Carnival Victory Ch7

Originally I wanted to appear on the buffet on our boarding day and start eating their food. But the logistics of the prank proved really hard to play. Mainly because they would notice me leaving with a large bag to change fully, and then coming back. So I figured that I would first scare some in the group and then the others.

I first played the prank on my uncle. I figured he was the bravest one and thing should go easier with him. I told him that I was going to take a shower, while he played with his camera and whatnot. Then I wore the mask and came around the corner and scared the living crap out of him. At first he jumped further into the bed, and then he jumped on the sofa . It took him a few seconds to realize what was going on. He even had a nightmare with the damn horse. He said that the horse came flying with the red eyes, and chasing him all over the place. I felt so guilty about it that I ended up giving him the mask so that he could take it back to Colombia with him. He had been talking that he wanted one, but he did not want to pay $40 for it. I found for around 12 on amazon.

Here he is trying it on, after I told him he could have it. He sure deserved it , oooppps

I knew I had to change my scaring technique, the last thing I wanted to do was to give any of them a heart attack. So I told him to go get them, and I stayed at a distance. When I came out of the corner, there was a considerable distance between us. They got scared, but it was much milder and faster. I think that much safer. Yet it was not as hilarious as the one from my uncle.

After everyone had settled down, we went out for a short stroll around the Carnival Victory.

They had bingo going on.

I stopped to get an additional card that could open my room to give my uncle. As you can see there is a line. No matter at what time you approached the guest service desk there was always some kind of line.

There were two aboard the ship, but only one was in operation.

The line moved fairly quickly, I believe that it took around 7 minutes or so.

We wanted some pictures on the promenade so moved outside to get a few pics.

It was nice and peaceful out there, and the blue lighting helps mellow the mood. Really pleasant.

How funny is this picture? Muahahahahaha

Those doors were incredibly hard to open, they almost slammed into my mom.

We kept on moving, and taking photos. There was a singer in the lobby area. One thing to notice is that there is a lot of Spanish music throughout the Carnival Victory. The buffet is strictly Spanish music. And while I appreciate some Spanish music, I would enjoy it more if it was English.

I believe the singer that night was in Spanish, but I could be wrong.

By the way, I’ve been informed that the theme here is not goth as I called it before. It is a Sea theme , opsssss, sorry.

By the way, there is an excessive amount of photographers on this ship. Here are my thoughts on this. I noticed that the Carnival Victory is always looking to make money, and they just make a ton of announcements and have a lot of events that require extra money. The same goes for the photographers. You cannot leave one photography stand, before you already hit the next one. What was really irritating was that they noticed you declined the one before, and they still ask you. This forms a chain of walking and saying no about 6 times on just that deck.

OMG and I almost forgot about the MDR they come out of nowhere and start giving commands! I think they got me chewing at least two times. I would love to see those pictures. They don’t even look at the picture. They just give another command and move on. The worst part is that either they don’t give you time to say no, or if they do, they ignore it. I am usually extremely respectful to them, as I can imagine how annoying this job can be. Nevertheless, on this ship they were pushing my limit. I will show you pictures later on in another case, you know I always try to get evidence.

One more thing to add to this topic. I am not sure where these companies are getting their photographer, but some of the results are just dire. I am not only talking about Carnival, NCL and MSC as well. I have not been recently on RCCL so I cannot comment. However, they really need to get their act together in this department. Quick walk around the picture department, displayed a number of pictures both over, under exposed and even blury. I think it is because they are not even checking the results. They just shoot and move on, it a mass game for them. I wonder if they have a quota to meet, that most certainly is the case. Like I said, I love taking pictures, but I would hate this job.

The colors; fresh white, bright blue and dark blue , LoL. Nice mugs though.


The alchemy bar always had a few patrons.

And here is the piano bar. Remember that I told you how deserted it was. Just look at it. Bear in mind the 2 people on the far left are my family members. So in actuality there were only 5 people there, and it must of been around 11pm. And he was pretty good. Like I said, the venue is just buried back there. There is no way that a musician can make money there… I wonder how he can get moved to one of the better ships?

