How to Communicate on a Cruise

Are you wondering how to communicate on a cruise? This is something that all cruisers have asked themselves at one point or another. There are several ways to communicate with others while you’re on a cruise vacation. This is especially important for parents with young children to help them keep track of their whereabouts. Here I will go through a few of the main ways.

Cabin Phones

The easiest way to stay in contact is with the cabin phones; they are great for a short call in the morning to help set things up. Another way that I found particularly useful was leaving messages on the phones. Most phones will blink, letting you know that there is a message waiting for you.

Notes on the Door

A simple way of communicating is by leaving notes on the stateroom door. Keep in mind that this method sometimes fails because some folks will leave prank messages or remove the ones that are intended for your family. In any case I have seen many families using this technique, especially on large ships. One product that I recommend is a simple and inexpensive Dry Erase Board. My uncle used it on Epic and loved it!


I will admit I am not a fan of this option; some people are really loud and obnoxious with them. However, they prove to be a very effective method for many families. I have seen lots of people using them responsibly throughout the ship, and I have also seen parents giving them to the kids as toys during dinner. Just remember to use proper etiquette with them. I have used these walkie-talkies while in some Disney Parks and they are great!

How to Communicate on a Cruise

Set Schedules

This is our main method, especially when traveling in large groups. You simply set a time to meet in a specific venue and go from there. This is very effective for meeting for lunch and dinner while everyone in the group does what they like most during the cruise. Other options include setting times at the very beginning of the day and just going from there.

How to Communicate on a Cruise, Cruise Line Options.


Disney “Free Phones”

As always Disney goes all out! In each stateroom there is a set of cellphones that works throughout the ship and even on their private island. We found the cellphones to be very effective;  by the way, if the munchkins break or misplace those phones, the cost is $250 per phone.

How to Communicate on a Cruise

Norwegian “iConcierge App”

Norwegian Cruise line is now using an app that you can download to your cellphone or tablet and text from. The basic application is free of charge and you can use it to look at your account and make reservations. If you want the texting/calling feature, the cost is $7.95 per device for a 7-day cruise. This option is available in Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Pearl and Norwegian Jewel.

How to Communicate on a Cruise

Royal Caribbean “Royal Connect”

RCCL offers to rent their cell phones, called “Royal Connect.” The cost of each cell phone is $30 for the length of the cruise. The cellphones are equipped with text/call, location services, and cruise compass. This service is offered only on select ships; I believe as of right they are only available on the Oasis-class ships. Keep in mind these cellphones are iPhones and you’re responsible if anything was to happen to the phone.

How to Communicate on a Cruise

MSC & Costa

Both of the lines have a free applications that offers text and call features to communicate to others on board the cruise ship.


As technology evolves, I can see more cruise lines developing more effective ways for travelers on How to Communicate on a Cruise. Carnival was testing an app a few months ago, so we can expect a product from them to be released soon. But as of now these are options available to us. Just remember to have a great time on your cruise and not to stress out over the small details.


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