Carnival Breeze Review Ch 6

Before I left a few more Cruise critic members showed up and we talked for a little while, mostly about the Carnival Breeze. I needed to head out because we had reservations at the Steak house for the first night. 

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I was running a bit late so I took off and by the time I got there everyone was already waiting for me at the bar. I took some pictures on the way to the Carnival Breeze steak house.

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I have more pictures of these areas later on, no worries. You will get to know the Carnival Breeze very well by the end of the review.


Carnival Breeze Casino.

Carnival Breeze casino

Here is the casino bar.


They have these Fun Hubs all over the Carnival Breeze.

untitled-378 untitled-379 untitled-380

I will talk about the sushi place on the Carnival Breeze later on in the review when I dine there. This pic came out pretty crappy… Not even sure why I am leaving it here

untitled-381 untitled-382

And here is the red frog pub on the Carnival Breeze. Again I will discuss it later on.


Again the red Frog.

Carnival breeze interior picture

The piano bar in the Carnival Breeze was not my personal favorite, I stopped there a couple of times, but I just did not enjoy it. However, a lot of the CC members on my roll call went there a lot and had blast there. It is a very popular venue and gets lots of activity. I am sure many of you will love this place, it was just not for me.


I got to the Carnival Breeze steakhouse, met a few members and then we were guided to our table. We had a nice table towards the back of the restaurant, I think it was about 8 of us if I remember correctly. I met a lot of fun people that night, we were all SOLO travelers. One of the CC members nicely arranged everything for that evening. Thank you =)

Service that night was fabulous as was the food, the problem you ask? Well going there the first night really puts a damper for the rest of the cruise in the Carnival Breeze MDR. I will admit I was not impressed with the main dinning room food. But anyway back to the steak house. We were given two bottles of wine to share, which by the way we did not finish. I am not sure if we were trying to look modest, but I know for a fact that I could of finished one of those babies by myself . I did however take a tinny left over back to my room after we were done with dinner .

I think all things considered we all clicked very well, I mean it was a group of people who had only met on the internet prior that. I can say that I truly enjoyed all the company that night. It was the perfect way to get the cruise started.

The server comes around and shows you the selections of meats for the day, and they do a small presentation. 

Carnival Breeze Steakhouse

Then they came around with a complimentary Hors d’oeuvres, I got the cold tomato soup…blah…… I wish I got the smoked salmon one instead. I don’t care much for tomato soup. It was not bad, I just don’t care for it. I should have just asked for the other one….

Carnival Breeze Steakhouse

Very nice bread. They had different selections that you could choose from. I think I got the best one 


I ordered beef carpacio which was fantastic!


Something with tuna?




And later I got the Tuna tartar. If you did not get salad you could order two apps instead.

untitled-398The restaurant was fairly busy. I would like to note that they are still not filling this venue fully, although they advertise it as an almost full venue to entice you to book it. But either way, it is fantastic!


Oh by the way the steakhouse is very accommodating of gluten intolerance. A very nice member of our roll call had a gluten allergy (not intolerance), and the restaurant was great at accommodating to her dietary issues. The same cannot be said about the Carnival Breeze main dinning room, more on that later.

For dinner I had the surf and turf, which was to die for. The beef was so tender and the lobster was sooooooooooo juicy, yum yum. I am starving now, lol.


And a loaded baked potato!


Everyone was very pleased with their food. I ate until I could eat no more, but dessert was still on its way.

I ordered the chocolate sampler and it was amazing, it reminds me of the dessert sampler that my mom and I had on the Silhouette in Murano.

This one was amazing!!!!! Only 2 of us had it and one of the was gluten free, we LOVED IT!!! Its funny we kept on saying how unlivable incredible it was, I think we bored the rest of the group =) lol.


And most of the group got the SUPER GIGANTIC CHEESECAKE, IT WAS HUGE!!!!! It does not look that big on the picture, but trust me it is larger than hand fully open. No one was able to finish it… It was just ridiculously large, now that I think about it, I forgot to ask how it was, lol, oppppsss. Anyone?


Overall it was a fantastic dinner with amazing new friends, we had a blast and enjoyed some fabulous food on the Carnival Breeze Steakhouse. I can say that fahrenheit 555 perfectly compares to Chops in RCCL and Murano in X. Just my honest opinion. I can say I was pleasantly surprised and for the charge it is well worth a visit in your cruise. I think either we all left extra tip, I gave $7 so the total dinner came to $42, not bad at all.

These 2 pictures are on the way out. 

untitled-408 untitled-409

I headed up to the room to change to go serenity for a little while.

They had one of the comedy shows going on the Carnival breeze, but it was so packed that I did not even attempt to go inside. 


Some dancing in the Atrium. They had a lot of these throughout the cruise, I get a few videos of it. What I loved best is that there were always people dancing in them, the Carnival Breeze does a great job at integrating people into everything they do.


And a couple of he stores


Another fun hub, with the sing and sail computer next to it. These are great to keep track of your account, I just wish that they had more of them. They basically do everything that the tv does, but they are convenient if you don’t want to go to the room or guest services. untitled-414 untitled-415

In the room I got changed relaxed on the balcony and had a drink with this view



So ummm not proud of this, but whatever, its a review and I am very complete with them. I guess this qualifies in the sailing Solo section. I NEVER unpacked on the Carnival Breeze, lol. I basically just opened my suit case on the sofa left it there the entire cruise. Used one side for the dirty clothes and other for the clean ones. My mom usually does all the unpacking and packing, and I was not in the mood to do it that day. I thought of doing it the next day, but immmmm yeah…. never got done, lol.


Anyway I left the room and headed up to the serenity deck, I ended up staying up there much longer than I expected. I made friends with a couple, and two girls that were in the cruise for their good friends wedding. The couple lived in Miami and they were both in the nursing field. The two girls were also in the medical field and the wedding was going to be held in Key West. They actually invited me to the wedding, I am not sure if they were for real or not. But in any case I could not go, I had big plans for Key West.

untitled-423 untitled-424

I had my Olympus camera at the time, but I ran out of space because of all the videos. So sorry, thats about as many pictures as I could get in a 2 hours lapse.


By the time I got back to the room I was worn out, it was a long day and I had an even longer day planned for the next day. So I just went to bed, to get some rest. Oh wait, the bed was super comfy. Nice fluffy pillows and very soft sheets. Good mattress as well. Definitely made me feel like home.


Loved those chocolates! None of that fancy mint chocolate stuff that other lines give… Just give me plain milk chocolate and I am a happy camper.


Overall it was a great day and to that point I was very impressed with CCL. If everything continued like that, Carnival would gain a new fan.

Day 1 End.

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