Bermuda Snorkeling

Day 6,

In Chapter 19 you will see some of bermuda snorkeling.

We woke up around 8am, and got ready to go to our sailing excursion. I was really pumped about this excursion because I absolutely love sailing boats. The problem is that my last experience in one was really bad, and I got very sick. That is why this time I decided to just take all the medicines instead of taking the risk of getting sick. May I add that it took me 6 years to get back into a sailing boat after the Key West disaster.

We then headed to the buffet and ate a light breakfast. Funny enough I think this is the one meal that I forgot to take a picture off, either that or the camera deleted the pictures (no worries, right now she on her way to Sony to get that fixed).

Our meeting time was 9:15, so we went there, but we were the only people there.

The weather was rather bad…


It was really odd because we were the only ones there, no one else was there. I started thinking that maybe it was a big group, and they all had cancelled…

Then we saw the cat coming our way, and oh boy was I getting excited.

DSC08859_zps20c4a425 DSC08862_zps24f9b58b (1)

Just before the cat pulled in, we saw this huge group coming our way. Little did we know that everyone in our sailing had booked directly through NLC and paid more. The meeting place of NCL is a different one if you purchase it separately. But no worries they will tell you were to meet when you buy your passes.

We were really happy because our sailing was not booked full, so everyone had a nice place to sit and relax.


We all boarded and left immediately. The cat was in great condition, and the staff was super friendly. Gambee wasted no time in making friends with the two ladies next to us. The husband of one of the ladies was not feeling good, and he missed the excursion. But both of them were super nice, both from Miami.


Everyone ready to go. By the way, this is the same cat that does the sunset sail. The cat motors to the snorkeling spot and then sails back. It was a tad chilly that morning.
DSC08878_zpsc042776b DSC08885_zps91e64202 DSC08884_zpsaabef98a DSC08880_zpsa478769e

I was praying for the skies to open up, and my prayers would soon be heard =).


Our tour guide was absolutely fantastic!!! Loved Her! She was so friendly =)

DSC08895_zps72e14b69 DSC08897_zps6cb0ef83

See the stingray on the top right corner? She actually jumped in front of the sail boat. Our guide said that was actually really rare. I was happy to get a picture of her.


In the mean time our tour guide was telling us all those stories that I have already shared with you about Bermuda. Everyone relaxing, life is good, right? Well at least when we are on vacations, lol.

DSC08909_zpsd99d5dd8 DSC08912_zps38d10ff5


Here, we are getting close to our snorkeling spot. I had no idea that we would be close to the land, I though it would be like my Key West tour was they take out to the open ocean. This is actually really good because the cat is very still once they stop for everyone to snorkel.

DSC08918_zps858b0155 DSC08932_zps4b893f9c DSC08921_zps02deb81f DSC08920_zps23014b16 DSC08919_zps4f4209e9

All the beaches in Bermuda are public, but you cannot cross through any private properties to get to them. I guess if you can find a way to get there, then you can enjoy it. Just make sure you don’t trespass any private properties =).

This was our snorkeling spot.



Here is a little video of our snorkeling spot for the day.

Once we stopped and they tied the boat, I told my mom to go touch the water. I was sure that there was no way that she would go in the water, but she at least had to make that call herself. The water was indeed very cold, maybe even colder than the day before. But I really did not care, I built some courage and dove in.

That’s me there.DSC08950_zps6b906fe7 DSC08948_zpsb2290fb5

I had fun floating around, before going snorkeling.

Once you adjust to water temperature you’re all good 

So, some of you might be asking, How the hell is Gambee out there with his fears of sharks??? Note that I was all alone, I was the first one out there.

Well let me tell you a little secret. Our tour guide told us that there has only been one reported attack by sharks in Bermuda. There is such a long reef in Bermuda that most sharks stay away from the island itself and hunt out for bigger fish like tuna and such.

Now, I am not sure if this is true, but hearing it from not only her, but someone else gave me the courage to just go out on my own. Plus she said she would keep an eye on all of us.

I am not sure how this will play out in Grand Turk, since they take us to a drop off. I am sure I will be close to a heart attack there, but I guess time will tell =/

I took these pictures with the underwater cam.

DSC01616_zps51f86318 DSC01618_zpsbac87431 DSC01620_zps8fcec32c DSC01621_zpsd7b1c66c DSC01626_zpsa573bf52

Snorkeling was just slightly better than the day before, but still a lot of fun. I cannot believe how much fun I had in this excursion. I think Cat sailings are now in my top 3 for shore excursions.

Bermuda Snorkeling

Bermuda Snorkeling

Bermuda Snorkeling

Bermuda Snorkeling

Bermuda Snorkeling

Bermuda Snorkeling

Bermuda Snorkeling


Bermuda Snorkeling


Bermuda Snorkeling


Bermuda Snorkeling

Bermuda Snorkeling

Bermuda Snorkeling


Bermuda Snorkeling

DSC01713_zpsde6a6889 DSC01729_zpsdc808741 DSC01734_zps6f9b97fd DSC01738_zpsc811b110

Bermuda Snorkeling

DSC01741_zpsa42711bd DSC01742_zps8cdff5e0 Bermuda Snorkeling

Here is a short video of snorkeling that day.

The Bermuda Snorkeling Cruise was the Best Snorkeling in Bermuda that we did  on that cruise 🙂


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