled-98 untitled-99 untitled-100

I kept on walking and stopped by the taste bar that works as a continental breakfast station in the morning. By the way the taste bar offers free tastes of at night from the food of the for fee venues on the Carnival Breeze. I never went there, but it is a great way to taste the food and see if its your style or not.

But here is what they offer for breakfast.

untitled-102 untitled-104 untitled-105 untitled-106

I needed to burn sometime before the thrill theater opened for business, so I went to the stores to get some pictures of the items that are Carnival related and the prices.
untitled-108 untitled-109 untitled-110 untitled-111 untitled-112 untitled-113 untitled-114 Carnival Breeze Stores

This shirt was kind of cute for kids.

untitled-116 untitled-117

I read that Carnival recently partnered with Dr. Seuss (spelling), but honestly this is the only thing I saw that was connected to that during the entire  Carnival Breeze cruise.

untitled-118 untitled-119

There were some great deals in liquor, but most of them were if you purchased two bottle or more.

untitled-120 untitled-121 untitled-122 untitled-123 untitled-124

untitled-125 untitled-126

Lately I’ve been sticking to Ketel, seems to be a good combination of price vs quality. I rarely get migraines with it.

untitled-127 untitled-129 untitled-130


As I walked out of the stores, I heard some noise coming out of the main theater, so I headed that way. It was Butch our cruise director and the assistant cruise director. They were doing one of the sea day shows, taking about several topics. I actually waited there for information about getting off in Grand Cayman, but they never got to it. A lot of the show was based on sales and little else was discussed. 


When I left the theater there were holding one of those crazy sales were people congregate trying to get the best deal. I am not a fan of those a all….

untitled-133 untitled-134

This is one area that they don’t want you taking pictures, and obviously so. I was approached once, but she did not ask me stop. Instead she tried to get a sale out of me. I did however see a few people trying to get a picture out the professional pictures taken on the Carnival Breeze. That was not a good result , lol

untitled-136 untitled-137 untitled-138 untitled-139 untitled-140  untitled-142 untitled-143 untitled-144 untitled-145 untitled-146

Then it was time to hit the Thrill Theater on the Carnival Breeze, like I said great place. Definitely worth a try. My only issue with this venue was that the back of chair had some kind of tag that kept hurting my back when it did harsh movements. Maybe it was that specific seat, but I think it is all of them. Because I noticed it also on the seat next to mine.

untitled-147 untitled-148

You can see there the tag in the back, it might be because I have a skinny back, but honestly I don’t think so.

Carnival Breeze Thrill Theater


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