Celebrity Silhouette Review

Chapter 2

We enjoyed our poolside drinks on the Celebrity Silhouette and mom did a few phone calls while we still had signal.

DSC01323 DSC01324 DSC01327 DSC01329

After finishing our drinks we keep on walking towards the front of the Celebrity Silhouette.


Then we entered the Celebrity Silhouette Solarium! OH MY MY MY, I had died and entered heaven. This place was magical, I had a lot of doubt about this area before boarding the ship. But once inside I knew that this was the place where I would spend most of my vacation. It is sooooo nice, the AC is kept at a perfect temperature and perfectly quiet with that light echo created by the high ceilings. It is hard to put into words, how magical this part of the ship is, add to that the beautiful water fall and you have a perfect place to relax and enjoy your vacation.

I was also wondering how only two Jacuzzis could be enough for this area and throughout the cruise I found out that it was just perfect. Granted more would make it better, but by no means we missed any Jacuzzis time due to them being too crowded. The Celebrity Silhouette solarium pool is fresh water and it is kept at a very nice temperature, I rarely make use of pools, and in this trip I actually made use of pool a couple of times, it was that nice.

It was definitely a different solarium than the one I used to, but being different by no means it is bad. If anything it could be better in its own special way.

Celebrity Silhouette solarium DSC01339 DSC01336 DSC01335 DSC01334 DSC01333

And here is a short video of the solarium, by playing it you get a good feeling of how it feels to be in there. Give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised! 

The Celebrity Silhouette Spa

After you cross the solarium you end up in the Spa, we did a quick tour.


celebrity silhouette persian garden

celebrity silhouette persian garden DSC01360 DSC01358 DSC01356

They offer the Celebrity Silhouette Persian gardens for non Aqua people and I could be wrong here, but I think she said somewhere around $140 for the week. I thought it was a big much considering that did not have some kind of hydrotherapy pool. I might have considered if they had a pool, but good thing I didn’t because the Celebrity Silhouette Solarium was all I needed .

That is about it for the spa and Celebrity Silhouette fitness center, they were promoting all these deal and such, but I was busy gathering material and taking pictures that I did not have time to make notes, sorry…DSC01355

Celebrity Silhouette Gym

DSC01352 Celebrity silhouette gym DSC01349 DSC01348 DSC01345 DSC01344 DSC01342

The Celebrity Silhouette Kids Club Fun Factory

Ok lets see, the Fun factory. Well Gambee has no use for the fun factory and to be honest I rather be as far as I can from here, lol. But it came to my attention that my reviews have a wide range of readers and that includes families with children that could use the information. So mom and I made a quick stop there to see what it was all about.

Aside from the obvious in the pictures I will tell you what some other cruisers shared with me during our voyage. You will noticed that the Celebrity Silhouette kids area in the ship is relatively small, but that is apparently part of the design with X ships. The kids program is designed so that the kids are not always in there, a lot of the activities are scattered around the ship and promotes them to go out. I wish I remember who told me this, but she told me that her kids like to be out and about much better. I could totally understand why, I could not imagine being stuck in a room while in such an amazing ship. But I guess different lines have different ways of doing things, I am sure they are successful in their own way.

Our sailing was during spring break so we had more children than the usual amount on the Celebrity Silhouette, that said I think the ship did a great job at keeping them distributed. I never encountered a situation where I was terribly affected by lots of kids (other than my stateroom neighbors). There are always places to relax and enjoy a quiet afternoon if that is what you like.


Celebrity Silhouette Arcade

Celebrity Silhouette arcade DSC01373 DSC01372 DSC01371 DSC01370 DSC01369 DSC01368

Just outside the arcade is this path

DSC01377 DSC01382 DSC01381 DSC01380 DSC01379 DSC01378

DSC01384 DSC01385

This is the room for the Celebrity Silhouette older kids I think 12-17, but cant recall.

Celebrity Silhouette kids club DSC01407 DSC01406 DSC01405 DSC01404 DSC01403 DSC01402 DSC01401 DSC01399 DSC01397 DSC01396 DSC01395 DSC01393 DSC01390 DSC01389 DSC01388 DSC01387

And here is the room for the younger children.

DSC01413 DSC01426 DSC01425 DSC01423 DSC01421 DSC01419 DSC01418 DSC01417 DSC01416 DSC01415 DSC01414DSC01427 DSC01437 DSC01436 DSC01435 DSC01434 DSC01433 DSC01432 DSC01431 DSC01430

My mom made a comment of how plain the walls were, this area was really lacking some decorations and kids like stuff in the walls. Maybe this is something they can improve upon.

That’s about it for the Celebrity Silhouette kids zone, not much more I can comment on it this is as close as I got to that area for the entire cruise. I have to say that most kids seemed to be having a great time aboard the ship.

More on the Celebrity Silhouette on the next page 🙂


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