Turtle Farm Grand Cayman

Chapter 14 focuses on the turtle farm Grand Cayman.

Once I got back I sat down, and my coffee was waiting for there, those white chocolate mochas are fantastic!


Then we sat there for a minutes and waited for group #2 to be called.

Note: get your tender tickets! it is very important, a short trip to the ticket counter will avoid a big headache later one. By the way people on wheel chairs could not go into spots bay.

Soon enough our group was called, and before we knew it, we were aboard the tender and heading into Grand Cayman.

Here is the video from the tender ride going towards Grand Cayman.


DSC03431 DSC03434 DSC03435 DSC03439 DSC03442 DSC03444 DSC03447 DSC03448 DSC03449

With 3 ships in that tinny area this was less than ideal, but overall it was well organized considering that they had preparations for this. It was a short ride into town about 30 minutes, we were told to keep that in mind for the transfer back.

The bus dropped us off at the Bay Shore Mall, we decided to walk around and do some shopping.

Overall a nice port with lots of shopping available, but extremely crowded that day.

DSC03456 DSC03458 DSC03466 DSC03473 DSC03474 DSC03476 DSC03478 DSC03480 DSC03481 DSC03485 DSC03492 DSC03500

DSC03504 DSC03513 DSC03516 DSC03525 DSC03522 DSC03520 DSC03526 DSC03527 DSC03528 DSC03529 DSC03531

The cost of the buses is $2.50 per trip per person very reasonable, these are the same buses the locals use as transportation. The main bus hub is located by Edward street, very close to the main street, it was just a few minutes walk.

DSC03533 DSC03538 DSC03539

The bus driver was little annoying as he kept stopping asking all the tourist is they needed a ride, but I guess that is what you get from catching a bus and not a taxi. Overall not bad, short ride to the Turtle Farm Grand Cayman, I want to say about 20-25 minutes. I want to note that the island is in the middle of a huge construction project, so a lot of the main streets are closed. They are also building the first bridge in Grand Cayman, and the locals seemed to be pretty excited by this .

Not much to see, he was driving so fast that it was hard to get a steady picture.

DSC03549 DSC03552 DSC03555 DSC03558 DSC03579

The driver dropped us of by the Dolphin discovery that is right across the street from the Turtle Farm Grand Cayman.

DSC03580 DSC03585 DSC03586 Turtle Farm Grand Cayman

Let stop here and say that were charged $18 at the Turtle Farm Grand Cayman for the main viewing area and that was the price that I researched ahead of time. But later on I talked to a few people that say that you can also only pay $10 if you are there for just a few minutes. I cannot verify this, and I am sure if there any restrictions for the $10.

Also if you want to swim with the turtles and a ton of other fish at the Turtle Farm Grand Cayman, you have to pay more I think around $40 per person. The place is not cheap at all, so make sure you plan accordingly.

I also want make you all aware what this farm is all about. Plain and simple this Turtle Farm Grand Cayman is what all farms are about, yielding food for consumption. Yes they are growing turtles to supply the island high demand for turtle meat and charging to see this. Also apparently turtle meat is highly thought after in there, I have never tried it myself.

I guess the thing that I can say is that at least they are not killings the ones that roam freely in the ocean.

I went there because I love turtles and I was dying to hold one. Initially I wanted to swim with them, but it was so cold that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to even make it inside the water.

Turtle Farm Grand Cayman Map

Turtle Farm Grand Cayman Map Turtle Farm Grand Cayman DSC03591 DSC03593 DSC03594

Turtle Farm Grand Cayman

Turtle Farm Grand Cayman DSC03599 DSC03602 DSC03603 DSC03608 DSC03614 DSC03615 DSC03616 DSC03619

And here is the swimming lagoon of the Turtle Farm Grand Cayman. Not many people in the water. I was soooooo cold!

DSC03620 DSC03621 DSC03625 DSC03626 DSC03627

And this my friends is the area that you get to hold a turtle, you just have to be fast enough.

When I went to grab mine and she went under but I kept going for her and ended up with my hoodie soaked in water. It took me a few minutes to grab mine, they try to stay away from the were they grabbed. But eventually one ventures out and you get to grab it.

But hey I was successful!

DSC03629 DSC03630 DSC03631 Turtle Farm Grand Cayman, baby turtle

Holding the turtle is simply AMAZING!!!!! They are so cute!!!! I did however felt bad for them, all day in those tanks running away from kids and adults alike. Not a pretty live to live…

They also had somewhat of smaller water park in the grounds.


They had the slightly larger turtles in these tanks, but you’re not allowed to interact with them. The way I see it, these turtle are in full revenge mode. Think about it, they are slightly older and moch more stronger, now they see a little kid andWAMMMMMMM ATTACK MODE kicks in and the turtle gets its revenge from when she was in the smaller tanks .

Am I right or what? 

GO! Turtle!

Anyway back to the pictures.

DSC03650 DSC03651 DSC03652 DSC03654 DSC03656 DSC03658

They also had some reptilian of some kind, looks like a crock or maybe an alligator.

Some iguanas chilling in the sand.

DSC03662 DSC03663

Turtles Grand Cayman


We did not stay long there, maybe around 30 minutes.

They have a souvenir store inside the Turtle Farm Grand Cayman.

DSC03671 DSC03674 DSC03676

We crossed the street because I wanted some pictures of the ocean.
When the ocean is calm you can go and snorkel through these inlets. That was my plan at some point.

DSC03678 DSC03682 DSC03687

Hope you liked my Turtle Farm Grand Cayman Review 🙂

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