MSC Divina Review Ch 10

Continuing with my MSC Divina review. I should have gotten a few of those bags of pasta.

Once we got there, guess what?

Tada! Closed again, they manage to catch it open on the last sea day.

It was around lunchtime so we decided to head to the room and wait for my uncle to go eat lunch.

Notice all the wet floor signs! How about you address the root of the problem instead!

MSC Divina indoor pool

That pool was packed!!! Lots of people having a great time!


We got to the room and my uncle was not there, but he had brought a big plate with what he called “Sobre Vuelo”. Allow me to explain, that term is the Spanish meaning of a Fly by. I cannot tell you how many “sobre vuelos” my uncle did on that cruise. I think he knew that buffet inside out. As a matter of fact, I missed the last day MSC Divina brunch but he did not . I guess it pays to do sobre vuelos as often as possible

I was starving so I took one of the croissant.

I was also sporting my new hat.


MSC Divina life boats

We waited for sometime, but I was starving so we decided to leave him a note on the door and head out for lunch. So I wrote a note and placed it in the door, I went back into the room to pick up my stuff and went to head out when I saw that the note was missing. We all immediately assumed that maybe one kid took the note, it never crossed our minds that maybe he had taken it. So I wrote another note and placed it on the bed.

On the way to the main dining room, I stopped at the steakhouse and took some pictures.

MSC Divina Steakhouse Eataly

MSC Divina Steakhouse Eataly

I loved the artwork in that area.


MSC Divina Steakhouse Eataly

MSC Divina Steakhouse Eataly



We arrived to the MSC Divina MDR and we were quickly sat at a table for 4. Right after I sat I spotted my uncles bright bag wondering around the dining room. I yelled at him , of course that got stares from pretty much every table around us ooops

Then he came and told us that he had been searching for a while, thankfully he got lost on the way to the dining room so in reality he was not there for that long. It all worked out perfectly.

Service that day was spectacular, by far the best we had during the entire cruise. Everything came out promptly and he was really good.

My uncle and I had already had our share of drinks so we needed to relax a little and let them settle.

For our first round we all got the shrimp cocktail, it was really tasty! I especially loved the pink sauce that went with it.

For the second course I got the risotto balls and they got the soup. The balls were delicious, but I decided to share most of them, mainly because I forgot the lactose pills in the room and I did not feel like dealing with a bloated stomach for the rest of the day .

The soup was good I guess, to be honest with you I cannot recall.

For dinner 3 of us had fish and chips, which was FABULOUS!!!! It was only missing the tartar sauce.

MSC Divina main dining room lunch

My aunt got the Turkey, which was ok. I noticed in her face that she was not too happy with it. But in her nature, she said it was great. I told her to ask for something else, she said no thanks. I ate one of my fish sticks and gave her the other one. I told her I was full. She knows that sometimes I eat very little. I knew she regretted not getting the fish. I was still a little hungry, but I was planning on hitting the buffet if the dessert did not fill me up.

My mom also took a break and sent a few emails with pictures. Again, I love the Internet system in MSC Divina, it was great.

The Dessert Menu

All 3 of them got the sugar free chocolate cake, which was completely horrible. It was dry, and it just tasted bad. I don’t think they noticed the sugar free part in the menu.

I ordered the Apple pie that was fantastic. Again, I noticed my uncle and my aunt eyeing my dessert, so I pretty took a bite to try it out and donated it to them.

After lunch we headed back to the room to relax for a little while. I really enjoyed that lunch, it was really good and service actually made me want to go back another time.

This is the artwork in the hallways.

As usuall I went straight to the balcony to relax.


The next set of pictures requires a little explanation. How do I start? Ok, well my uncle had an obsession with the MSC Divina  cameras. He had spotted all of them and knew exactly where to stand to get on camera. I think he stood in front of that camera about 5 times a day. I KID YOU NOT! The worst part of it all, every time he did that, we would stand there and dance, sing, etc. There was one occasion where two kids jumped in the camera and they were all trying to get attention of whoever was watching. All 3 of them kept jumping and fooling around. It was to die for!

