Havana Cuba Cruise Review – Chapter 10

The church is kept in excellent shape.

I found this cross to be unusual, not really sure why it is so short.

We left the church, mom did a little more shopping and we walked around a little more.

There are a lot of houses with gorgeous patios inside of them. Most of them are museums. 

We took some pictures with the flower girls. I forgot how much it was, but negotiate the prior to the picture, that way u r sure. 

I sent this picture to my husband, telling him I was changing my mind. Lol

Back in port we bought some run to bring back home. In total we brought 3 bottles. By the way, their rum is very good, even the very inexpensive one. Unlike the Haitian Rum it is not excessively sweet, it is well balanced and has a really rich taste. 

After that we turned in our liquor to the ship, we headed up to the buffet for lunch. Again, I kinda wished that they had offered the MDR as an option.

Mom’s lunch

Nice and quiet at the time.

My lunch. It was quite good.

After lunch I did what I have never done on a cruise, I headed to the room and took a nice 2 hour nap. It felt glorious! I am usually so tired now with school, and naps have become rare.

After that I woke up and decided to study for a couple of hours before I left the room and started drinking.

I kept and eye on the TV to make sure that the ship would not depart.

After a while I got bored studying and headed up to the forward pool to meet with mom.

The pool was really busy.

We stayed in the front pool until it was time for departure.

Then we headed one deck below to see the ship depart Cuba.

I thought it was going to empty, but nope…

We found a little spot and made ourselves comfortable.

It was a really nice and peaceful sailaway.

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