MSC Divina Review Ch 6

Day 2, Sea Day on MSC Divina.

Ok, let’s see. I woke up and turned the TV on to watch some TV. I relaxed in bed for an hour or so. Later on I called my mom and see if they were already up. Little did I know that they had been up for a few hours already. This was the first time that I figured that Ripple basically had to be reset each morning.

So I got ready and went to their room.

The view from my mom’s room was really fantastic, almost 180 degree one.

My uncle told me about his winnings and ventures from the night before.

They finished getting ready and we headed up to the buffet to have breakfast.

Like I stated earlier. Breakfast in MSC Divina is pretty good. I enjoyed a lot of the items and everything is rotated quite often to keep it fresh. The only problem that I saw here was the lack of options. They had 5 stations with the same setup of eggs, bacon and sausage. I also never saw smoked salmon or eggs Benedict in the buffet, for those 2 items you have to go to the MDR for breakfast. We never made it there for them =(

MSC Divina breakfast buffet

The french toast on MSC Divina was rather dry, I only had it a few times. Then again, I am not one who tends to eat sweets for breakfast.

This is the station that I was just talking about. I think there is a total of 4 of them throughout the buffet. The bacon was good, I only eat bacon on cruises. Thank God, if not, oh my…


The fried eggs were my favorite ones.

There is only one toaster on board MSC Divina, but the good news is that the lines move quickly, I never actually waited longer than 2-3 minutes. I kind of wish that the toaster was set to a higher temperature, but it accomplishes the job, so no complaints

I have never seen these baked apples anywhere before. They smelled FANTASTIC!!! I never tried them, not sure why.

Dear Lord, look at my uncle’s place!!!!

My moms and Aunts

And Mine

Like I said everything was delicious! I just like to see they made Gambee super happy by adding smoked salmon and eggs Benedict!

This was our view while eating breakfast. Not too shabby, huh?

After breakfast we headed downstairs to fix something in the front desk, for the life of me, I just can’t seem to remember what it was… Oh wait, we went there to settle the gratuities and tie all accounts to my credit card.

MSC Divina Atrium

I also got the pictures of the breakfast menus for the MSC Divina main dining room

We walked around a little and took a few pictures. My uncle noticed how being down low you could tell much better how fast MSC Divina was sailing VS when you’re in the upper decks.

Another ship in the distance.

The MSc Divina elevator lobbies are stunning. No one can tell me otherwise. No, wait, the entire ship is stunning. And I dare you to find a spot of rust in MSC Divina!

We decided to hit the Lido deck and enjoy some of the sun that would become abundant in this cruise. Do you remember my Celebrity Silhouette cruise, where it rained every day? Well, this cruise was the total opposite. The sun was out and shining the entire cruise. It was just lovely!

We first toured around a little before setting up.

They were prepared for the water spinning classes in the infinity pool.

So we decided to make camp in the top aft Jacuzzis.

It was pretty empty at that time. I really do not understand why cruise lines do not cover their Jacuzzis, you will see all kinds of improvisations that we went through to get shade in that area. I think it is something that mom and I have to get used to. But at the very least on the Carnival Breeze I could use the shade of the ship to cover the Lanai Jacuzzis. In MSC Divina, much like on Breakaway and Getaway you have to struggle through the heat.

One thing to note is that there are 9 free of charge Jacuzzis in this vessel, not bad at all. Two of them are super sized.


With the bright sun shining on us, mom over did it a little and over squeezed the sunscreen and spilled a bunch of it. By the way, we ended up using 4 bottles of sunscreen on our MSC Divina cruise. By now you know that mom had basal carcinoma in the past and we take very good care of our skin. Please MSC cover at least some of your Jacuzzis in future cruises!!! Some of you will tell me, why did you not go to the forward ones with the roof. While some of the time they provide some shade, the truth is that the pool area itself is packed with children running around and doing their shenanigans. I much rather a peaceful environment if you catch my drift.

Like I said, from that Jacuzzi area you can see the basketball court.

We must’ve stayed there for an hour or so. I remember leaving the area because it was too hot and we all agreed to head to the pool area. By the way, I have not mentioned this, but my uncle was always roaming the ship up and down. He rarely remained with us for a prolonged time. I think he simply just wanted to make the most of the cruise.

The infinity pool was amazing that day. It was filled all the way to the top and the water was a perfect temperature. We all went in and sat on the little beach to refresh ourselves. It was just fantastic!!

MSC Divina Garden pool

MSC Divina Garden pool

We must have stayed there for another hour or so. Just enough to cool down, enjoy the views and people watch. It is truly a really nice environment and that day it was in fact very much children free. What a lovely environment!

I am just right now that the shower comes out of that V shape metal structure, very neat!

