Closing up this Year

It has been a while since I’ve done a blog post, so I think it’s a good time for one. As the year comes to an end you tend to reflect on the events that defined that year for you. It’s been a relatively rough year for us, with the loss of my grandmother, the termination of my 5 year relationship and other family health issues. But not all is bad, I have also decided to head back to college, and I am doing surprisingly well. Now it should be just a matter of time until I can enter into the program that I desire to complete.

As far as cruising goes, well it has been on the back burner once again. It is relatively hard to get time off from work and match it with my mom’s time off. Nevertheless, I continue to work on my blog and add as much material as I come in contact with.

We did manage to book the Bimini Super Fast for Thanksgiving day, it is only a day cruise from 7am to 7pm. But we are none-the-less very excited as any day at sea is better than a day at home. Expect a mini review on that ship some time after the cruise. We are also looking into booking a cruise in late March and another one in the summer. But as of now, I am not entirely sure to where or in which cruise line, I guess time will tell. I have to admit that Quantum is my main focus, but at the current prices sailing on her is a bit complicated. I will continue to research prices and maybe I can squeeze a sailing on her soon.

Nothing much more to say, staying busy and waiting to enjoy the Holiday season, as this is my favorite time of the year (even though I have to work nearly everyday). Today I have been invited to Sarah’s wedding, and I can’t wait to go and celebrate with her.

Until next time ^-^