Allure of the Seas Review Ch 5

I believe that Vintages on the Allure of the Seas opened at 1:00pm, so we got ready and headed downstairs. By then we were starving and I’ve been looking forward for Vintages for a long time. This was my first time in a tapas restaurant, but I knew what the idea behind it was.

Once we sat down in Vintages I could feel my migraine slowly dissipating and this environment was going to be perfect to get rid of it. It was very quiet, we were the only table there and the music played softly. It was perfect, we loved it.

We sat down in a corner table with a very comfortable couch on one side and two chairs in the other. I took the couch, mom and bf took the chairs. When the server approached us, I placed the drink order and asked him if we could order. As you could imagine I knew exactly what we were going to eat that day. I ordered the Velasquez combo, added a paella and the shrimp/scallop/chorizo skewer. To drink we had one coke from the package it was from a coke gun, the bf had a coke that one came in a can and I had water. Mom and bf commented on the difference on the cokes, I tried them both and I guess they were right. So the bf gave my mom his can coke because she likes it better when its more gassy, he could care less either way. I really wanted a drink, but there was no way I could do it with the migraine still there.

While we waited for the food, I took advantage at took pictures of the menu, the pictures are not the best, but they will have to do. Lighting was horrible and the menu was super reflective.

Allure of the Seas Vintages

allure vintages allure vintages

Then the food arrived to the table, well at least the velasquez part of it, the other two took like 7 more minutes, my guess is because it was hot food vs cold food. But nothing to worry about, that actually made me realize that we might of over ordered, oh well, what can you do.

lets see if I can recall this correctly…

jamon cerrano I think, very tasty

A few different hams and sausages, very good. Also the tomatoes to the left. two different dishes in the same picture.

Octopus salad, tasty. I hate how bad this picture came out. I guess I moved the camera.

My absolute favorite, those little red things are peppers and they are stuffed with a super sweet cheese. They were to die for.

Crab cakes, very good. Mom and bf ate most of them.

next up came the skewers

And paella

Allure of the Seas vintages

gazpacho, I tried it, that was about it, no one else did, it was ok I guess. But there is actually a very funny story that goes with this dish. Well as you could have guessed the migraine was gone by then and as I was eating I grabbed the martini glass and went to take a sip thinking it was an alcoholic drink. So ashamed of it. It was almost like an impulse, the worse part of it is that I did it 3 times, not bluffing, what the hell is wrong with me. Eventually I asked the server to remove it, it was driving nuts, lol. Horrible I know. But very fuuny we where all cracking up!!! lol

As we finished I asked for the bill, service was ok, a little dry, but professional and fast. The bill came to $24 and I left something additional for tip, but can’t recall how much. We sat there for some time talking and enjoying the music it was a very nice relaxing environment, in a crowded ship.

Then we parted ways the bf said he wanted to explore the Allure of the Seas, since he did not really do much the day before, mom and I wanted to see the belly flop and sexiest man contests.

Allure of the Seas central park Allure of the Seas dog house Allure of the Seas Johnny Rockets

Ohhhh, I forgot I never commented on the Allure of Seas Oceanaria last night. The show was good, mom stayed there during the entire show. I walked around and people watched from the balcony as I watched the show. You will notice that I am not one for shows, but overall I can say it was ok, she loved it. I am really not sure what the bf thinks of it, actually I am not really sure if he even say it… Can’t recall.

I really did not write many notes on these two contests, there is no point since they are all differ in every sailing. I will comment on the site, it is crazy that they have to do this contest in such a big pool here in the Allure of the Seas. But I guess it is the only way on fitting that many people in one place, it actually makes a perfect location once they turn on the big monitors and record the entire show.

Before the beliflop contest started I decided I was ready for my first drink, I asked mom if she wanted something but she refused. She found one high top table near the bar and sat there, I headed towards the bar. The bar was packed, but I waited patiently, as so soon as it was my turn the bartender skipped me, its not like I am that easy to forget, remember I had that annoying blue hat. Then he skipped me again and again, he was so busy that you had to hunt him down, once I got his attention I ordered a long island and I also asked for a mojito, since I knew that mom would end up drinking my drink anyway. He said he could not make the mojito, he just made one for the guy in front of me, I said ok, no problem, then a strawberry daiquiri, he had the same answer. I said forget it, just give me the Long Island, if I am correct this was the only time that I did not tip extra that week. I was not mad, because I could see he was packed and I understand that, but I believe he did not do me right to deserver the extra tip, the 15% would had to do.

So about 15 minutes later I joined mom in the table, first thing she does? grabs my drink and takes a sip, this later becomes a trend in the cruise, that is why I wanted to get her, her own drink. But what can you do, I was not going back to that bar and I know she can’t really drink long islands that easy anyway.

Allure of the Seas entertainment

Ok now lets comment on the Allure of the Seas cruise director Ken Rush, he has a huge job, I could not imagine what it takes to be the cruise director of a ship that holds 6600 people. The few times that I saw him he was moving, the never stopped. At one point he stopped for about 10 seconds on the On Air venue and he was running, my hat goes off for him. During our cruise mom and I discussed when does he sleep? I mean this guy gets super early to do that morning show and I bet he goes to sleep very late. But every time we saw him he had more energy than a child after his halloween candy run. All that said, I could not relate to him. In my past cruise our cruise director was a lady named Candy, I fell in love with her, the most personable lady ever. With Ken, that never happened, he was somewhat funny, but I never felt that connection. I am not saying he was bad, because anyone that takes that position is a hero in my book, I just never felt a connection, maybe I did not spend much time watching him. who knows.

For the sexist man competition mom managed to get us two nice beach chairs in the last row, it was a great place to enjoy that game. While the game started, I took some additional pictures of the area.

Then the game started, it was fun to watch some contestants had a lot more energy than the others, but overall I give them all credit for even participating.

The winner you ask? well mom tried telling me but I really can’t remember. Half way through the contest, my memory card was full, I had forgotten to format it the night before. So we had to run to the room to empty out the pictures into my computer. I went into the stateroom and mom headed to the aft balcony to finish watching the show. Unfortunately for me the process was slow. I had over 8gbs of data to transfer and it took longer than I expected. So yeah I missed the ending of the show, but no worries, it was not going to kill me. I was not going to risk all my data, for anything.

Next up we were supposed to meet my bf in the entrance of the casino, because my mom wanted to play and she said my bf was her good luck charm. The problem was that we were running late, we were supposed to meet him there at 3pm and it was 3:04 that memory card was taking her sweet time to unload. We left our state room and got there at around 3:06 and he was not there, you have to understand that is extremely rare for me to be late for anything, him on the other hand is comfortable being late.


He arrived soon after, good thing because we were about to leave. He claimed that we initially said 2:30 and he was right, it was a miscommunication. So we ended up being very very late, we then headed inside the casino and towards one of those machines.

I will comment very little on the casino, we of course went to the non-smoking side, if I am correct that was the starboard side. Mom asked me for $20 and I gave them to her a few minutes later those $20 turned into this.

allure casino

Allure of the Seas Casino

allure casino

My mom’s idea of playing in the casino is putting the money in the machine sit there and people watch, while I or someone else plays with her money. I don’t understand… But she is my mom, she can do whatever she wants.

Then the bf made another attempt with his $20 and the result was even less. Please don’t get mad at me, but I really don’t understand the obsession with casinos, I have plenty of friends that don’t get tired of going to casinos and loosing all their weeks worth of money. But to each their own I guess, I have my own set of flaws. So after donating $40 to RCCL future ship fund, we decided to go up to the Allure of the Seas ¬†promenade to try the cafe there.


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