MSC Divina Review Ch 16

We got off at the shopping district, it was only a few blocks away from Divina. My uncle also said that he would buy us lunch with some of the casino winnings, so we wanted to look for a restaurant around the area.


While I leaned over to put sunblock on my legs, my Oakleys fell into the asphalt and yeah, I messed them up pretty badly. I need to get the lens changed, that is going to cost me some $$$ .

We kept on walking around looking for a restaurant, and they were also shopping in the process.

Such a colorful street.

I love this picture! I waited until there were no cars coming to get the shoot.


My uncle wanted to buy a Bob Marley shirt. I think he ended up buying it in GSC.

I was thirsty as hell, so I got a sprite to quench my thirst!

My mom bought a couple of nativity scenes for her collection.

We found what looked like a local restaurant.

We decided to go in.

The restaurant was nice, and even better was the cold AC. I LOVED IT!!!

They have a bunch of fun little artifacts around the walls.

We all ordered. I had initially ordered red snapper, but later on I was told by our server that the fish was not good. I am so glad that he told me that, instead of serving me the old fish. So I simply said to make the paella for 2 in for 3 people.

My uncle ordered a chicken soup, he said it was fabulous!

My uncle is funny, in-between food he eats a bunch of candy

Mom bought this one for our wall.

My aunt got some kind of omelet with sausage, she said it was great.

And the Paella? DEAR LORD!!!! It was the best entree that I had in this entire vacation!!!!! It was absolutely fantastic. Then again I love paella, so that statement might be a little bit biased. Either way we loved it!!!!

By the way it was huge!!!! The picture does not do its justice!

We finished lunch, I think the total came out to $96 with tip included, I left a few more bucks.

We left the restaurant and they went shopping a little more. You folks know me, I shop very little. Most things that I buy are on the internet, or mom buys them for me at the mall .

I saw these and I immediately knew that my uncle would love them. So I called him over and of course he bought two of them. He said he was going to show them off at the office. Oh, by the way, he as architect for the government in Colombia. So, um yeah, I do not fully understand how showing that off in the office will go for him. But I am sure that by now you know his kind of sense of humor

I found this one for mom. It is crazy how all the walking they do and they rarely find anything. I go into the store 2 seconds and I find everything they need in that time .

Mom bought that one as well for her collection.

Anyone has a Lambo like this at home ?

And these of course!

I will admit that there was one Item that I fell in love with! But as you imagine I have expensive taste, the cost? $45! So, um yeah, it was a no go, I could not afford it

We left the store and continued walking.
I was kind of tired by then, so I told mom that I would be there waiting for them while they shopped a little. The funny thing is that my uncle joined me there. Mom and my aunt went on to look a little more.

My uncle and waited there for about 20 minutes. I told them to take more time, I was doing fine there, the shade was prefect. But mom told me they were done. So we moved out, and started walking towards the ship.

He did not look very happy, or friendly for that matter.

I remember seeing this back in south america. You lower things in a little basket, that way you don’t have to go downstairs for deliveries.

There she is!

I tried looking for some, but saw none. It might have something to do with them being in danger.

Quite honestly, there is not much to do in old San Juan other than drinking, eating and shopping. My mom loved it there, I think I would enjoy it more if there was a beach in close proximity. I think next that we go to San Juan, we will either go to the rain forest or to a beach resort.

We still had plenty of time left in port, but they were done shopping and I was done walking.

Boarding the ship was smooth and simple.

Once we boarded, we decided to head up to the buffet and grab a quick snack. I am not entirely sure why since we had just eaten a few hours ago. Maybe all that walking and the heat had something to do with it.

This picture was a mistake, I left the camera on Illustration mode by accident. It came really cool though.

I had not noticed this till now, and actually it was not even me who noticed it. Mom was the one who pointed at it.

I only saw the artichoke pizza once, and I did not get it. I tried looking for it multiple times after that, but no luck.

As you can see many of the choices involve pasta. That is not entirely a bad thing, for many of whom adore pasta that is a good thing. However, not all the choices are the ones I enjoyed the most. I tend to like creamy pastas, and those were rather limited. Like I said in a past post, I bet I could make a much better alfredo sauce than the one offered on the cruise.

They all got little snacks here and there.

Since the pasta was not to my liking, I decided to go check out something that I would enjoy a bit more.

I don’t I have spoken of the drinks available for free. The variated a bit; fruit punch, ice tea, coffee, OJ, grapefruit juice, lemonade and water. Sometimes they had flavored waters as well, but I am not a big fan of those.

Nothing really caught my eye, you know how buffets work… You tend to love everything when you don’t have them, but once they are available, you cannot seem to make up your mind. Ironically, there was one area that I had ignored; the Kids Section. I said what the hell, maybe I can find something that I enjoy.

As you can see I was not the only adult with that thought in mind, lol.

I guess the child in me was right. The popcorn shrimp was indeed very tasty, a tad small, but tasty nonetheless.

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