Worlds Largest Cruise Ship

You’re probably wondering what is the worlds largest cruise ship? You came to the right place to find all about it. The worlds largest cruise ship is the MS Allure of the Seas, the ship is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International. The ship has a sister ship that was built prior her, called the Oasis of the Seas. The Oasis of the Seas is 2 inches shorter than the Allure of the Seas. 

Worlds Largest Cruise Ship

Worlds Largest Cruise Ship Stats

  • Launched on Nov 20, 2009
  • Home port is Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Length is 362 meters (1,187 ft)
  • Tonnage 225,282
  • 16 passenger decks
  • Speed 22.6 Knots
  • 5,400 passengers at double capacity
  • 2384 crew
  • Cost US$1.2 Billion Dollars
  • Port registry is in Nassau, Bahamas

So what makes the Worlds Largest Cruise Ship special?

The Allure of the Seas is a very unique ship, Royal Caribbean went all out when building these Oasis class ships. These ships are so large that the ship that comes close to them is the Norwegian Epic at 155,783 tons, thats over 70K tons difference! The ship sports an Ice Rink, Zip line, 2 rock climbing walls, 2 Flow Riders, 5 swimming pools, 10 over sized whirlpools and numerous lounges. The ship also has a first at sea boardwalk that has its very own merry-go-round, the boardwalk opens to the back of the ship and offers stunning views of the ocean as you sail away to exotic destinations. As you can expect the worlds largest cruise ship also has incredible dining options, with a total of 7 restaurants and several other smaller dining venues. That includes a Tapas Restaurant, a Steakhouse, a 5 star restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, a sushi restaurant and the largest main Dining room that you will ever see at sea.


Worlds Largest Cruise Ship Central Park!

Another feature that makes the Allure of the Seas very unique is that it is the first ship to feature a full park with vegetation at sea. Walking down central park is unlike anything that you will experience at sea. Central park is supposed to emulate New York’s Central Park, surrounded by amazing restaurants and stores such as Coach and Britto. There are balconies looking down on the park, it really makes a nice place to sit and enjoy a day at sea without even realizing that you are in the middle of the Caribbean!

Worlds Largest Cruise Ship

Allure of The Seas Entertainment!

As you can imagine the worlds largest cruise ship has entertainment to match its title. The shows resemble those of Broadway, and as a matter of fact, one of their main shows is Chicago! With a great cast they manage to perform an incredible act that will rival those in the City. Other shows include a water diving show in the aft open theater of the ship and an ice skating show that resembles a monopoly game. There is even a Dreamworks Parade!

Is that a Shopping Mall?

What else to have in the worlds largest cruise ship than a mall! There is indeed a very large and open area that makes you feel like you’re in a mall. Surrounded by stores, restaurants and even a Starbucks! It really feels like you have stepped foot in one of Americas shopping malls! Keep in mind that everything you purchase here is duty free.

Worlds Largest Cruise Ship

Should I go?

I won’t be the first to say that the worlds largest cruise ship is not for everyone. There are lots of cruisers out there who prefer small and more intimate vessels. I have also read multiple reviews expressing that the ship is too big and not personalized. But quite honestly, I LOVED IT! The ship was perfect for us and we had a grand time. Feel free to look at my Allure of the Seas Review and you will really get a feel of what my trip was like.


Due to its size the worlds largest cruise ship, is limited in the ports that it can access. While RCCL is currently building two more Oasis class ships and plans to add more itineraries. At this current time, you can choose from two itineraries. #1 Labadee (RCCL private Island), Falmouth Jamaica, Cozumel. #2 Nassau, St. Thomas and St Maarten. The second Itinerary usually being the more expensive one. There is also an option of a transatlantic and Mediterranean cruise as they take these vessels to dry dock for maintenance in Europe.

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