Those look amazing at night, just wait =)

A lot of handsome fellows that day.

Then we set out to check out some of the stores that my mom and aunt had missed from the night before. My uncle was nowhere to be seen. I think he had gone on one of his famous walks. I am not entirely sure how he did it. He woke up at 6am and went to bed around 2am nearly every day. Me on the other hand, I took it super easy, this cruise was one that I just took some time to enjoy myself. I have been so busy with school this year, and I am just overall very tired. Fortunately, I am making all A’s in all subjects. Hopefully that will look good for my graduate degree application.

Anyway, we went to the stores, so my mom and aunt could check them out.

I wish to point out that I never noticed any upselling on this cruise. Impressive!

The candy store is just fabulous! So many European candies, I remember them from a few years back. Unfortunately I did not purchase anything, not sure why. Maybe finances, I was truly just trying to keep that onboard account to a bare minimum. Anyway, they had a lot of really nice candies in that store.

This is by far the best candy store that I have seen out of all my voyages.

And so affordable!

Those are the extra large ones.

OMG those Milka products are to DIE FOR!!!! If you never had them, you just have to. I learned to love them in Paris, they were really affordable too. I could be wrong here, but to me it seemed like their hershey’s brand.

We kept on walking checking some other stores out.

I love watches! It has been a long time since I buy a new one.

The other lens is much better for macros, but it was up in the room.

Then we headed to the Logo shop, this was by far my favorite store!

I purchased one of these for my uncle, they were really neat!

The store has a lot of very neat items and all of them appear to be of high quality, the best part are the prices!

This is what I bought, the hat, the bag and the model MSC Divina for $40!!!!!!!! I mean really $40???? I paid $45 for the NCL Breakaway model ship and the MSC looked 1000% better than the Breakaway one!!!!

I was extremely pleased with this purchase!

Mom bought a pair of those shoes, I think they amounted to $35. She did not buy them that day though. I believe it was the next day. That day they did not have her size.

I saw several people on board with that cute hat.

We also got one of those chunky large pens for my uncle’s wife, which by the way broke and we had to get it changed. Ironic that I said high quality in the earlier post, lol.


We then decided to head back up to the room and drop off what I had bought. On the way up I noticed a service dog exiting the elevator. My mom spoke to the lady, she said that she is not capable of leave the house unless the dog is with her. But here is the thing, what happens if the dog dies? Anyway, I am no one to judge here, and I was devastated when my dog died. However, to me it seems a bit much that you cannot leave the house without your dog.

He was a sweet, well behaved dog.

When we got up to the room, we found that our fantastic room steward had rearranged our sleeping arrangement. She moved one of my beds to the other room and arranged them really neatly. It really worked wonderfully for the rest of the cruise. Having that extra late room really helped us during this cruise.

Here is my room.

And my mom’s room.

MSC Divina stateroon

She also rearranged the chairs nicely.

We unpacked my new toys and relaxed on the balcony for a little while. We were also waiting for my uncle to reappear from his ship explorations .

MSC Divina hat

I love the back of the hat. BTW, this is the same hat that the crew uses.

The quality of that model is just fantastic! I love it!

MSC Divina model ship

MSC Divina model ship

I am not even sure when I will use the bag, now that I think of it, I should have sent it to my uncle’s wife.

I remember saying in my Breeze review that I did not understand people who bought cruise brand products, and here I am with an arsenal of them, lol. Oh well, I guess humans do change


MSC Divina balcony

You see the wall there? My room is just there. I rarely used my balcony on this cruise, whenever I wished to be on the balcony I would go to my moms room. I really disliked that wall blocking half of my view.

And you guys all know my closet right there on the sofa, by the cruise end, it was a complete catastrophe! I will show you later on . You know I am not one to shy away from stuff like this.

We decided to go and have lunch since it was about noon. Mom took one of the fruits from our fruit basket.

I took some pictures of the options that day. Here is the set.

Again, their bakery is phenomenal!

MSC Divina lunch buffet

So that was not parma ham, it actually had another name. Maybe I get the picture later on, I just can’t seem to recall the name. It was really good, but rather fatty. Took me a while to clean up all the fat.

My mom’s. She said the meat was really good, I actually made her get a little more so I could try it. While in line the guy behind her kept giving us dirty looks. I am not sure why, there was plenty for everyone.

My aunt’s.

And here is mine. Everything was pretty good, I really enjoyed the gnocchi Alfredo. Actually, that mini sandwich was a vegan one, I was not a fan of it.


Here is our view that day eating lunch.

And I was sporting my new hat.

The day was going just like a perfect sea day should go, nice and smooth. Little did we know that our cruise was about to turn a bit sour very soon… The story is coming up on the next set.


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