Celebrity Cruise Bars

Celebrity Cruises offers a variety of bars and lounges on its ships, each with its own atmosphere and drink menu. Some popular options include:

  1. Martini Bar – offers a variety of martinis, along with wine and beer.
  2. Sunset Bar – a relaxing bar that offers breathtaking views of the sunset and signature cocktails.
  3. Molecular Bar – serves cocktails made with unique ingredients and innovative techniques.
  4. The Rooftop Terrace – an outdoor bar with a panoramic view of the sea, along with cocktails and light bites.
  5. The Ensemble Lounge – offers a selection of drinks, live music and entertainment.
  6. Michael’s Club – a lounge with a sophisticated atmosphere that serves a variety of drinks and light bites.

These are just a few examples of the bars and lounges offered by Celebrity Cruises. The exact selection may vary by ship and by itinerary.