Norwegian Drink Lists

Norwegian really outdo themselves with their Norwegian Drink Menus, they so many different menus on their larger ships, that you will have a hard time trying to decide which is your favorite bar. My personal experience with Norwegian Drinks was rather disappointing, most of the drinks I ordered were weak, and they used very inexpensive liquor for their house drinks. That is something that I had not experienced on any other cruise line. That said Norwegian Drink Lists are very good, and they offer a great variety of drinks for everyone to experience. After looking at this page you should have a good idea if the Norwegian Drink Package is good for you or not.

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Norwegian Non-Alcoholic Drinks and their specialty coffees. DSC06605

Norwegian Drink packages prices.

norwegian drink packages prices


What is included in Norwegian’s cruise line ultimate beverage package?   This is 2014 information.

What is included in Norwegian's ultimate beverage package? What is included in NCL ultimate beverage package?



Maltings Norwegian Drink menu


Norwegian Drink Cocktails, Vodka, whisky, rum, tequila.

Norwegian Drinks

Classic drinks mojitos, margaritas, long island Ice tea.

Norwegian Drink Lists

Norwegian Drink beers cost


The price of the Redbull is more than double the one on land. Bring your own. DSC06614

Norwegian Drink Wines


Wine dispensers Norwegian Drink optionsDSC06637DSC06638DSC06639Norwegian cruise drinking agenorwegian NCL drink packagesDSC06642DSC06643

Pool Bar Norwegian Drink MenuDSC06765DSC06766DSC06767DSC06768DSC06769DSC06770DSC06771DSC06772Norwegian DrinkDSC06774DSC06775DSC06776DSC06777DSC06778DSC06779DSC06780DSC06781DSC06782DSC06783DSC06784DSC06785

Martini Norwegian Drink MenuDSC07538 DSC07539 DSC07540 DSC07541 DSC07542 DSC07543

Bar 21 Norwegian Drink List mixed drinks

DSC09428 DSC09429 DSC09430

Norwegian Drink classic drinks

DSC09431 DSC09432 DSC09433

Norwegian Drink Menu

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norwegian water bottle package Norwegian soda package cost Norwegian wine packages Norwegian ncl wines packages

Here are the prices for the Current Norwegian stateroom Bar setup prices. Name brand spirits are offered by the bottle. These alcoholic beverages are sold as Bar Set Up amenity orders. Bar Set-Up is available on all Ships excluding Pride of America.

Please Note:

Bar Set-Up is not available for purchase on-board.

Bar Set-Up must be pre-arranged before the voyage and can be requested up to the day prior to sailing.

Prices are subject to change. A service fee of $3.00 per bottle will be applied.


Seagram’s 7 Crown $80 1 Ltr

Jack Daniel’s Black $100 1 Ltr

Crown Royal Special Reserve $100 750 Ml


Courvoisier VS $120 750 ml

Rémy Martin V.S.O.P $100 700 ml


Beefeater $80 1 Ltr

Bombay Sapphire $100 1 Ltr


Baileys Irish Cream $100 1 Ltr

Southern Comfort $100 1 Ltr

Disaronno Amaretto $100 1 Ltr

Godiva Chocolate $100 750 Ml

Grand Marnier $100 1 Ltr

Kahlua $100 1 Ltr


Bacardi Superior $80 1 Ltr

Captain Morgan $80 1 Ltr

Scotch Whiskey

J&B Rare $80 1 Ltr

Glenfiddich $100 1 Ltr

Chivas Regal $100 1 Ltr

JW Black $123 980 Ml


Cuervo Gold $80 1 Ltr

1800 Reposado $100 750 Ml

Don Julio Reposado $120 750 Ml


Smirnoff $80 1 Ltr

Absolut $100 1 Ltr

Absolut Citron $100 1 Ltr

Absolut Apeach $100 1 Ltr

Grey Goose $120 1 Ltr

Grey Goose L’Orange $120 1 Ltr

Grey Goose La Poire $120 1 Ltr

When guests purchase a bottle of liquor they can choose 3 garnishes and 3 mixers from the list below once they arrive on board.

Choose 3 mixers:

• Bloody Mary Mix

• Pepsi

• Club Soda

• Cranberry Juice

• Diet Pepsi

• Grapefruit Juice

• Orange Juice

• Pineapple Juice

• Sierra Mist

• Sweet and Sour Mix

• Tomato Juice

• Tonic

Choice of 3 garnishes:

• Apple slices

• Banana

• Carrot

• Celery

• Lemon slices

• Lime slices

• Maraschino Cherries

• Orange slices

• Peppers

• Pineapple wedges

• Pitted Olives

• Strawberries

Prices of the Norwegian drink menus are about average, nothing really stood out as over priced. But I also found a lack of 2 for 1 drinks or other specials like that. Although that might be something that varieties from different cruise directors. The overall bar feeling of the ship is about average, there was a single bar that really stood out to me. Although I have to say that the ice bar is a very neat idea, I just wish that there were more options when visiting that bar. If you plan on going to the ice bar, make sure you put shoes and socks on. Many people make the mistake of not putting shoes on, and just going with their sandals. By doing that, you just won’t be able to last as long as you would normally liked to.

I also wished the ship had a nice bar up high like the Viking lounge on RCCL, or the Sky lounge on Celebrity. Most bars on the Breakaway were on lower decks, the good part about this is that with the waterfront you can sit outside of the Martini bar and other bars and enjoy the view of the ocean and people walking by.

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