Disney Dream Review

Then I got ready and we headed to Animators Palate on the Disney Dream. A funny story happened here. My mother and Sarah were walking ahead of me, and I was just slightly behind them. In between us there were two little girls, the girls were walking towards their father who was ahead of them. I guess I was walking with my drink when one of the girls suddenly stopped out of nowhere. I could not stop in time and I bumped into her just slightly. As I bumped into her, a little of my drink spilled on her head, I almost died. I don’t think she noticed, since she just kept walking and then jumping. It was then that I figured they were playing some kind of game.

So anyway we all started walking again, and a little boy comes running out of his room. He was nervous and disoriented, I guess she must of thought that I was his father because he grabbed my leg and held on it. I was unsure of what was going on… I said hi to him, and he just looked at me. Then I noticed the father of the girls just laughing and he said something like ” He found a new daddy”. He was his father as well, everything happened so fast that I trying to figure out what was going on. Eventually he let go and made a dash towards his father. It was a funny little event, my mom and Sarah had a quick laugh on it.

Anyway I guess eventually we made it to Animators Palate. I have to admit this is by far my favorite restaurant aboard the Disney Dream. It just follows the disney concept in every way possible. It is just a very a fun restaurant.

Disney Dream Animators Palate

Disney Dream Animators Palate Disney Dream Animators Palate DCL DAY3-257 DCL DAY3-259 DCL DAY3-264

Just look at those chairs and the carpet the restaurant on the Disney Dream.

Disney Dream Animators Palate DCL DAY3-262 DCL DAY3-263

Check out all the details,

Disney Dream Animators Palate

Disney Dream Animators Palate

DCL DAY3-267 DCL DAY3-266 DCL DAY3-265 DCL DAY3-269

So as the dinner starts they dim the restaurant, and a little movie plays. The Characters move from screen to screen, and crush interacts with some people. Usually kids, I never saw him interacting with any adults. It is kind of like the Nemo ride on Epcot center, but with dinner included. Very neat!

DCL DAY3-275

Disney Dream Animators Palate

DCL DAY3-279 DCL DAY3-280 DCL DAY3-281

Disney Dream Animators Palate in the dark.

DCL DAY3-282 DCL DAY3-283 DCL DAY3-284 DCL DAY3-285

The restaurant is beautifully lit.

DCL DAY3-287

Here is a short video before they dim the restaurant.

Sarah and I got the Truffle pasta and my mom got the Risotto, everything was fantastic!

DCL DAY3-289

The food on the Disney Dream was just fantastic!

DCL DAY3-290

Then our server insisted that we get salad and soup. I think it is because of timing for the show in the restaurant, they have to keep everyone there for a certain amount of time and we usually eat very fast.

Mom got the avocado salad, it was not on the menu, but our server told us it would be no problem. My mom was happy that this time it actually came with some avocado, although not that much. I got some sort of soup, it was good I guess. And Sarah got another salad, honestly I am not sure what we got.

DCL DAY3-291 DCL DAY3-292 DCL DAY3-293

Ok so for dinner I got the veal trio, it was just ok. I actually liked the pasta in bottom the best.

DCL DAY3-296

Sarah got the Ginger Beef, tasted nothing like Ginger. It was the best out of the 3 dishes.

DCL DAY3-297

And mom got the low carb beef dish. It was good.

DCL DAY3-298

For dessert our server pulled the same little stunt as the day before and got us all 2 desserts.

I am never a fan of these samplers on cruise ships. They are usually below par.

DCL DAY3-305 DCL DAY3-306

 More on the Disney Dream on the next and final chapter 🙂


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