Carnival Breeze Review Ch 30

Day 6, Carnival Breeze Last Day.

I woke up pretty late (about at 9:30am) and I immediately notice that we were finally having some ship movement, FINALLY!!! I was waiting for that the entire cruise, I enjoy sea days that you feel the motion of the ship. Granted it was nothing like my Breakaway or Silhouette cruise, but it was some movement. I found the Carnival Breeze to be a very stable ship, some people may enjoy that while others might not.

untitled-5 untitled-6 untitled-7

This was a HUGE WAVE!


They were breaking with tremendous force, it was also insanely windy that day!


Maybe too windy for my own good :-/, but I was loving it!!!! Ins’t this after all one of the reason we cruise?


My collection was growing, I wish I did not dispose of the first two. Oh well…


I had to get ready fast and take off, we were all supposed to meet at 10am for breakfast in the MDR.

I much rather these traditional signs that the new ones that Breakaway is using. I always leave the digital ones on by mistake…


When I got there, everyone was already waiting there, oooops. I also noticed another CC member who I am actually friends with on Facebook and she offered me to check out her Cove balcony. This was definitely something that I wanted to check out before the cruise was over.

I will admit, those rooms are amazing! They are so close to the water and offer a view like no other balcony does, very impressible I must say. I think in the future I will probably try one of these out, I also think that they are slightly larger than the other balconies, but I could be wrong there.

In addition to that for those who like sleeping with the balcony door open, these balconies offer some amazing ocean noise. I really have to try them out. Although I think they are only good towards the aft, those front ones should get their good share of salt water. But at least now I know this, and so do you ;-).


Just look how neat those wave break!


They get you really close to the action!


Here is a video of the waves breaking down there, it is really neat!!


These balconies should also offer the best chance at spotting marine life. That is a favorite pass time of mine, so far I have only spotted flying fish and birds.

untitled-36 untitled-37

In the past I down talked these balconies, goes to show you never judge anything unless u have tested it yourself. My main complain was they would close them due to bad weather, but quite honestly I don’t think that happens often. I loved it!


I just noticed that you can also put your drinks on that little ledge.


The only thing with these balconies is that if the weather is bad, then they will seal them until it clears up. So you wont be able to go outside until the weather calms down. I wonder how often they do that.


I went back to the MDR to meet with the group, I got pictures of the last night menu. No worries I dine in the MDR that last night, so you get to see the pictures.

untitled-42 untitled-43

When I got back from my balcony tour they were still waiting for me, I thought they would go in and get started. Kind of felt bad, but I think they were also waiting for more who did not show up.

This dinning room is very pretty.


Very airy and lots of light, I usually enjoy aft MDR’s much more than the ones in mid-ship. This one was really pretty, maybe up to par with the Allure one? I think better, the Allure has has limited windows.


Again we got sat far from everyone on the second floor .

untitled-46 untitled-47 untitled-50

The menu is exactly the same to the one I posted for day 3, its the brunch menu. Service was very fast that morning, most of the group had their free drink coupon. But since it was my first Carnival cruise, I had none.

Fruit plate not mine, they gave it to me by accident. Looked nice.


My usual. Great just like last time. The bacon was nice and crispy and the hash browns were my favorite, next time ill ask for more. There are way too many selections and I could not make my mind up. Like I said, the Carnival Breeze deserves a second time around. I think this is the first time I say that, if you follow my reviews, you probably know that ;-). I get bored easily and that is why I don’t repeat ships.


Not mine, they looked fantastic! Kind of wish I got those instead. Someone else also had the bagel with smoked salmon platter that looked really tasty as well. I think I will frequent the MDR for breakfast more often on the Carnival breeze next time. Just look how fluffy they look.


Huevos rancheros, I think? Not mine. They said they were slightly spicy and good.


We sat there for a little while and talked. We had a table towards the back and we had a great view of the wake. Funny enough we started talking about ships sinking, sharks and such. Very appropriate topics 😉 lol. It was a good thing that one of our members was not afraid of sharks, because if the ship was to sink I had thinking on using her a as raft. Oh my, I think she is reading, lol. Remember I am petrified of sharks, and since she was not, well then she could protect me, right? Just messing with you, or am I? Kind of funny, it is just like that episode of American Dad, when Stan uses Roger as a raft, I think that is were I got the idea from ;-). Just being silly 

It was a nice relaxing breakfast, after that we parted ways and agreed to meet one more time for dinner in the MDR. Each had different plans, some wanted to relax by the pool, other the casino, shop, pack. Me? Oh my, I had a busy day ahead of me!


There was no pattern in this day, I tried a lot of food and I took a lot of pictures and video. I will be all over the place, so try to bare with me. I was trying to document as much as possible before the cruise was over, it was actually a very tiring day. I think I walked the entire Carnival Breeze about 3-4 times. Here we go!

First I stepped foot outside to check out Jimmies BBQ. They were setting it up for later that day.

untitled-56 Carnival breeze BBQ untitled-58


Then I headed to the room to change into something more comfortable. I found these 2 on my bed. Also the bag tags, not exactly something that I am keen of seeing.


Looks cool right? When my mom collects them, I usually destroy them, lol. Kind of mean, ok ill stop…

carnival breeze state room

From my balcony I noticed a RCCL ship in the distance, just not sure which on it was. One of the smaller ones for sure. I am not very familiar with their line yet.

Enchantment? This picture is full zoom and cropped, she was pretty far out.

untitled-96 untitled-99

Here is the video, you can really notice how windy it was.

After relaxing in the room for a little, I went on a eating spree.

The Carnival Breeze Beach pool was PACKED!!!

Carnival Breeze pools

Well the pool itself was not bad, but everyone was out enjoying the sun after a horrible winter.


The rope course was closed, it was way too windy. I know a few from our group waited until the last day to try it out. Not sure if they even opened it that day. If you want to try it out I suggest you go early during your cruise. Same thing happened on my Breakaway cruise.

I went and tried the hot dog joint. It was good, but I just wish they offered more toppings, it is very basic, so don’t expect much.


The hot dog was good, warm weiner and soft bread. Just wish I could of added all the cool stuff that they offer on the place near my house.


It was way too windy to open the umbrella. But you get the idea of where it is located. Remember my reviews are all about helping you plan your cruise, that way you know what you want before you board =). All for the greater good.

Carnival breeze food hot dogs

I wonder why they had one jacuzzi closed? Maybe they were cleaning it?

It seemed more relaxed in the aft pool, and the music was much more my type. Please Carnival, cover those Jacuzzis!

untitled-115 untitled-117 Carnival Breeze aft pool



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