Oasis of the Seas Review Chapter 14

It was a highly emotional day. There were fishing boats, sailboats, helicopters, planes, lots of people, and best of all DOLPHINS!!!

Look at all the people there.

We had our horns with us, but it was very quiet and serene. The ship had not yet blown its horns either. We decided to skip the horn blowing that day to not ruin the moment.

The view from there must of been magnificent!

We were just enjoying this one in a life time occassion!

And then there is this guy =)

Then the dolphins showed up. For the longest time mom and have searched for marine life from cruise ships. But the only ones that we had seen so far were the flying fish. This was a real treat for us.

How cool is that!?!?

It was really exciting! I was very glad that we went there, planning pays off.


They are such playful creatures =)

This heli kept going around the ship, my guess is that was media?

See the dolphin?

And here as well.

Planes going around the ship.


There was another RCCL ship in the other dock, I imagine they had to dock there to leave the space open for Oasis to have room to maneuver. Or maybe so the ship would not take any glory away from this momentous occasion. Kind of feel bad for the peeps on-board that they had to dock all the way over there.


Then we went back to the room to finish viewing from there. Our neighbors were out in the balcony. That is when I knew that things would not go as smooth as I expected them to be. I guess they figured out it was us, and she was already giving me a dirty look. Although at the time they were not lighting cigarettes.

There was a bunch of people on the dock, I imagine most of them politicians. I know that the governor was there, not sure if in that group though. You could tell that the dock had been refit for the ship. And that everything was done last minute. Look at the wooden platform.

It was kind of funny because Drew the CD said that basically the bow of the ship would touch the Marriot. Of course he was far from the truth, but the ship did look massive there. It was a tight squeeze coming into port.

By the way I am not how much truth there is to this, but Drew also said that in sea trials when they force the ship to list, Oasis only listed 2 degrees vs the 10 degrees that most other ships list. That made me think about how people reported that Anthem listed 30 degrees during that storm. How much can list before the ship flips?

I actually think that is why dreamt that the night before, because of what Drew said the day before.

Inspectors boarding? They were onboard nearly all day, I saw them touring the ship with a few officers. They also had lots of visitor passes that they gave to locals, I am sure they all connections, maybe travel agents, politicians and such.

They brought a stretcher on-board. By the way, we had multiple medical emergencies during this cruise. I took notes of most of them. But one comes to mind that there was a child who they thought had appendicitis. He was brought to a hospital in San Juan, and once they found out that it was not appendicitis, the ship had already left. He rejoined the ship with his mom, in St. Maarten. His brother and father kept on going on the cruise. Apparently they had relatives in San Juan so the mom was not all that alone. But the thing is that this is all from rumors, so who knows how much of that truth.

More people showed up.

Posing for a photo! Everyone was having a grand time!

We waited until time to get off the ship. Right when they called we went to close the safe, but it locked on us. Then I was thinking about mitsugirly and how it took an eternity to get safe unlocked. I asked Putu how long it would take, and I will tell you that it took us longer asking him, than it took for him to get us someone to fix it for us. Very efficient. With that problem fixed, we were ready to go.

I had to get a pic of that guy. He had this hair due that was just impossible to miss. I think I saw him about 3 times each day.

The helicopter still going around.

They had closed down most of the streets during that time. My guess is to reduce traffic for the time being.

The bow is clearly far away from the Marriot.

I asked mom if she wanted a genuine LV purse,LoL , she said no, she has way too many already

We really had no plans for San Juan. The only thing was that both mom and I were on a mission. My mission was to find the GoPro case, mom’s was to find new nativity scenes for her collection. But only one of would succeed at their missing that day. Guess who?

My first stop was at Walgreens, I knew my chance was slim, but I still gave it a try. I did not find the case, but I did get some water. It was hot as hell in San Juan that day. Then again, when is it not hot there?

We kept on walking, I knew mom wanted to see the cathedral. The ironic part is that I ended up getting lost, and I completely ignored the fact that I had a navigation on my phone… We did enjoy the walk.

My aunt loves butterflies. But butterfly art is usually so expensive!


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