The main idea behind the camera thing was for my family back home to see him on camera, but I reckon he never accomplished that. The camera had a delay and it updated every 30 seconds. It was extremely hard to coordinate, especially with limited Internet.

Anyway, here are some pictures of one of his sessions, lol

In this one, you can see him taking a picture of himself on the big screen on camera. My mom and my aunt could not stop laughing!

It was really hot that day! So we decided to head out to the aft pool and enjoy the views.

MSC Divina garden pool.

MSC Divina garden pool

I decided to go get some frozen yogurt for us. Mom stayed with my aunt and enjoyed the wake. Getting the soft serve was an ordeal. The line itself was pretty short maybe 5 people. But the problem was that no ice cream came out. By the time I was done with my 3 cones, I think the machine had died completely. There must have been like 10 people behind me, I am sure they were irritated.

The worst part is that all 3 of my cones looked like this….

I was not able to get any more out. They really need to address this issue.

We sat by the pool for much of the afternoon, enjoyed a few drinks. People watch and enjoyed the pool every so often to cool down. I was not a fan of my mom walking on the edge of the pool, but she held on me and everything was fine.


Just look at that view!

The pool is sometimes full over the top and others not. It looks so much nicer when it’s like a beach. By the way all the pools are drained every night. I have read in the past that they do not fill it to the top because it splashes on the room below. But how come it was full on some days and other not?


I love this picture!

We decided to head back to the room.

When we got to the room, we noticed that my mom’s card was dead. I forgot to mention this before, but my card had died 2 times already. Both times the lady nicely questioned me where I put my cards, and started giving lessons on where should I put the cards. She claimed that my equipment was damaging the cards. What about my moms? I felt like telling her, I put my card in the same place that I put the card for all my other cruises and nothing ever happens. In total, we had 8 cards go bad in this cruise. Thankfully, there are two guests’ relation’s desks, and there was never a line to get a new. It was also done very quickly, eventually they stopped asking me where I put my card. We tried moving the cards around and they still went bad.

Mom getting her card fixed

We went to the room and relaxed for a little while, we used the Internet and they got ready to go to dinner and the show. My uncle had not yet arrived.

My uncle soon arrived and he had more fruits and stuff from the buffet. It was then that my mother decided to show me the stash that my uncle had in the fridge. Dear lord…


The funny thing is that I bet that they never ate anything in that fridge, it was like a stockpile, the one that you never use .

We agreed to eat dinner at the buffet that day, we had no intentions of waiting 3 hours to eat dinner and then an additional 2 hours for the dinner itself. The buffet was pretty empty that day, plenty of tables to choose from. Bear in mind that they only open one side of the buffet for dinner.

My aunts

My uncles.


and my mom’s

Some desserts

My food was good, so was theirs, no one complained about anything. My uncle went to get a few more hams to bring to the room, my mom was not too happy about it. She feared that the ham would fare the same fate as the fruits and then the room would be all smelly from them.

We relaxed in the room for a little and opened the other bottle of Asti, it was really nice to relax there with good company at your side. I think I spent more time awake in their room than mine, I would go to mine to shower and get changed and try to resuscitate the computer. I never gave up on the computer I think I tried to revive it every time I entered the room, and it paid off. More on that later on

We finished the bottle pretty quickly, 4 people will do that with a bottle of Asti. We decided to head out and get some drinks at a bar before checking out the show for that night.

We also stopped at the Logo Shop and my uncle bought the really nice coffee mugs with MSC Divina compared to famous buildings around the world. I think it was around $12

We kept on walking towards the lounge area that we enjoyed so much, we still had about an hour to wait until the show started.

Since my uncle kept getting lost, and we always had a really hard time finding him. My aunt suggested that we get a little leash for him and just tie him to my mom. Once we did that he started acting like a dog, you guys should have seen the faces of everyone around us. It was a good thing that I was a few feet away and I was not considered part of their group

We sat there in the lounge near the theater and enjoyed the music from our favorite couple

Good times!

