Oasis of the Seas Review Chapter 25

Day 7

I was seriously tired that morning, 5 ports in a row really do a number on you. I never realized how convenient it was to have sea days in the middle to give you a break of all the running and what not. Or maybe it was the fact that I was waking up so early each morning, and not even taking a nap or anything. Either way I was finding it really hard to get out of bed that morning. I really don’t know where my mom gets her energy from…

I was actually woken up by our neighbor knocking on the something in the room next to us. And since my head was next to the connecting door, I pretty much felt like I was inside their room. I thought, men, we really can’t catch a break. But thankfully that only happened on that morning.

Eventually I made my way to the balcony.

The weather was a little rainy.

This was our first time in St Kitts.

The weather was a bit rainy, and that actually kind of got my hopes up. Maybe, just maybe I could stay on the ship and do nothing but sleep and relax all day. But I knew that I could not do that to mom, there was no way that I would even let her know that I was so exhausted.

So we waited for a little while for the ship to dock, and for the weather to break.

At one point I went back to bed, to try to get some sleep.

At one time I turned on the tv and they had that RCCL song that tells you to wash your hands. I found it funny, because at one point of the song they say something along of this. And if you feel sick, just got to the doctor and he will make you feel better. I immediately thought, more like the doctor will have you quarantined and ruin the rest of your cruise

That brought to mind when I got sick on the Carnival Victory from the eggs benedict. I thought of reporting that to the crew, so no one else would get sick from them. But there was no way that I take a chance at ruining my cruise.

Mom then offered to go get us something to eat. I think she figured out that I was kind of tired. I told her that I wanted the loaded bagel from park cafe. She actually wrote down what I liked in it and of she went.

The weather started to break so I knew that we had to get ready to head out. My chances of vegetating all day were pretty much obliterated

All the shore excursions leaving. I thought of doing that excursion of the catamaran to Nevis, but later on decided not to. You know, $$$, I think it was $109 per person.

I wonder why the yellow one has so much more people than this one.

As we were getting ready the CD came over the speakers and suggested to leave soon as there was another ship approaching and the dock would get very busy. Mom then noticed the Navigator OTS coming in. For some reason I thought we were the only ship in port that day.

We rushed to the gangway, but when we got there they had just roped off the doors. The captain had given the orders to stop everyone until the other cruise docked, and tied the lines.

I wasted no time in sitting on the floor.

There were quite a few people concerned about their shore excursions, but they were told that everything would be put on hold for them.

They had us waiting there about 30 minutes, by the time the captain cleared us, there must of been over 200 people waiting. Come to think about it, 200 is nothing on a ship this size.

Mom and I were second in line.

Welcome to cruise ship canyon!

They were so close together! I have never seen anything like it before. That dock was so narrow, that I think if they both docked facing forward, their bridges would come in contact.

Initially I had planned to take kite boarding lessons in this port. I cancelled for several reasons, $ of course is one of them, the other being that I would be worn out for the last two days of the cruise, and lastly because the beach that I was supposed to do it was pretty far away.

In a way I regret cancelling it, but knowing how tired I was that day, I think it was the best possible outcome. By the way, the wind that day was perfect!

As we entered into the tourist trap, we were asked by everyone and anyone if we wanted to go the beach. Sure, that’s exactly where we want to go. So one guy told us to stand behind him and wait. We waited and waited and waited. Seemed like no one wanted to go to the beach that day. It was still raining a little.

Then I told mom lets just go, this was after 15 minutes of waiting. As we were going to go, another lady poached us and put us with a larger group that was only waiting for 4 more. With us 2, that meant that they only needed 2 more. Then we waited and waited and waited, and it started raining harder. Next thing you know, the group spread out and disappeared. The lady was trying to get it back together, but most people said that with the rain they rather not go to the beach.

I told mom screw it, let’s just go to where they park the taxis.

We walked for a little while.

At one point we went into a store, and mom bought something. I got some water.

We got to the taxi area and there was only one person there. He asked us where we wanted to go, I replied “to the beach, but I am not waiting for anyone”. He then told us that he would take us by ourselves, to Frigate Bay that was one of the closest beaches for $12 total. Sure, why not? Close sounded perfect to me.

The roads in St Kitts are some of the best I’ve seen in the Caribbean, he told us they were recently repaired.

Tons of chickens.

They had a large solar farm. It is part of a new state project to provide cleaner energy for the island.

I think this is a first for me.

He told us that if you buy one of the newer properties, you automatically get residency for the island. Dear Lord, that easy????

The Marriot is the largest hotel on the Island, it is all the way on the other side.

The ride there was around 12 minutes. We asked him if he could pick us up around 1pm, and he said he would. I think that would give us around 4 hours at the beach.

He asked us if we wanted chairs and umbrella, we said yes. So he took us to his friend’s place. The place was a little run down, and the lounges were not the most comfortable ones in the area. The beach is also very volcanic, dark sand and whatnot. But I will tell you one thing, my feet can take abuse as you know. Volcanic sand gets ridiculously HOT!!! I’ve never experienced anything like that, and I am used to walking barefoot on Fort Lauderdale beach deep in the summer. I am not sure what it is, but geez, I learned my lesson the hard way!

We were pretty much the first ones there, and the weather there was actually really nice.

There were so many sail boats that day. I think it was some kind of race or something.

All the way at the end is the local beach, and it was packed, remember it was spring break.

I think we paid $10 for 2 lounges and the umbrella.

Right in front of us the beach had eroded and it was extremely rocky. Like dangerous rocky. That said, if you walked a little towards the local side, the beach was perfectly fine and safe. Of course, most people are lazy and they went in through the dangerous side.

I was surprised at how empty the beach was, our ship sail away time was early that day. I noticed most tours came to the beach late and only stayed there for about 2 hours. That is not long enough for mom and I enjoy the beach.

There are a few places that offer drinks and food. But most of them were still closed.

A catamaran anchored there.