We then went to the adriatic lounge for Karaoke. This venue is really nice, I think I said that already. We found cozy seating forthwith, and started enjoying the show. We stayed there until it was over and they started getting ready for the comedy show.

Check out the couple in front of us. They were in full swing ! LoL

Look at them go =)! They were about to hit third base, right then and there, LoL

I ordered a chocolate martini for the girls, that thing was strong as hell! Very luscious

Once the karaoke was over, we went for a stroll.

Live band by the casino.

My uncle checking out prospective machines.


They had some kind of game show in the main theater, but we did not last long there. Quite honestly, it was kind of boring. I will get into shows later on when I discuss the CD.

By the way I think this is the only time I saw him… Although I must of heard him about 20 times a day

We left and walked through the shops.

I think they were getting ready to close.

My uncle stopped at the casino and played for a little while.

Here he is cheering!

Later on the ladies left us and went to bed, my uncle and stayed there playing a little longer.

Here something interesting happened. Let me see how I approach this. My uncle won a low amount of money, around $30. But we could find out the cash out button anywhere in the machine. We finally called an attendant and she pressed one button, and the following screen appeared.

Now here is the thing. Many people suggested that the machine was out of paper. But quite honestly, there no option for the paper cash out. Later on during the cruise we learned that the casino attendants would do anything to get my uncle to play with his card in the machine at all times. They would go as far as flirting with him to do so. Now, this is something that he will never do. There is a history of gambling in my family, and he has learned to control it by just playing low cash amounts.

Eventually they taught him how to cash out with the card, but even then they told him that he should always keep the card in the machine. Of course, he never did that. He was aware he would not get points and such, but this is something he could care less about. I would say that about on the third night they gave up with him, trying to encourage him to keep the card at all times. He would play dumb and lead them on. I think they just caught on that he was much smarter than they believed he was.

Anyway, this has never happened to me on any other line. We usually just press cash out, and we get a little paper slip. I am not sure if this is a Carnival thing, or a Victory thing, but the option was just not available there.

So on with the review. We then left and stopped by the window on the outside of the nightclub (or strip club as suggested by fellow CC’rs).

You can see everyone dancing throughout it.

I never found out if the window was both ways, or just for the outside in. Either was not very encouraging for the shy to dance like me. Once I start pulling my moves, I could imagine the crowd on the other side taking hour long videos, and then posted all over YouTube =)

We then decided to go grab a quick bite. It had been a little while since we ate and I was starting to get hungry. I was also wondering what their late night options were.

The ice cream station.

Your options are Pizza or this station.

Everything was yummy.

We were having a great time, and pretty lit by then . Good memories =)

My phone was having a fit, so I decided to restart it. By the way I think I am going back to Apple as soon as my contract is over. I decided to buy the Note 4, mainly because I grew bored with the iPhone. While I love the phone itself, Android is just too unstable and it only works when it wants to work. I have to wait once the iPhone 7 comes out next year, hopefully it looks better than the 6. I would love to regain that stability, and compatibility with my Mac comp.

That said, if Android was more stable, this device would be my dream phone.

24 hour ice cream station always had vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Unlike the MSC one, this one always worked

After we ate, we decided to bring some food to the ladies. But when we opened their room, they had the lights off, and they kicked us out faster than we could close the door. Later in the morning we found out we actually woke my mom up, sorryyy .

We went back to the casino for one more game, but did not last long there. I think he lost $20 faster than it took to put the money in the machine.

We went back to the room and got ready to go to bed. I believe it was around midnight. Ohhhh, I forgot, there are no clocks on this ship! I highly recommend you bring a watch with you, or you will find yourself asking for the time all day. That is exactly what happened to us. For some reason once I put my phone in Airplane mode, the clock got all messed up and it kept changing. Like I said, I will never get Android. So essentially we had no clock, every so often I ask people around me for the time.

I went out to the balcony and played some tunes to relax a little while looking at the stars. This is one of my favorite things to do on a cruise, and one of the main reasons that I get a balcony. Just to be able to wind down at night listening to what I want (at a low level of course, I don’t want to wake up anyone). It is your very own piece of paradise. In addition to that, it is one of the few times that I actually get to stargaze.

Day One End.