Norwegian Breakaway Review

Mom was doing slightly better, and she also reminded me about the Norwegian Breakaway room tour.

So here is the room tour.

DSC09439 Norwegian Breakaway aft balcony DSC09494 DSC09493 DSC09492 DSC09491 DSC09490 DSC09489 DSC09488 DSC09487 DSC09486 DSC09484 Norwegian Breakaway aft balcony DSC09482 DSC09481 DSC09480 DSC09479 Norwegian Breakaway aft balcony cabin Norwegian Breakaway aft balcony cabin DSC09476 DSC09475 DSC09474 DSC09473 DSC09472 DSC09471 DSC09470 Norwegian Breakaway aft cabin DSC09468 DSC09467 DSC09466 DSC09465 DSC09464 DSC09463 DSC09462 DSC09461 DSC09460 DSC09459 DSC09458 DSC09457 DSC09456 DSC09455 DSC09454 DSC09453 DSC09452 DSC09451 DSC09450 DSC09449 DSC09448 DSC09447 DSC09446 DSC09445 DSC09444 DSC09443 DSC09442 DSC09441 DSC09440



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