Celebrity Silhouette Review

Chapter 6

Day 2

Ok lets see, this was not my favorite day aboard the Celebrity Silhouette. The main reason for that was due to my very own stupidity I ended up getting sick. Now mind you, it was not sea sickness, it something entirely different. I will elaborate more on it as I go.

We woke up at around 7am, we also had to roll back the clock one hour, immediately I turned on the TV and went to the room service section to order breakfast. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was not possible to order breakfast for that same day on the Celebrity Silhouette, it had to be done one day ahead of time. I was somewhat bummed about this, this was not an issue in our previous cruise. But in any case I made a mental note of it and decided that later on that day I would breakfast for the next day, no biggie. So anyway as it is common for us we send pictures in the morning to our family. I think this is a good time to talk about the internet on the Silhouette.

Well let me start by saying that it was a very frustrating situation. I am not sure if it was because the weather was bad during our voyage or what… But the wifi connection on the Celebrity Silhouette was horrible, issues started from getting a connection, to a unstable connection, to a very slow connection and eventually to wifi at all.

So as you can imagine we went from sending 20-25 pictures a day to hoping that the 1 picture we were trying to send would make it (I am very good at compressing pics to a tiny size with decent quality). For some reason the server in tapatalk was actually very fast, and I managed to post a few pics on the forum from the Celebrity Silhouette. So yeah, wifi internet on the Celebrity Silhouette thumbs down.

Another thing I want to note is that Celebrity Cruises uses the same system as RCCL and if the connections are good you can actually send files with zero cost. Let me explain how. The way you do it is that you pre-write the email and have it ready to send, you will need an email client like outlook or something like that. You will have to connect, and once you’re connected send the file really fast, as long as you log off before 29 seconds you will not be charged for that minute. They do charges every 30 second mark, it is a good system considering how awfully slow internet is on ships and I thank them for at least doing this for us. Anyway this action was impossible in this voyage, it only worked one time if I recall correctly.

Back to the story, we sat there trying to send a few email, during that time I also took some pictures of what the weather looked like.

DSC02004 DSC02005

DSC02006 Celebrity Silhouette DSC02033 Celebrity Silhouette balcony room DSC02020 DSC02017 DSC02008

Overall the weather was looking good, and we thought it would stay like that for some time. Granted it was not as warm as we would had liked it to be, but it was nice and clear (please remember we are used to Florida weather). Anyway we sat there and chatted for a little while and eventually successfully send a few pics, yayyyyyy !

After sometime we were starting to get hungry and our neighbors had woken up and were causing a racket (is that how it is spelled? not sure), so we decided to go to the Celebrity Silhouette buffet and get some breakfast.

Here are few pictures I took on the way there. They had some very nice art around the Celebrity Silhouette.

DSC02043 DSC02044 Celebrity Silhouette artwork DSC02046

I decided to make a quick stop at the Celebrity Silhouette Cafe al Bacio and get some good coffee. If recall correctly I got a FRESH! white chocolate mocha.

Celebrity Silhouette cafe al bacio DSC02048 DSC02049 DSC02050 DSC02051 DSC02053 DSC02058 DSC02059 DSC02060 DSC02063 DSC02064 DSC02065 DSC02066

Then we kept on walking towards the buffet in the aft.



Love the Celebrity Silhouette aft cabins

DSC02075 DSC02076 DSC02077 DSC02086 DSC02087 DSC02079


Then we went to see what they had for breakfast.

DSC02096 DSC02102 DSC02101 DSC02100 DSC02099 DSC02098 Celebrity Silhouette breakfast buffet

I got a basic plate today, I did not take moms plate because she always has fruit and a croissant. Everything was very good, even the eggs were nice and warm. It was a very tasty breakfast, I cleaned the plate 


I made an ice mocha out of my warm mocha, it was starting to warm up and I was getting too hot.


Then we decided to go check out the Celebrity Silhouette lawn deck, I think this the first time that we been there, right? I don’t think we went there on day one. Anyway here are the pics.

DSC02106 DSC02107 DSC02111  DSC02117 DSC02116 DSC02114

We really did not spend much time on the Celebrity Silhouette sunset bar, I think we only went there once or twice. It was a nice bar, but since we were all the way FWD I think that deterred us from visiting this bar often. Plus this was the bar that the bartender used the sarcastic tone on me, so might off put a dent on it. Overall not my favorite Celebrity Silhouette bar. I should also note that the port side of that bar is for smokers and it stinks like hell! But if you stick to the starboard side you are all good, no worries 

Here are the pics of the Celebrity Silhouette Lawn deck. what do I think of it? Well I don’t really know. It is a very nice space, quiet and relaxing. But I really don’t think it has any use for us, it might for others. The grass is nicely kept and it looks really nice. I did see a few people there relaxing or playing games.

The cabanas were used during the last day of our voyage, for some reason they don’t bother me as much as they do to others. But that might be because I never really saw the space without them on the first place.

We tried making it to the Celebrity Silhouette lawn concerts but for some reason we ended up missing all of them, I was curious as what type of music they were playing up there.

DSC02113 DSC02120 DSC02121 DSC02137 DSC02139 DSC02140

There are towels everywhere I absolutely love this, no need to worry about turning your towels in or having the towel stolen. Just a very nice touch from X.
DSC02142 Celebrity reflection Lawn Club

I don’t think I would ever rent one, but then again never say never, right? However if these cabanas were around a pool or something like that, I would probably consider it.


I think my main issue with them is the lack of privacy. By the way they also have a little door in the back for easy access.

DSC02148 DSC02149 DSC02150

Here you can see the Celebrity Silhouette lawn grill, I will talk about it later on when we go have dinner there.

DSC02158 DSC02159 DSC02160

These chairs are huge!!!!!! Pictures don’t do them justice!

DSC02161 DSC02171

These are just lovely, too bad we never got around using them. I think we only used them once to take some pictures.

DSC02172 DSC02177

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