Carnival Breeze Review

Carnival Breeze Review Conclusion, Rating and Final Thoughts


Carnival Breeze Review – Food 8/10

Scoring the Carnival Breeze is extremely hard for me, because I found that the ship was all over the spectrum. The ship had the most amazing options for lunch, I mean on a sea day intensive cruise there is no doubt this is the ship you want to be in. From Guy’s burgers, Blue Iguana, Cocina de Capitano, Tandoor, American, BQQ, Pizza, chocolate buffet, asian noodles and more, AND ALL FOR FREE!. If you don’t find anything in that list that you would enjoy, I really don’t know what to say. Not only are there a lot of options, but the lunch food is excellent!

The for a Fee restaurants are among the best I had at sea, and yes I know I compared the steak house to Murano on Celebrity. I kid you not that steak was absolutely fabulous and the lobster was so succulent, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. That restaurant hits a home run in my book. The sushi is also divine, the tuna dip tasted fresh and full of flavor, and the shrimp tempura roll was just exquisite.

On the other hand the MDR for dinner is just not up to par with the rest of the food offered on other cruise lines. They really need to rethink the concept or maybe improve the quality a little more. I think my final score is fair when adding all the pros and cons. I scored Breakaway the same and I also only ate in the MDR once. They are of course different ships, but overall it is a fair Score for the Breeze. Maybe the new menus would improve the score? I am not hard to please, trust me. Give me tasty food and I am happy, maybe the new menus accomplish just that.

Carnival Breeze Review

Carnival Breeze Review – Cabin 8/10

The cabin decor was very basic and simple, not quite my style. The same goes for the bathroom decor, it just looked kind of blahhhh. I also hated the fact that they are still using curtains vs a door for the shower. I honestly think that in the long run it is more economical and hygienic to use a door. The other downside was the balcony door, I did not care much for that style, much rather a sliding door. The doors on the Breeze are loud and very hard to keep open for those of us who enjoy sleeping with the door open.

On the bright side, the room is considerably larger than X, NCL and RCCL, that alone is a huge selling point for me. Size does matter , lol, no for real, size is important specially when traveling with a large group. And while this time around I had all that extra space for myself, this could be very convenient when I am with mom and possibly a new bf, hopefully ;-).

Another killer point is that for some reason I think this is the most storage I have ever seen in a room. Granted I never used not even one drawer, but there was so much storage in that room that I could see 4 people fitting their cloths comfortably for a 6 day cruise. Again space and size, make up for a blandly decorated room.

Carnival Breeze Review

Carnival Breeze Review – Cabin TV System & Internet 7/10

The TV system needs to be re-thought in my opinion. It would be great if the movie channels would always have a movie on and not a bunch of commercials. Maybe less news channel and more fun channels would be a great addition. I did like that they did show some newer movies like the “Lego movie, and Frozen” so movie selection was not that bad, the only problem was that there were long gaps with nothing to watch.

The internet was always strong and actually very fast. Midway through the cruise I figured that my email app was not functioning properly and once I figured that out I noticed I could be in and out under one minute.

Carnival Breeze Review – Pools, Jacuzzis & Adult Only Area 8/10

Scoring this is kind of complicated. But I will try to be fair with it, honestly I think 2 pools are not enough for ship this size, but that seems to be a trend now days. Thankfully it is very rare that I use a pool on a ship, so no issues there for me. But as pointed out by other readers, the pools are really overcrowded. Reminds me of Norwegian Breakaway… Quite honestly I think this will become more of an issue in new vessels as capacity keeps increasing, and the same amount of pools are maintained.

The adult area is very nice and actually a nice size with everything fully padded and relaxing, but for me personally it is pretty much useless because of the lack shaded areas. Thankfully the lanai offers shaded jacuzzis but you just have to move around and play with the suns location. Not something I was thrilled of, but on the bright side there are plenty of large jacuzzis on this ship with a total of 8 of them. I never encountered problems finding one and the closing time is at midnight. I was pretty content with that.

Carnival Breeze Review

Carnival Breeze Review – Activities (for Adults) 10/10

If I gave the Breeze anything lower than a 10 here I would just be lying. This ship has something happening at all hours of the day! Not to mention, contests, rope course, mini golf, pool tables, water slides, water park and so much more.

It was ridiculous there was always something going on, and this ship is by far the ship that I noticed had the strongest positive energy out of all my cruises. Activities won’t be an issue when you go on the Breeze, it is a very active ship!

