Norwegian Escape Review Chapter 17

Day 5, Tortola.

We woke up early. I really think that the Tortola stay is rather short, the entire day we just seemed to be running. That does not make for a very enjoyable experience.

Mom started telling of everything she did the night before. She said that the Brat Pack was excellent! I was also able to confirm this from several other people that I spoke to. This seems to be the show that no one should miss.

She stopped by Howl at the Moon and said that she enjoyed her time there as well. There are people continuously going in and out, so you might luck out and be able to find a seat here and there.

She said the same thing from the karaoke, there are always seats available, unlike on the Oasis where she had to be standing most of the time.

Oh wait, now I remember why I woke up early that morning. Remember that I was sleeping with the balcony door open? Well, I guess once we docked I started listening to a bunch roosters going cock-a-doodle-doo. That is so funny, because it reminded me of growing up in Colombia when we used to go to the farm on the weekends. It actually brought some great memories.

This was our first time on this port.

It was quite beautiful!

I also remember discussing with mom that next time we sail with NCL I will be bringing less clothes. There is really no need for 3 pants, or all those shirts that I brought.

I forgot to mention that our shower had a mild draining issue. Nothing horrible, but still enough to get a good amount of water there when taking a shower. After the shower it would quickly drain out. There was a bit of an odor with it…

We decided to skip breakfast, and head out to look for shuttle to head to the beach.

This one came quite nice!

It is a nice wide dock.

We were the only ship in port again

I went around the ship to get some shots.

The port area looks very new, and most of the stores have really neat stuff. The main issue is that everything is very expensive! Mom wanted to buy a few items, but it was just too much to justify the purchase.

The coffee beans were like $13.

We just kept on walking towards the taxi area.

Looking back the ship.

It is quite pretty.

We asked for a shuttle to Cane Garden beach, and they sat us on an open air bus. The cost to the beach is $8 per person each way.

Something to note is that we actually had cell signal, Ty said that it might be due to proximity to St. Thomas. But the bad part was that the ship internet was slow again.

It is calm here, similar to St. Thomas. I really appreciate that.

We passed by a governmental building.

I actually really enjoy Tortola. It has an even slower pace than the rest of the Caribbean, and most everyone is really nice.

These pics are from a moving vehicle, so they don’t come up as clear as i would like. But I still rather post them.

The ride up the mountain is very steep, not for the faint of heart.

That is Cane Garden beach. I think it is rated #9 beach of the best on the Carib, or at least that is what the driver told us.

I really enjoyed this beach, there are a lot of restaurants, and people going around checking on your drinks and stuff.

Drinks are priced really low, and I think it is because of the drink packages on board the ship. I don’t think NCL is helping much to the local economy. Mainly because most people leave the beach by 1pm, and few people drink before then. We also heard that the beach is empty if there are no ships in port.

I wonder what other cruise lines are calling port there…

At first I wanted to do the Baths. But I decided not to because I was afraid of the walk in the woods with mom. I heard it can be a little strenuous.

He came next to me and asked to pet him, such a cutie

They also offer inexpensive internet. For $5 you can use the internet the entire time you’re there. I asked mom if she wanted it, but when she realized she could use her US cell signal she decided to just use that. I really couldn’t care less. After all, she was the one using the internet the entire cruise, I was pretty much used to just check on my stuff every 7 hours.

Nonetheless, this is a good deal if you’re not buying the internet from the ship.

By the way, that place has the BEST conch fritters that I have had!

The view is to die for! I have never seen so many catamarans in my life. They were all over the island.

By the way each chair is $5 and the umbrella is also $5.

Then I went for a little walk to see what I could scope.

They have a bunch of stuff for rent.

Drinks and menus.

It is really a nice beach!

Solar Catamaran, how cool? Although I never saw it in the water. It seems to be some kind of picnic table with a grill and all.


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