We ordered a few drinks and they also brought us some snacks.

The show that night was called Simply Italian, and it was FABULOUS!!!!!

If I recall correctly, it had two singers and a bunch of dancers. They sang well-known Italian songs, I love Italian music. Everyone in our group was captivated by this show, but I have to say that what amazed us the most about the show was the finale.

We were right next to the guy who handles the bright while lights that light up the main singers.

So, about that finale. Well he was singing an Italian song. I can’t really recall which one it was. Next thing you start hearing the USA anthem and he starts singing it. It was not so much about the anthem itself, but more about the energy that was felt in the theater! Mostly everyone stood up and the place ignited, lots of people singing and just tons and tons of energy.

Hmmm, did not notice them looking at me . No worries, I did not use the flash.

Once the show was over everyone stood up and clapped continuously!

It was a fantastic show! Not all the shows were good on MSC Divina, but this one really outdid itself. I really regret that we missed the Frank Sinatra one, because I am sure we had loved that show. It would be great if they moved it to a day that did not interfere with the sail away party. Nonetheless, I am sure some people dislike it and like more the cirque style ones.

Once the show was over we headed back to the lounge for a few more drinks, both my uncle and I had our share of drinks by then. My aunt does not drink and my mom just had just a few drinks.

My uncle wanted a song and I went and requested it. The song was In the Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett. I am going to tell you something, I thought my father had a lot of knowledge of music. But my uncle’s knowledge in music is insane, he knows names, artists of pretty much every song they sang. IT WAS RIDICULOUS! I have never seen anything like that before.

Here he is recording the song, He was on fire when they started singing it. Granted, it is a slower song and a little older, so most of the crowd was like ***… Lol… But hey he was happy, that’s all that mattered!

I forgot to tell you. This cruise was actually really cool for my aunt, why you ask? Well her birthday was actually the next day!!! Who can say that they celebrated their birthday in St Maarten? So as you can imagine she was so very excited about it. She kept saying, how am I going to top this?!?!!?

You already know about my past, I am very fortunate that my uncles have been so supportive, and they gave me everything that father did not. I owe them being here in the USA. I think I might have things a little confusing, I was calling her my aunt. But in reality she is a close family relative. I think like a 3rd cousin of my mom, something like that. So anyway, back to the story, she would have never imagined in a million years that she would ever go St. Maarten! And now not only that, but she was also celebrating her birthday there.

I got a little carried away, sorry, back to the story. So yeah, family is everything!

Anyway, my mom had brought some room decorations, so she asked me to go up and set them up. The bad news was that she had forgotten the tape, so I just had to get creative with how I hung it on the walls. I said I needed to go use the boy’s room and took off to set it up.


I think I did a pretty good job considering the lack of tools.

I went back downstairs to get them, we headed upstairs. We went back up and my aunt was in heaven! I think this entire cruise was like a dream for all of us. Although I have to admit late at night when I was alone in the room I did get sad a few times that I never got cruise with my grandma, hopefully she was there in spirit with us.

So the decorations worked in theory, my uncle rushed into the room to use the room and broke some the decorations. My aunt wanted to kill him.

And if that was not enough, then they got set up for the picture to send to Colombia and he had one of the horns with him and blew it on her ear! She was not happy, but it was hilarious! Her facial expression was to die for!

That thing was so loud!!! We were not expecting that, I am sure he woke up half of the passenger on MSC Divina, she almost smacked him with it. It was to die for!!!!! She could not hear out of that ear for about 10 minutes, lol. He is something else!

We relaxed there for a little while,

Later on, my uncle headed down to the casino, and I parted ways to my room. I made a few attempts at reviving the computer, but I failed at it. I have to admit that the loss of the Day 1 pictures really had me sad the entire day. As a blogger data is EVERYTHING to me! All I could think of was how many pictures I had lost and how could I go and get them all again. It was kind of a sad day because of that reason. I made the best of it though.

That was about it for that day, I turned the TV on and put TBS to watch some TV while I fell asleep.

Day 3, End.


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