Carnival Breeze Review

Carnival Breeze Review – Shows 9/10

I am proud to say that this is the first ship that I actually review shows on. Before this one I have gathered the scores from other in my group, but for the first time it was me who experienced the shows. I loved the Hasbro show and I even enjoyed the other shows very much. Like I said Carnival is the only company who has managed to keep awake during shows. The only reason I am not giving carnival the full 10 points here, is because they should do something about that poorly decorated stage. It takes a lot out of the show, and nicely decorated stage could add a lot to the currently very energetic and fun shows.

Carnival Breeze Review – Bars & Lounges 7/10

There are plenty of bars on the Breeze and service is fast. The main issues is that like NCL they count their liquor, I am not a fan of that. Also the bars seem to have a generic list throughout the ship. I tend to score ships higher here if they have special bars like the Allure rising tides bar, or celebrities amazing martini and molecular bar. But carnival really did not anything that stood out to my eyes as unique and impressive.

Carnival Breeze Review

Carnival Breeze Review – Ship Decor & Elegance 7/10

The ship decor is not bad, it is just bland in my opinion. While there are a few areas that stand out and gorgeous, the overall ascetics of the ship are just ok. I will not go further into details as this is something personal more than anything else. But I scored it in accordance with what I thought was right, just about average, nothing special. But then again you don’t sail the Breeze for elegance, you sail her some something much better than that 

Carnival Breeze Review

Carnival Breeze Review – Unique Area, Lanai & Waterworks & divided food court 9/10

I recall NCL claiming that Breakaway had a first in the industry with the Water Front, but you know in reality I think that Carnival beat them to it with the Lanai. And I absolutely loved this area on the Breeze because of the shaded jacuzzis and plenty of lounges to chill and relax.

Waterworks is fun for all, it is actually a really neat area that I wish I had enjoyed more. This is a great area for kids.

And I think one of the most unique things about the Breeze is how they divided the buffet area into mini stations. This is just perfect to spread crowds and to really get to experience different types of food throughout your cruise. I loved it!

Carnival Breeze Review – Service 10/10

I have to say that I cannot give Carnival anything lover than a 10. While I did experience a couple of slow dinners, we never waited for a table. Everyone on board was a pleasure to deal with, I have never felt like this on a ship. Well I lie, Disney also did an amazing job in this department. But you have to give it Carnival, they really make you feel welcomed and they make you want to come back. The staff and crew aboard the Carnival Breeze is absolutely fantastic! Well done!

Carnival Breeze Review – 83 out of 100

I LOVED THE CARNIVAL BREEZE!!! So now I will come out and say it. I have been purposely delaying traveling in Carnival, why? Well, numerous reasons, bad reviews, bad media, skeptical of the product and other reasons along that train of thought. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by their product. The Breeze is an amazing ship, and one that I want to sail again. Most likely doing the southern Caribbean cruise with my mom, she has always wanted to sail that itinerary.

There is so much that this ship has to offer, that 6 days are just simply not enough to experience it. I fully endorse the Breeze, what an amazing experience that I had. And whats more important is that I want more of it, not many ships can claim that from me. I think it is mainly a combination of price vs experience, it is just a very good product for the price paid.

Just something to note is that I review ships, not cruise lines. Cruise lines variate greatly from ship to ship, so that is why I am recommending the Breeze. I am not sure how I will do on a smaller older Carnival ships, but I guess Ill have to try out and see how it goes. I will say that I am not particularly a fan of Carnival’s decor on the older ships, but I have now traveled enough not to judge by how a ship looks. After all that is only 1/10 part of my review score , there is so much more than that to make a cruise an amazing one.

If you have been thinking of trying out Carnival, but you’re skeptical about them, here is my suggestion for you. Go ahead and book a cruise on the Breeze, it is very likely that your experience will be a great one just like mine. You know what they say never judge a book by it’s cover.

Just a quick recall of scores

Disney Dream 89%
Allure of the Seas 86%
Breakaway 78%
Silhouette 77%

What you really have to realize here is the Breeze managed to deliver a 83% at a fraction of the cost of my Allure of the Seas cruise. That in itself speaks magnitudes, mainly because of the accessibility of the ship and the ability to sail more often that I would on the Allure.

I can come out and say that the Breeze is the first ship that I would be interested in sailing again. I am not entirely sure why, but I can speculate. For starters I want my mom to try out the ship, because I know she will love it. Another reason could be because of all the different itineraries available and some of which we have yet to try. And add to that a reasonable price and you have a product that screaming at me for more! more! more!


Thank you for reading my Carnival Breeze Review.