Havana Cuba Cruise Review – Chapter 6

Then we arrived in the revolution square, this is where Castro addressed the Cuban people back in the day. Also pope John Paul II and Pope Francis held large Masses during their visit to Cuba.

There are a few memorials there, and as I understand it is a very important place for the Cuban Government.

The area is nicely kept, you can also get off the bus there, and then board the next bus. We decided to just stay on the bus, it seemed that we could get the pictures from the bus.

Then the tour continued.

Then we arrived at the cemetery, it is one of the largest in the world? Or something like that, I really could not understand what she said.

That was one stop, and actually one that I would have enjoyed getting off. But it was burning hot, so we decided to stay on the bus. I must of applied sunscreen about 4 times while on the bus.

The tour kept on going, it then went through a few neighborhoods. Some really nice, some just ok, but nothing bad. But truth be told that as expected the bus never went into areas of extreme poverty.

Local bus stop. Their methods of public transportation are jammed packed!! Reminds me of trains in Bangladesh, lol, ok, not that bad. 

We saw several people waiting in lines around town. Mom stated that they could be claiming food. 

This house seemed to be like a brand new structure.

Then the bus went around some beach hotels and the National aquarium.

A nice hotel 

So here you can see some contrast between some really nice hotels, vs some that are not so good.

Car rental

This is the hotel my mom stayed at when she was there.

And here are these two towers which are active hotels right on the beach. They don’t  look that bad in the pictures, but when compared to the Amelia hotel, they looked poorly.

Lots of construction.

And there was a circus tent.

Here is the front of the Aquarium. It looked ok at best, from what I could gather a lot of the pools were empty, and they just had a few exhibits. But that was from the outside, so I could be wrong. Still, we saw people going in with their families. 

I tried getting the prices, but no luck.

A few more hotels by the beach. By now mom and I were dehydrated, and needing a break. But we wanted to stay on the top deck, there was really no point on going below if there was no AC there. 

Then the bus started heading back, going through the same areas that it used to get there (with some small changes in the route).

Locals bus

People selling goods from their houses.

Reminds me of people working in Colombia.

We crossed another bus.

This was impacting to me. This gentleman was walking with an external fixation on his left leg. My guess is that it must of been quite a traumatic injury, but either way walking in that heat in that state must not be an easy task.

They get really creative with their construction methods.

Here is their main University. When mom went to Cuba last time she went there, I believe she was in an education seminar, or something like that.

This seemed to be a telecommunication building.

Apparently those signs are the ones used to rent rooms or apartments.

Lots of soviet cars.

Here is the sign for rent again, you actually see quite often.

Here we are back at the Malecon.

This property was listed as ocean view apartment.

I guess they were getting ready to have a fair, or carnival or something.

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