Kings Wharf Bermuda

Chapter 18 focuses on Kings Wharf Bermuda.

Walking towards the shopping area in Kings Wharf Bermuda.

DSC08720_zps87f45336 DSC08725_zps1af66c64 DSC08724_zps2aa2402e DSC08722_zpsf79ffe2f

Kings Wharf Bermuda scooters and bike rental shop.


This store was mad expensive! Mom went in to check it out so I followed.

DSC08726_zpsedea4cb4 DSC08732_zps96271025 DSC08729_zps8bcf022c DSC08728_zpsb4fa7d24

Since I had read about ginger beer, I decided to go get one. Little did I know that this was not a real beer , lol. So yeah I did not get it, I guess it is just like a root beer. Not sure. @ Kings Wharf Bermuda

DSC08733_zpsecbe9d6aTower mall Entrance in Kings Wharf Bermuda

DSC08740_zpsd5e11141 DSC08739_zpsb40fc079 DSC08738_zpse73824f5 DSC08737_zps47df3f33 Kings Wharf Bermuda

This store sold candies, but all the candies where out of their factory bags, odd. They must buy by the bulk and repack them, sorta when you buy by weight. Either way not very inviting.

Kings Wharf Bermuda

DSC08743_zpsc8e4fa7c DSC08746_zps81f089bd DSC08745_zpsf2b835b6 DSC08744_zpsada65197

Mom bought a few items in one of those stores. There was one that had some really good prices. I failed to take pictures of what she got, actually I forgot what it was .

Since it was getting late, and I had eaten a very light lunch since I did not like my lunch. We decided to go eat something aboard the ship.

Kings Wharf Bermuda

Kings Wharf Bermuda

Since I was tired and I had no desire in waiting for food in the MDR, we decided to hit the buffet instead. They offer some choices for dinner, but overall just average. It can definitely be improved, but adding a few more things.




Here is the bar.


And a few of the items.

DSC08764_zps51777b1e DSC08769_zpsc0eae5b8 DSC08768_zps740dc586 DSC08767_zps25113337 DSC08766_zpsdcf484cf DSC08765_zpsaa8d80dcOur food.

DSC08772_zpscbb36e61 DSC08773_zpse8e4cbc2

Then I decided to try the wine machine, I ordered a white Zin for my mom. I pressed the middle option that says half a glass. This is how much the machine gave me. I think it was $3.15.


Also be careful, I was charged twice for that wine. We had to go get a refund, well mom went. I had vowed not to go to customer service again and was sticking to it. She said that it was fairly easy to get the refund.

One more thing to add was that the next lady to us was talking to another table, and she said that she could not wait to get home and get off the ship. From what I gathered, her main issue with the ship was the MDR waits and service. Other than that it just seems to be very minor issues, that are certainly not a reason be wanting to get off a ship. Some people just find a way to complain about everything and ruin their experience in the way.

We then went to the room, and I grabbed my tripod to take some pictures at night since it was going to be our last night in Bermuda. The idea was to go and see the John Lennon concert, but we never made it there. We instead decided to sit and relax by the internet area. It is actually a really nice area to sit and relax, I really enjoyed it there. Plus a lot of the crew of the ship goes there and they play their music, very enjoyable.

The lighting is so smooth in these 2 pics.

DSC08776_zpsd0ffd9ae DSC08778_zps428984b8

See the rooster? They sleep there at night.


Kings Wharf Bermuda Pictures

DSC08795_zps1fa0d997 DSC08790_zpsc9634fff Kings Wharf Bermuda

DSC08796_zps51424e85 DSC08813_zpsb94dc737

DSC08814_zps96bc0c23 Kings Wharf Bermuda

People getting of from the sunset sail.

DSC08831_zps5c19a90c DSC08841_zpsaccc4190 DSC08842_zps16e67fbd

I failed to take notes that night, and I don’t much more pictures, my guess is that we called it a night after the internet time.

When we got to the room we had a new little friend


Overall another great day in Bermuda, I really enjoyed snorkeling and taking pictures of horseshoe bay. Mom was really happy with that she bought in the mall, I think she got two small plates of Bermuda and a Christmas tree ornament.

Sorry about the lack of info on this day, I failed to take notes and I really did not have that many pictures either.

Day 5, Ending.

More on Kings Wharf Bermuda on the next chapter 🙂


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