7 Reason To love Cruising!

While talking with some friends yesterday, I got into a brief discussion over my addiction to cruising. It seems that many of the people that I talk to, have the notion that cruising is just for a select few who just enjoy doing nothing. Yet again I found myself explaining what cruising means to me, and the vast opportunities for people with different tastes.

why I love cruising!

This is what makes cruising perfect for me.

#1 Freedom

I think this is possibly the reason that I got hooked on cruising on my first voyage. There is a sense of serenity and tranquility that cannot be explained. I believe that it is the combination of the ocean breeze, and the ability to mold your vacation to your likings. All of this while not having to worry about cooking, cleaning or any other obligation.

#2 Food

I am a food lover. My ever increasing weight is a good proof of that. Cruises offer the ability to eat what you want, when you want. From a heavenly burger from Guy’s, to a delectable 5 course dinner at Murano. No matter what type of you enjoy, there is something to satiate your appetite.

#3 Reconnect

We live in an age of technology, and unfortunately instead of helping connect with each other, it is spreading us apart. I find it that a cruise is the ideal place to reconnect with your love ones. Lacking the ability to be constantly connected to the internet, force us into real and meaningful conversations. While using the word “force” is a bit austere, it is simply the reality that we now face.

#4 Multiple Destinations

Traveling to multiple destinations within a budget is not usually an easy task to accomplish. Especially taking into account the cost of hotels, food and logistics. A cruise offers a combination of all of these, and all you have to worry about is boarding the ship on embarkation day. There is a very unique feeling when falling asleep in the middle of the ocean and waking up in a beautiful island that is waiting to be explored.

#5 Drink without a Worry in the world

Drinking on land is a big issue, especially when considering how you’re going to get back home safely. But on a cruise, I am free to drink while I know that my room is few decks away just in case I need a nap.

#6 Value

As stated before, value of a cruise is possibly one of the best traits. You simply book the cruise and know that most of your expenses are already paid for. There are few to none financial surprises that could put your vacation on a downward spiral.

#7 Just be yourself

While on a cruise just be yourself, enjoying doing what you like and have fun. Newer ships offer so much to do and stay busy, that it is impossible to get bored. From great Broadway shows, flowrider, Northstar, bumper cars, iFly, rope course, mini golf, water slides, wave pool, the list is limitless. There is something for everyone in your family.

The list could go on longer. Those are just my main reasons why I enjoy cruising so much. The ironic part of the story, is that all of those statements come from someone who swore to never cruise. It is funny how life turns out. I am grateful that I gave cruising an opportunity and now I am able to reap the joy of cruising.