Carnival Breeze Review Ch 29

Continuing with the red frog pub review on the Carnival Breeze.

Little did I know that by then my stomach was pretty empty and the beer hit me hard and quick. I was feeling great, but I knew if I drank the entire thing I would run into problems. It was then that a nice lady stopped by and asked me how the beer tasted. Apparently she was a beer fan, but she was not sure if she wanted to spend the money to try it. I asked her if she wanted to try it and she said no, I insisted and asked my server for an extra glass. Long story short she scored a full glass of beer, we chatted for a little while and then she left. She said it was a great beer and that she would be back later one. Honestly I can’t say much about it since I don’t drink beer often. But I enjoyed it, it was nice, mellow and easy to drink.

I also ordered the conch salad. Quite honestly I did not enjoy it as much, the conch was chopped in tinny pieces and I can bet it was mixed shopped shrimp as well. Maybe they were running out of conch and mixed it with shrimp? I still ate it all as I was starving by then. It was also tinny.

Red Frog Pub Carnival Breeze food

The conch fritters on the other hand were good, not great, but good. If you like spicy sauce you will do just fine here.


Service was great and very friendly, one thing that I noticed is that when they take the order they sit with you on the same table. It is a nice gesture of a relaxed environment and makes you feel welcomed.

I worked on my food, while listening to some good music. They also play the music videos on 2 monitors on each side of the restaurant.

I was pretty much done with all my food, and I decided to go check out the other show “Motor City”.


Since I had not finished my beer I asked if I could take the pitcher and they said yeah sure. Walking with the pitcher around the Carnival Breeze got me some funny looks from several people , not that I cared.


I stopped by the Carnival Breeze atrium and they had some live music going on.

Carnival Breeze Atrium dancing

And some folks having a great time dancing.

untitled-434 untitled-435

It was really good music, great singers. I think this is why I like Carnival so much, the ambiance is just amazing.

Here is the Video

I decided to go wait for Carnival Breeze Motor City Show to start.

Pre-Show picture


Also pre-show picture, prior the copyright warnings. This is how they get the audience ready. And guess what even I was jumping around. I am not sure what it was, maybe the beer, maybe the energy, or maybe I was just having an amazing time!


Motor City was great, Carnival Breeze did a magnificent job at engaging the audience before the show starts. Usually with a little contest and followed by some dancing or something. I truly enjoyed myself during the show. My only complain again it is the same bare stage, but technically that could be an easy fix for them if they decided to improve it. While I am sure that shows like “Chicago” on the Allure have a much better cast, production and stage. But one thing the Allure never manage to do was to keep me awake during an entire show. Maybe big show productions are not for me, who knows, all I know is that I really enjoyed myself.

I had one big problem during this show, I had to run to the bathroom 3 times and I missed a great deal of it. Then it was that I remembered why I don’t drink beer.

Here is me making a run to use the facilities. Still with a bunch of beer in hand 

untitled-471 untitled-475

When I got from the last time this had happened  it was over…. and I had missed the ending…

Carnival Breeze Shows

I decided to head out to the Carnival Breeze Lanai and enjoy my beer while relaxing a bit.


I really like the blue lighting, its my fav color.

Carnival Breeze Lanai

Then I was just walking around when I met our CC group, they were going to have dinner. They told me to go with them, and I said yeah why not. I just needed to run to bathroom one more time… lol Ummmm Yeah….

Anyway, granted I really did not have plans on having dinner that night. But this group was great and I knew it was going to be a fun time at the dinner table. Pretty funny thing is that they stuffed us on a corner table to minimize the damage from our loud noise. Like I told you, it was the table that everyone looks at with dirty looks .

Some of them were really red from Cozumel, they all went to passion Island. 1/2 of them went through the speed boat and the other half went in the Catamaran. From what I could gather they had a great time, and plenty of sun exposure . The only thing that I gathered that was not that good, was the food and that they water toy area was kind of small. But they said there were very little crowds, and they had hammocks in the water. That I would like to see.

Anyway here are the menus for that night.

untitled-500 untitled-501 untitled-502

I really had no intentions in eating, but I figured with all that beer inside of me I might as well put some food in my stomach.

I went for the Oysters for my starter. Again blahhhh…. Very little oyster, too much stuffing… Not horrible, just not memorable either.


And for my main I ordered 1 shrimp cocktail. There server insisted that I make it 2, and it was a good thing he insisted on 2. While they were small, they did taste nice and fresh.

untitled-504 untitled-505

For dessert I went for what I knew was great.


I also got a cheese plate, I ate very little since I did not feel like going up to the room and getting the enzymes. It was ok I guess, nothing to write home about.


Service was slow that night also, not bad, just slow.

A lot of shenanigans happened during dinner, it was really funny. But I will just leave it like that, a few inappropriate situations that have no room for CC . We had a great time, well I can speak for myself, I had a great time. But everyone seemed to be having a blast. Actually a few more people joined us for dessert that night. One of the members I had not met till then, he had a great personality.

We left, but agreed to meet again to play a dice game. We each needed to get 3 dollars and meet back in the red frog pub.

I took some pictures on the way there.


Carnival Breeze large Chess game on the Lanai.


The latin group was playing again.


I have no idea what the name of the game was, but I am sure someone from our roll call can remind me here.


I don’t have much luck with any kind of card/dice game, after a few rounds I decided to call it a night. Till then I had not won a single round, not that I was expecting to anyway. I was worn out, my legs were starting to hurt and I was ready for bed. You could tell that a few of them were also tired, most likely from the sun exposure. I know I was.

Here is what happens when I forget to take the camera out of “Illustration mode” 

untitled-530 untitled-531

And here is the TV malfunctioning again.


It was a very rewarding day on the Carnival Breeze with lots and lots of fun, definitely one day that I will never forget!

Day 5, End.


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