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Welcome to my MSC Drink lists Webpage, right now I only have the pricing for the MSC Drink Packages available. But I will have all the lists up and running after our upcoming cruise on MSC Divina. I been wanting to try out MSC now for a long time and the opportunity has finally represented itself, and one amazing way. It will be a short family cruise, with a few of them first time cruisers. I cant wait to get onboard and try MSC.

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MSC Drink Packages - Divina

MSC Drink Lists

MSC Drink Packages Divina

MSC Drink Packages

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MSC Drink menus – Divina


MSC seems to offer a great product that we are dying to try, hopefully all the problems have been iron out by the time we board. Their ships look stunning, and personally I love Italian food. Then add to that everything that there is to do onboard, and I think MSC should be able to offer a great product. Don’t forget to like my page, and share it with your friends and family. Thank you kindly for your continued support.

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