Norwegian Escape Review Chapter 14

At one point I went snorkeling. This underwater Gambee edition, I hope you enjoy. I had a great time snorkeling there.

Highly recommended, I offered to share my equipment with the group, but no one wanted it to.

I still have my cross from the Vatican City

Is that a barracuda? I thought it was, but now that I look at it, I think the mouth should be shorter. Either way when I saw it, I froze. I respect them as much as I sharks.

There was a bunch of fish, but I have no clue which is what. Although I am sure Mitsugirly knows them all, LoL.

At one point I surfaced to get some pics of the birds and the beach.


I was really enjoying myself

Tons of fish!

A school of fish and completely surrounded me!

I love this set, I hope everyone enjoys it as much I did that day!

Then I had an idea. It was about 15-20 feet deep there. I wanted to have the GoPro take pictures of me from the bottom. So first I tried to go all the way down to make sure I could rescue the camera later on. After I found that out, I dropped the camera, but the problem was that it landed on the wrong position. What made me think that she would land just the way I wanted it??? Hopeful wishing?

Nope, that won’t work. Cool picture though!

So I went down, fixed her up and these are the pics I got. It was deep enough that I had to equalize my ears multiple times.

And back up I go.

Some recovery was in order. This drains the hell out of you! Not sure why…

Yup, she is still there. You never know when a mermaid will come and take your stuff away!

This one is my favorite one! The fish was posing =)

I relaxed for a few seconds, and allowed her to get a few shots.

Two people came near and saw the camera down there. They asked me if it was mine. Yup! I guess they thought they scored. Either way, I am not sure if they could make it down there. I actually thought that I would not be able to at first. That was why I did the test run.

And here I am going back down to rescue her. HOW COOL IS THIS SHOT!?

Look at all the fish swimming away and forming an arch around me!

And this one? Really? Just look at that photo!?!?!

Equalize Gambee, Equalize!

This one is pretty cool as well.

And back up we go!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, THE OCEAN!!!! IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER? WELL, MAYBE THE SNOW… It is a hard one for me, I am a multi season kind of fellow!

I was exhausted, I think I dove down a total of 5 times, just playing around. By the end, I was kind of dizzy and in dire need of a drink.

On the way out I saw a bunch of people feeding the fish by the shore.

They sell fish food there, but you can always bring cereal from the buffet. I had none.

Back outside I decided to open the bottle of spumante that NCL gave my mom for her bday the night before. Yes, it was lukewarm. But it was also free. By the way the night before, all we did was talk about getting drunk on champagne was the worst idea ever! Ty and Su looked at me with that, “are you an idiot” look. Maybe so

This is the ticket for paradise point. Thank you Will

We had such great traveling partners on this cruise!

Anyone for chicken nuggets? They were up for grabs.

And actually a few kids grabbed one and got him all wet with ocean water. Please, parents don’t allow this. You could see the mother and chick going crazy, it was quite frustrating from a viewer point of view.

After a little over an hour the rest of the group left to head to either a restaurant or paradise point. Mom and I are beach bums, so we wanted to stay there for a little longer.

I hope you don’t plan on drowning at this beach, because the lifeguard spent more time talking than looking out at the beach. I don’t think he ever stopped talking the entire time we were there.

This guy was going around with free samples

I really wanted a conch salad, so mom went looking for one. Unfortunately, she was not able to find the salad, but she found conch fritters and a conch dish.

The fritters were just ok.

And the conch on sauce was good, but it was temperature hot. That is exactly why I wanted the salad, I don’t like eating warm food at the beach.

Way too much food for us. And I actually saw someone I knew from the ship there, I wanted to offer her some food. But I just wasn’t sure how she would take it. It was a long story.

Anyway, we ate the most we could.

Mom can’t decide on the spumante or the coke, LoL

I told my mom, look the guy is for rent! Anyone?

So funny, she was saying it is not the guy. And I was insisting it was

After eating I went for another snorkel.

There is some really good snorkeling there.

Gorgeous colors!

Then we saw some weather building up so we decided to head out.

This time around we were on an open deck bus.

How beautiful is that?


The bus was fairly empty, so we basically sat where ever we wanted. There is no need to worry about transportation here.


At one point it started raining, we got really lucky

KFC anyone?

He slowed down for us to get some pics of the ship.

Just gorgeous! Pictures like this really remind how much I love cruising!

She is a really tall vessel.

The driver then dropped us at Paradise Point after dropping everyone else at the port.

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