Carnival Breeze Review Ch 21

Here are a couple of video of stingray City.

Videos are really the best way to experiencing something if you’re not actually there.


From Stingray city to the snorkeling area is just like 5 minutes, quite honestly it was kind of blahhh. But then again I don’t enjoy snorkeling that much, for me the real rush was in sting ray city. I did however see two barracudas, did I mention I am petrified from them? My uncle got bit by one when some time ago and the doctors had a really hard time fighting an infection.

In addition to that I recently saw a youtube video of a guy being stupid in Grand Cayman following a barracuda and she got pissed off and attacked him. They can be very violent animals, even though they were small as soon as I saw them I backed away from that area

untitled-216 untitled-218 untitled-221 untitled-223 untitled-226

You can see the barracuda there

untitled-227 untitled-228 untitled-232 untitled-233 untitled-234 untitled-236 untitled-239 untitled-241

Here you can see the other barracuda to the right.

untitled-242 untitled-243    untitled-247 untitled-248

The stop there was much quicker than the other one, and it was a good thing because I was started to get a little tired. The timing was just perfect! In the past when I had gotten sick on boats is when they anchor and are not moving.

They dropped the sails and we were off.

untitled-249 untitled-250 untitled-251    untitled-257 untitled-258

I spotted the Moby Dick boat heading to Stingray city, they are also highly recommended by many. But I still think I rather go on a Cat, I guess its because of my obsession with sail boats. I thinks if everything goes to plan I will eventually own one 

    untitled-263 untitled-264 untitled-265 untitled-266

Once we started approaching the entrance to the marina, they lowered the sail and turned the engine on. I will say that we only sailed under sail for a brief time and only one sail was deployed. Not entirely sure why. Although as I would later learn in Cozumel, its is a true pain in the butt to raise a sail. Guess who had to raise the in Cozumel? 

untitled-267 untitled-268  untitled-275 untitled-276

There are some really nice houses when entering the marina.

untitled-278 untitled-279 untitled-280

This guy was even larger than us.

untitled-281 untitled-282 untitled-283  untitled-286 untitled-287 untitled-288 untitled-289

So I love my cameras, you all know that. But something interesting happened in this voyage, some water did manage to get into my Olympus camera. There was some water condensation right on the lens area, granted all it took was exposing her to bright sun for 3 minutes to get rid of it. But I am not sure how that happened. I saw a similar problem on my old sony one and she died not long after that, I wonder if it the prolonged exposure to underwater situations. I will have to monitor this and make sure she does not die on me, I absolutely love that camera! She is just so capable.

You can see the water in this picture, it is slightly blurry


Here is the mesh where I laid the entire time. It is larger than it looks, I think it was about 5 of comfortably sharing the mesh.

untitled-293 untitled-294

So overall a great company, very chill crew and easy going. They only collect the money until the very end of the excursion. I actually really loved that part, now days people just want your money without delivering a product. With this company it was just like, have fun and we take care of bizz later on. You can request to be dropped off on 7 mile beach or the shopping district. I decided to head back to the ship to eat lunch.


This is the beach they will drop you off at. I contemplated the idea of staying there, but I was worn out from all the swimming and wanted to relax for a little while.

untitled-299 untitled-300 untitled-302

Then I noticed that there was another carnival ship near us. It was the Dream.


Back in the dock area I took a picture of map of the area.

untitled-319 untitled-320 untitled-321

untitled-322 untitled-323

Just your basic stores, this one was actually very expensive. The ship had MUCH better prices.


Don’t they look great?

untitled-327 untitled-328 untitled-329 untitled-333

The water is incredibly clear there, I could easily spot parrot fish swimming around.


A nice cold water and lemonade stand for the ride back to the ship, I grabbed one of each. I failed to drink anything on the Catamaran, I forgot to mention that they had water for free. And other drinks for a charge, a beer was $5

untitled-335 untitled-336 untitled-339

Love this picture.


From what I hear the Breeze is the Dream on steroids, is that right?
untitled-351 untitled-358

Here is a short video of the ride back to the ship.


I waited until the end to get off the tender. It was actually kind of funny because I got off after one of the crew did and they almost frisked me thinking I was part of the crew . I was not aware that the crew goes through this every time they board.

Anyway, catch a drift? First I was the ship photographer, then I was part of the crew, and it does not end there, lol.

The pool had some action, port days are really the best enjoy the pool. But then again you miss out on all the port fun. The conundrums of cruising 


I was pretty hungry by then and craving some amazing tacos.

untitled-363 untitled-364

It was then that I noticed that the burrito side had shrimp and beef. So I asked him if I could have one fish, 1 steak and 1 shrimp. I am not big on burritos, but I LOVE tacos!!!! So this was just perfect for me. When I asked he smiled and said “of course not a problem”, Carnival customer service rivals that of Disney. That is a really strong statement I am making there, and take it as such. Other than a few glitches on the MDR, it was impeccable!


untitled-365 untitled-366

and after. Don’t forget to ask for guacamole, they have it behind the line, and they will add it for you. All the other toppings you can add yourself. Well unless you’re in the burrito line, then they make the entire burrito for you.


I absolutely love the blue iguana, I think it is by far my favorite venue. Then again I love Mexican food, so maybe I am a bit biased. But yeah, this is really big selling point for me in particular. But then again like I have said numerous times, lunch on the breeze is AMAZI…

See what you all done? Now I starving and thinking of Blue iguana and Guy’s (Currently Salivating)   


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