Allure of the Seas Review Ch 6

After the Allure of the Seas game shows we went for a little snack, and we caught the practice for a flash mob in process.

Allure of the Seas Promenade

After a light snack we all headed up to the room, mom and I needed to get changed so we could go to the Jacuzzi.

We got changed said bye to my bf and left, he stayed in the room watching a movie and studying. While in the elevator we decided to go to the Allure of the Seas flowerier, we had yet to see it. I really was not sure if I would try it, I was scared of injuring my knee, I had recently had knee surgery and had yet to get on a board after the surgery. Although I was way in the green to try it.
These are on the way to the flow rider.

Allure of the Seas large model and history room.

Allure of the Seas model

Allure of the Seas Mini Golf and zip line.

Allure of the Seas mini golf Allure of the Seas aft


Me and the Flowrider a day to remember.Ok folks remember I promised you something funny? Well here it goes.When we got to the Allure of the Seas flowerier I was pretty excited, I used to snowboard and wakeboard and I was pretty good at it. So as I looked at the people there, I thought “I think I can be very good at this” wishful thinking of course. Mom took a seat on the bleachers and I decided to take out my camera and take a video of the people using the flowrider.There was a girl using it and she was very good at it, here a short video of her. PLEASE NOTE you have to watch the entire video to get what happens next, lol. The video is short go ahead and watch it.…ature=g-crec-uWell not to be vulgar I will say it mildly, when she fell somehow she managed to hit me in the family jewels. It did not hurt that much at that second and I was actually more worried about her, she went down really hard. It does not look it that way, but she slipped very hard, I am sure she was sore the next day. I guess in the process of trying to safe her fall she hit me in my precious little area :-(A few minutes after she left, I said screw it, the knee is ready. And I unloaded all my gear and explained to my mom how to use the camera on burst mode, I was really hoping that she would get the sequence. I did not want a video, because I really rarely make use of video, but pictures I use a lot.Anyway I went and got in line to wait for my turn, I could tell mom was worried about the knee. But I knew I could handle it. The wait was about 4 minutes before I realized I needed my bracelet to be able to ride it. So I went around the corner of the aft bar and got my bracelet, you have to sign the release form, but I had already done that online weeks ahead. So I went back and got online again, while waiting in line one of my testicles started hurting, that is when I realized that the lady might of hit it harder than I thought. Before I knew it, it was my turn, I was a nervous wreck and sweating like a pig, not to mention my lower pain. But I was ready to go. The lady asked me if it was my first time, she gave me a quick lesson and off I went. By the way, the Flow rider staff is FANTASTIC!!! LOVE THEM!!! Thank you for all your help!

Well Ill let the pictures tell you the story, here it goes. Please don’t laugh…… ahhh what the hell, laugh away!

Gambee Flowrider allure flow rider Allure of the Seas flow rider allure flow rider allure flow rider allure flow rider
I tried it a few more times but I was beat up, as you can see I landed on my back and rolled towards my neck (I would pay for that the next day). As I was walking away the flow rider attendant told me come here and try again, I though what the hell Ill probably just fall again. That last time I managed to stay on the board for about 18 seconds, I was so happy, I HAD MASTERED IT…..yeah right, lol, but it was better than nothing.
So with a red hot back, sore neck and blue “previously mentioned body part”, I left the flow rider that day. Not bad for my first try huh?
That’s it for now, I have to start writing the next part. I just wanted to give you something to read at work today, hope you enjoyed 
So after the flowrider we decided to go to the jackzzi and relax a little before dinner. On the way there we stopped by the other flow rider.

Allure of the Seas Soda machines

Allure of the Seas coke machine
I think this is a good time to talk about the Allure of the Seas Soda machines. From what I noticed the Allure of the Seas has a total of 7 of them, 4 in the windjammer (2 in each side), 2 in Sorrentos in the Royal Promenade and one in the wipeout cafe on deck 15 aft. Those are the one I noticed, I looked for more but could not find any, but if I missed one please anyone feel free to jump in and tell us where.The machines are not that easy to use for first timers, that is why there are mostly always RCCL employees to help you out with them. They should be very simple to use, but there is one problem. First you push the lever to get the ice, that is pretty simple. Then you select your soda of choice (by the way, there are so many choices that its absolutely ridiculous, if you don’t find it there, you wont find it anywhere. I am not sure how they store so many combinations in there), here is where the problem starts. You’re supposed to select your choice in the touch screen, but the screen is not quick at all and you don’t know if your command went in because there is no tacktile or display response. Sometimes you have to wait, sometimes you have to move the cup around and sometimes it works fast and simple. Once the screen has changed to the soda you selected, you press the big circle button and whala soda comes out magically.I am not sure if I was illiterate or what but I did not find it that simple to use at the beginning, once you know how they work, it’s fairly simple. The machines only work with the cup provided with the soda package, I never tried with another cup, nor did I see anyone trying. But that is what was displayed on the posters next to them.I took a video of my first time using the machine, you clearly see that I was having a hard time figuring it out. I eventually change machine thinking that the first one was broken. Sorry about the shaky video, who knows maybe I struggled with the machine because I was trying to get it on video at the same time. In any case I felt pretty dumb. Maybe I just don’t have any patience.
We relaxed in one of the Allure of the Seas jacuzzis for 30 minutes.
At 6:05pm we decided to go to the room and get ready for formal night, I was looking forward to eat duck that night. As I started gathering my stuff I noticed my favorite sandals were missing, at first I thought someone had stolen them, but then I realized I must of left them somewhere. So we started backtracking to look for them. We headed towards the back of the ship.

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