MSC Divina Ch 23

Day 8, Disembarkation

I woke up fairly early and the ship had already docked. I called mom and she said that they had no plans on eating breakfast, I am not sure why but that was their decision.

We decided to get off the ship early, around 8am. The process was fast and efficient, we were waiting for our shuttle in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind that we always bring our bags with us. Ever since Celebrity lost my bags, I am not willing to go through that process all over again.

We waited for the shuttle for a little while, but grew impatient. My uncle said that he would pay for a cab to get there. So we got into the cab line and go on a mini van. We lucked out and went through the new tunnel.

This was my first time ever in the tunnel, very neat. Although I heard that it already flooded once, lol.


We got to the parking lot and I went to get the car, they waited by the curb for me.

Overall a very efficient process. Just wish the parking lot shuttles ran more often. I can honestly say that I would use this parking garage in the future.


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